Generation VIII - Rutger Branch

This generation lived in Utrecht at the beginning of the nineteenth century. The members of the family grew up under French occupation which would last for 18 years, starting in 1795. The French troops in Utrecht were finally beaten by Russian cossacks in 1813. Five years later Utrecht got its first academic hospital. It was 1831, when the mayor of Utrecht decided that the city walls should be demolished to open up the medieval city to light and fresh air. This made it also possible to expand the city outside the canals that surrounded Utrecht. The walls were replaced by a park in English landscape style, designed by J.D. Zocher Jr. and his son L.P. Zocher, who designed the Vondelpark in Amsterdam as well. Geertekerk and AZUA very important expansion was the new train station west of Vredenburg square, quite close to the Koestraat and other places where the family used to live for generations. Utrecht's first railroad connection was established in 1843, connecting Utrecht to Amsterdam, just four years after the very first Dutch railroad connection between Amsterdam and Haarlem had been realized. Two years later the track to Utrecht was extended to Arnhem, making it possible to travel to Arnhem all the way from Amsterdam.

On the picture you see the old city together with the "new" city. The foreground shows the church tower of the Geertekerk as seen with a telephoto lens from the Dom Tower. The trees grow in the park that replaced the city walls. Invisible behind the trees lies the singel (canal). Along the canal there is a street called Catharijnesingel, running from the train station in the north to Tolsteeg, the southern tip of the center of Utrecht. To the left you see the most prominant building at this street, the former main building of the AZU (Academisch Ziekenhuis Utrecht, i.e. Academic Hospital of Utrecht). The Royal family used to come here to give birth. After the hospital moved to a new building outside the city, the old building has been turned into an apartment building.


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Grandchildren of Gerrit van Gorkom and Cornelia van der Tol
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Simplified Van Gorkom Family Tree
Simplified family tree of the Rutger branch. The scheme is based on the parents of generation XI. In other words, we only took the members of generation X who had children, and from them we worked our way back to Rutger of generation I who once came from Gorinchem to Utrecht. It means that all ancestors are left out who did not have a descendant belonging to generation XI. For example, Abraham Thomasse van Gorkom and Anneke Heijndricx (generation III) had ten children, but only the eldest and youngest are shown as they are the only ones with descendants belonging to generation XI.
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Children of Dirk van Gorkom and Eva van Schoonhoven (generation VII-d52)
Dirk was son of Dirk van Gorkom and Geertruij Mine (VI-d18) and grandson of Michiel van Gorkom and Maria Smith (V-m88).

VIII-p76. Petrus
Petrus van Gorkom was baptized in the Buurkerk (Neighbourhood Church) on 16 June 1776 and was born at the address Massegast. All children of Dirk and Eva were born at the same address, although different descriptions were used. We found In the Massegast, Hoge Massegast, Op 't Steenweg and Op 't Steenweg in de poort. The alley Massegast runs from the Oude Gracht (Old Canal) to the Steenweg (Stone Way). Probably on the corner the poort (gate) was situated. Petrus must have died young, because another Petrus was born a few years later.

VIII-j77. Jan
Jan van Gorcum died and was buried in the neighbouring Buurkerk on 14 November 1777.

VIII-j78. Jan
Another Jan was buried in the Buurkerk on 1 June 1778.

VIII-d78. Dirk
Dirk van Gorkom was baptized in the Buurkerk on 8 February 1778. He must have died soon as well, as there was a second Dirk.

VIII-p79. Petrus
The second Petrus was baptized on 12 November 1779, although we could not find this in the church records. The information was found in the attachments to the marriage record of his second wedding in 1834. He married Elsje de Ru in the Catharijnekerk (St. Catharine's Church) in Utrecht on 25 August 1801. Both Elsje and Petrus lived Aan de Steenweg. Apparently Petrus still lived with his parents. He was a tailor for his profession. Elsje was born te of aan de Nieuwersluis, the little village Nieuwersluis near Loenen in the province of Utrecht. Petrus and Elsje had four children. The family lived in Nieuwersluis (1801), and in Utrecht in the Donkerstraat (1805), Gansemarkt (1806) and Jufferstraat (from 1808 until about 1820). Elsje died, however, in Utrecht on 16 February 1820, just 39 years old. At that time her eldest daughter was fourteen and a half years old. It was Pieter (Petrus) himself and his brother-in-law Willem Lokhorst who notified the authorities of the death of Elsje.

The Utrecht census record of 1813 tells that at the same address Jufferstraat two other people were living: an Isaac van Gorkom, aged 26, and M.H. van Gorkom, half a year old. It is almost certain that this is the same Isaac as the one that appears as generation VIII-i87 on this same page. That Isaac was born in 1787 and had a daughter, called Maria Hendrina (that is M.H.), born on 6 January 1813. It means that Petrus and Isaac were related, but very remotely. We have to go back six generation to find the ancestors that they have in common.

After having been a widower for fourteen years, Petrus married his second wife Maria van Harten in Woerden on 18 January 1834. She was born in Woerden in about 1787 and daughter of IJsbrand van Harten and Annigje de Kruijff. His daughter had already married in 1826. At the time both Petrus and his daughter lived in Mijnden.

All children of Petrus are mentioned on the page about generation IX.

VIII-d82. Dirk
On 9 January 1782 a second Dirk was baptized in the Buurkerk. In 1795 this boy was still mentioned in the register of the Momboir Chamber. From there on no more traces of Dirk are found.

Painting "Sheep in a byre" (1871) by Maria Cornelia's son Dirk van Lokhorst.

VIII-m91. Maria Cornelia
Finally a girl was born. Maria Cornelia was baptized on 9 January 1791. She clearly survived infancy as she married on 4 Juni 1817 Willem Lokhorst, mirror maker, 22 years old. He was baptized in Utrecht on 14 June 1795 and son of Willem Lokhorst, carpenter, and Johanna Elisabeth van Kuijlenburg. Witness of the marriage was Pieter van Gorkom, the bride's brother, 26 years old and tailor. In the attachments to the marriage record a curious error was made. In order to be able to marry, a copy was needed of the death record of father Dirk, who deceased on 29 November 1814. Instead of the correct copy, we found one of (Jan) Hendrik van Gorkom, deceased on 21 December 1815 at the age of 8 months and son of Jan van Gorkom and Maria van der Linden. We can only explain this confusion by assuming that the registrar made a copy of the wrong record. As a consequence, father Dirk (derived from Theodorus) was even called Hendrik one time.

Willem and Maria Cornelia had several children and one in particular is interesting to mention here. On 11 November 1818 Dirk van Lokhorst was born. He was certainly named after his grandfather Dirk van Gorkom. This son Dirk married in about 1848 Ida Petronella van Bruggen, born in Utrecht on 13 October 1814 and daughter of Hendrik van Bruggen and Swaantje Anneveld. This Ida van Bruggen was sister of Evert Dirk van Bruggen, the widely respected groefbidder and aanspreker (kind of undertaker), who was married to Wilhelmina van Gorkom (generation IX-w23), daughter of Isaak van Gorkom (generation VIII-i91) and Johanna Gerarda van Sandwijk. This means that halfway the 19th century the Van Bruggen family linked two very remote branches of the Van Gorkom family; you have to go back all the way to Thomas Rutgerse van Gorkom and Elisabeth de Leeu (generation II) for the latest common ancestor.

As can be expected, Evert Dirk van Bruggen was aanspreker at funerals in the Dirk van Gorkom family as well as in the Lokhorst family. Dirk van Lokhorst and Evert Dirk van Bruggen were rather close. On several official occasions they were each other's witness. Dirk van Lokhorst became an artistic painter. He was specialized in city views. Among his paintings and drawings are many of the city of Utrecht. On the internet you can find several online in the beeldbank of the Utrecht archives (; click on "Uitgebreid zoeken" on the Dutch home page and fill in Lokhorst as vervaardiger).

Dirk was also teacher of two of his children. In about 1848 Dirk Peter van Lokhorst was born in the city of Haarlem. He was specialized in animal paintings. He married in Utrecht on 19 July 1883 Rosa Karolina Eva Johanna Wild, born in Würtzburg, 28 years old and daughter of Georg Friedrich Wild and Agnes Paulina Stegelen. The other student and child of Dirk was Ida Petronella van Lokhorst, born in Utrecht in 1854. She was named after her mother. No example of her paintings was found.

Maria Cornelia died in Utrecht on 12 July 1848, 57 years old.

Painting "Cattle at the beach" by Maria Cornelia's grandson Dirk Peter van Lokhorst.

Children of Dirk van Gorkom and Gerridina van Welbergen (generation VII-d52)
Dirk was son of Dirk van Gorkom and Geertruij Mine (VI-d18) and grandson of Michiel van Gorkom and Maria Smith (V-m88).

VIII-w98. Willem
On 25 February 1798 Willem van Gorkum was baptized in the Buurkerk. He was buried there on 10 April 1798.

VIII-hh99. Hermanus
On 20 January 1799 Hermanus was baptized, in the Dom Church for a change. He was buried in the Buurkerk on 8 January 1800.

Children of Jacobus van Gorkom and Arnolda Frankenhuijsser (generation VII-j55)
Jacobus was son of Dirk van Gorkom and Geertruij Mine (VI-d18) and grandson of Michiel van Gorkom and Maria Smith (V-m88).

VIII-d83. Dirkje
Dirkje van Gorkum was baptized in January 1783, when the family lived in the Vissersteegje (Little Fishermen Alley). She married Joseph Eijndhoven, born in about 1789 and son of Jacobus Eijndhoven and Burgje de Leur. Joseph was carpenter for his profession. He notified the authorities of the death of both his wife's parents. Joseph died, just 43 years old, in Utrecht on 17 October 1832. Dirkje died in Utrecht on 27 January 1860, 77 years old. She lived in the Galekopsteeg (Galekop Alley) quarter E, number 318 then. Evert Dirk van Bruggen was aanspreker at the funeral.

Three children are known: Joseph Jacobus Eindhoven was born on 27 June 1821. He died in Doorn on 5 April 1867, 45 years old and single. Also two daughters were born: Jacoba Diederica Eijndhoven and Burgje Eijndhoven. Jacoba Diederica, born about 1822, married Hendrikus Jacobus van Achterberg on 2 August 1854. Burgje, born about 1825, married Gerrit Kolenbrander on 31 oktober 1855. Both weddings took place in Utrecht.

VIII-m85. Margrita Helena
Baptized as Van Gercom, she would later be called Margaretha van Gorcom. She was baptized in the Dom Church on 4 February 1785. She had a son Jacobus van Gorkom, born on 2 September 1816. It was (grand)mother Arnolda who notified the authorities of the birth. Margaretha lived at her mother's place then. On 5 October 1816, however, the boy died, 5 weeks old. Margaretha was dressmaker for her profession. In the census records of 1824 and 1840 both Margrita and her sister Arnolda lived in the same house located in the Vissersteegje, Wijk E (Fisherman Alley, E-quarter). Margrita Helena died in Utrecht on 15 March 1855, single and living in the Strosteeg (Straw Alley).

VIII-aa89. Arnolda
Arnolda was born in the Vissersteegje and baptized on 22 March 1789. She had three children, all called van Gorkom. On 26 November 1814 Gerrit van Gorkom was born. The boy died on 22 December 1814, 1 month old. Five years later, on 24 January 1821, a second Gerrit van Gorkom died, 6 weeks old. On 16 February 1826 Johannes van Gorkom was born. He died in Utrecht on 5 September 1829, 3 years old. Arnolda herself died in Utrecht on 12 April 1868, 79 years old, unmarried.

VIII-j93. Jacobus
Jacobus van Gorkom was baptized on 29 December 1793. Now the family address was Geertesteeg.

VIII-h99. Helena
Helena was baptized on 1 December 1799. The family address was Vissersteegje again. This girl Lena was just 14 years old when she died in Utrecht on 5 January 1814.

VIII-a03. Abraham
Abraham van Gorkom was baptized in the Buurkerk (Neighbourhood Church) on 18 December 1803. When both his parents had died (his father in 1814 and his mother in 1819) Abraham was nearly 16 years old and therefore still a minor. He was obliged to live in the Gereformeerd Burger Weeshuis, the Reformed Orphan House. He married in Utrecht Huijbartha Spierenburg, daughter of Gerrit Spierenburg and Geertruij Beekes on 20 May 1840. Again the names sound familiar. Huijbartha had a sister Maria, who married in 1844 Pieter van Gorkom (generation VIII-p19), son of Hendrika Faas and David van Gorkom (generation VII-d58). Pieter was half-brother of Isaak van Gorkom (generation VIII-i91), husband of Johanna Gerarda van Sandwijk. Again we find a connection between a grandchild of Dirk van Gorkom and Geertruij Mine at the one hand and the Isaak van Gorkom - Johanna Gerarda van Sandwijk family at the other hand. In this case the link was forged by the Spierenburg family. It is not unthinkable, even likely, that Abraham and Huijbartha met eachother because of the family relationship established earlier by the Van Bruggen family, as described on this page too (generation VIII-m91).

Abraham was tailor for his profession, just like aforementioned Isaak van Gorkom. Abraham was not drafted into the army, because he was too short. He had a narrow face, a round forehead, blue eyes, a thick mouth, a rounded chin and brown hair and eyebrows. Abraham and Huijbartha had at least three children. On 31 December 1840 Arnolda van Gorkom was born. Gerrit van Gorkom was born on 14 March 1844 and died on 2 February 1847, 2 years old. And in the penal colony of Ommerschans, where they lived at some stage, they lost a four year old boy. These three children belong to generation IX in fact. Abraham died on 17 February 1850, only 46 years old. Huibartha then married her second husband Willem Woudenberg, son of Jan Woudenberg and Gerritje van Ginkel, 49 years old and born in Doorn. Huibartha died in Utrecht on 24 April 1883, twice a widow, at the age of 72.

Children of Leendert van Gorkom and Matje Commeseel (generation VII-l60)
Leendert was son of Dirk van Gorkom and Geertruij Mine (VI-d18) and grandson of Michiel van Gorkom and Maria Smith (V-m88).

VIII-g06. Gijsbertha Geertruijda
Gijsbertha Geertruijda was baptized in the Geertekerk (St. Gertrude's Church) on 21 September 1806 and named after both her grandmothers. The family lived in the nearby Lange Smeesteeg (Long Forgers Alley; in 1983 Emilie Geertruida - daughter of the webmaster - was born in the same street). Gijsbertha married Johannes van der Burg in Utrecht on 12 March 1834. He was 25 years old then, born in Dordrecht on 25 May 1808 and son of Cornelis van der Burg and Maria Buijs. He was a soldier, a fusilier, in the ninth division of the infantry. Later he would become a tailor. Gijsbertha Geertruijda died in Utrecht on 26 July 1849, 42 years old. The address at the time was Mariaplaats D 562. Johannes remarried in Utrecht on 1 May 1850 Henriette Margareta van Maanen, born in Hoevelaken in about 1816. Out of his first marriage we know two children: Cornelis Marinus van der Burg, born about 1834, and Maria Gijsbertha van der Burg, born in about 1844.

VIII-d09. Dirkje
Dirkje was born on 26 March 1809 and baptized in the Jacobikerk (St. James's Church) on 9 April 1809, making her yet another grandchild named after Dirk. She married in Utrecht on 18 August 1830 Lambertus Pennink (also known as Albertus Penning). Dirkje was dressmaker at the time and Lambertus stable-hand. Lambertus was already a bit older, 48, when he married. Dirkje and Lambertus had several children born in Utrecht: Dirk Gijsbertus Pennink, deceased on 25 October 1831, a nameless child, deceased on 14 June 1832, Samuel Gerardus Salentijn Penning, deceased on 26 March 1839, 2 years old, and Carel Penning, deceased on 2 May 1838, 1 year old. The address was Clarenburg D 562. The same year Dirkje and Lambertus moved to Amsterdam, where in 1854 they lived at the address Wapen van Delftsteeg.

Children of Abraham van Gorkom and Elize van Werkhoven (generation VII-a29)
Abraham was son of Isaac van Gorkom and Johanna Craal (VI-i01) and grandson of Abraham van Gorkom and Catrijn Abrams Godron (V-a74). His first marriage was with Cornelia Magtelina van Raalt from Amsterdam. But she died, leaving behind no children.

VIII-j76. Johanna Maria
Johanna Maria was baptized in the Catharinakerk on 1 October 1776. At that time her family name was Van Werkhoven. Four years later Abraham recognized her officially and from then on she was called Van Gorkom. She married Johan Albert Luca in the Catharijnekerk on 8 June 1793. Johan Albert was baptized in the Dom Church on 6 May 1770 and was the son of Pieter Luca and Margaretha van Duure. Their religious conviction was reformed. They had several children: Elsje Luca, born in about 1797, Abraham Luca, born approx. 1799, Johanna Maria Luca, born approx. 1801, Klazien Luca, born in about 1806, Dirkje Christina Luca, born approx. 1811, Willemina Luca, born on 28 February 1813, and Johan Albert Luca, born on 1 July 1815. According to the Molendijk genealogy the profession of Johan Albert Luca was turfdrager (peat porter). In 1824 he was a carpenter. Johanna Maria dead in Utrecht on 3 March 1853. Her age of 56 years, as mentioned in her death record, is wrong and was actually 76 years. Johan Albert Luca died in Utrecht as well, on 15 May 1845 at the age of 75.

VIII-t81. Tonia
Tonia was baptized on 27 May 1781. The address was Lange Nieuwstraat. She married Pieter Schernigt in Utrecht on 19 August 1810. Pieter was born in Bern in Switzerland. Five children are known. Already before the marriage a daughter called Gertrudis van Gorkom was born. This child was baptized on 1 November 1807, Roman Catholic records tell. Peter Schernig was mentioned as her father. Despite the last name of her father, Gertrudis always remained a Van Gorkom. Gertrudis married Bastiaan Cornelis Vermijne. They had at least five children. Other children of Tonia and her Swiss husband were Petrus Everardus Johannes Schernigt, born in 1810, Abraham Isak Schernig, born in Utrecht on 2 March 1813 and deceased as child in Schoonhoven on 8 January 1814, Abraham Schernigt, born in Utrecht on 3 February 1815 and deceased on 15 January 1848, 32 years old, and Johanna Antonia Schernig, born in Utrecht on 1 December 1822. For his profession Pieter was linnenwever. In 1818 he reported the death of his mother-in-law Elsje to the register. Both he and Elsje lived at the address Galekopsteeg. So it seems that mother Elsje was living at her daughter's place. Pieter died in Utrecht on 16 October 1823, 55 years old, his youngest child being 9 months old. Tonia, who made a living as cleaning woman, never remarried and died as the widow of Pieter in Utrecht on 24 July 1849, 68 years old.

VIII-w82. Wilhelmina
Wilhelmina was baptized on 29 November 1782, the address being op de Lange Nieuwstraat bij de Smeesteeg. Probably the same address where sister Tonia was born, but now with a better description of the location. Wilhelmina married Johannes Albertus Hagen on 11 April 1803 in the Janskerk. He was born in Utrecht about 1883 and son of Evert Hagen and Johanna Elisabeth de Weijer. The mother of Wilhelmina, widow of Abraham, had married this same Evert Hagen, widower of Johanna Elisabeth de Weijer. Wilhelmina and Johannes Hagen were therefore stepsister and stepbrother. In 1824 Wilhelmina's sister Aletta was living with this family at the address Achter Klarenborg D 171. Albertus Hagen was a boekbinder (bookbinder) for his profession. He died in Utrecht on 3 February 1836 at the age of 53. Wilhelmina was 65 years old when she died on 16 November 1846 at the address Achter Clarenburg D 161. As far as we know, seven children were born in Utrecht between 1803 and 1821 of whom four married.

VIII-a85. Aletta
Aletta was baptized in the Catharinekerk on 17 April 1785. Her address was Lange Nieuwstraat at that time. Aletta was 63 years old and single when she died in Utrecht on 5 September 1847. She was a knitter for her profession (and maybe an old spinster as well).

VIII-i87. Isaak
Isaak was baptized on 1 July 1787. The family still lived at the same address. He married twice. On 18 March 1812 he married in Utrecht Maria Christina de Blaauw, daughter of Dirk de Blaauw and Maria Christina Berger. She died, however, on 26 March 1822, leaving behind her husband with three young daughters. Three other children had died at young age. Details about the children are given on the page about generation IX.

His second wedding was on 6 November 1822, when he married Cozijna Elisabeth Krul (Gosina), born in Rheden about 1797, daughter of Willem Krul and Johanna Agnita Vos. Out of this marriage nine children were born. In 1824 he and Cozijna and four children lived at the address Jufferstraat B 600, in 1830 and 1840 the family lived in the Lange Smeesteeg, at number B 643. Isaak was carpenter. Gosina died on 24 April 1863, 65 years old. Isaak was 79 years old when he died on 19 August 1865, both in Utrecht. More about the children of Isaak and Gosina on the page about generation IX.

VIII-g91. Geertrui
Geertrui was baptized in the Catharinakerk on 20 February 1791. She married in Utrecht Cornelis de Goede on 13 October 1819, son of Cornelis de Goede and Hendrikka van der Hoek, according to Genlias. For his profession Cornelis was a verver (dyer) and glazenier (stained-glass artist). There were five children. Cornelis died in Utrecht on 1 January 1835. Much later, on 29 March 1843, she married 36 years old carpenter Hendricus van Hal, son of Hendrik van Hal and Hendrina Brom. Geertrui was 52 years old then. She died in Utrecht on 23 July 1866 at the age of 75. Hendricus remarried Elisabeth van Dijk in Utrecht on 18 May 1867. He was 61 then and Elisabeth 47.

Children of Jan van Gorkom and Maria Vereem (generation VII-j49)
Jan was son of Isaac van Gorkom and Johanna Craal (VI-i01) and grandson of Abraham van Gorkom and Catrijn Abrams Godron (V-a74).

VIII-j74. Johanna Maria
Johanna Maria was baptized on 26 December 1774. The religious conviction of father Jan and his wives was Roman Catholic and so all children were baptized likewise. Johanna Maria married in the parochie Catharijnesteeg (parish Catharijnesteeg) on 9 September 1798 Johannes Franciscus van Lieshout. Although he was a Catholic, he was buried in the Buurkerk (Neighbourhood's Church) on 26 October 1801, so three years after his marriage. At least one daughter, Johanna Francisca van Lieshout, was born. This child died, however, when it was 13 years old on 25 August 1814.

Johanna Maria remarried Joannes Gerardus Kelleneer in Utrecht on 15 May 1816. Their son Johannis Andreas Kelleneer, born on 30 July 1820, married Anna Maria van Blarcum. For his profession son Johannis Andreas was a pharmacist and priest in Maurik. Johanna Maria died in Utrecht when she was 84 years old, on 29 May 1859. By then, she had been widow for fifteen years already as her second husband had died in Utrecht on 23 August 1844, 85 years old.

VIII-m78. Maria Anna Francisca
Maria Anna Francisca was baptized in Utrecht on 22 March 1778. In a deed concerning the division of the estate, dated 31 December 1794, Maria Anna Francisca and her sister Johanna Maria were mentioned as relatives of the deceased Jan Vereem and Maria Otte. Maria Anna married Petrus Josephus Klutz or Kluts. He was born in Weesp, near Amsterdam, in about 1782. On 21 February 1811 Maria died, leaving behind her husband and children. The family lived at the Springweg then. At least one known child, called Joannes Franciscus Kluts, married. In Utrecht he married Anna Geertrui Gosker in Utrecht on 16 May 1838. Petrus Klutz, widow of Maria van Gorkom, remarried in Utrecht on 7 June 1812 Maria Cornelia van Zutphen. Several children were born. Petrus died in Utrecht on 29 August 1833, 51 years old.

VIII-a79. Anthonia
Anthonia was baptized in Utrecht on 19 July 1779 as stated in the Roman Catholic church records.

There might have been more children of Jan van Gorkom and Maria Vereem. We found some deceased children of a Jan who lived at the address Achter het Stadhuis, but there are not enough clues and therefore it is too speculative to add those children to this branch of the family at this stage.

Children of Jan van Gorkom and Alijda Maria Kreilkamp (generation VII-j49)
Jan was son of Isaac van Gorkom and Johanna Craal (VI-i01) and grandson of Abraham van Gorkom and Catrijn Abrams Godron (V-a74).

VIII-c87. Cornelia
Cornelia died on 12 April 1787 and was buried in the Buurkerk. The family lived in the Salestraat (Zadelstraat, Saddle Street). The idea that Cornelia is the first child of Jan's second marriage, is based on the address.

VIII-j89. Jacobus
Jacobus died on 25 August 1789 and was buried in the Buurkerk. Salestraat (Saddle Street) was the address again.

VIII-c90. Cornelia Gerarda
Cornelia Gerarda was baptized on 22 October 1790 and died on 25 June 1794, having lived in the Salestraat.

VIII-ab92. Antonius Bernardus
Antonius was baptized on 15 October 1792, but he died of a children's disease on 21 October 1798. The family lived in the Lange Nieuwstraat, probably at number A 594 (this number turns up in the section below about Antonius's sister Cornelia and brother Petrus). This address would stay in the family for many decades. It was also the place where Alijda Maria Kreilkamp, her son and her grandson ran a shop in secondhand goods, as mentioned in the section about Jan van Gorkom and Alijda Maria Kreilkamp (generation VII-j49).

VIII-b96. Bernardus Johannis
Bernardus Johannis was one of a twin, baptized as a Roman Catholic on 31 October 1796. He died on 24 February 1799. The family lived in the Lange Nieuwstraat.

VIII-c96. Cornelia Gerarda
A second Cornelia Gerarda was the other half of the twin and baptized together with her twin brother. Cornelia Gerarda died in Utrecht on 16 August 1854, living at the address Lange Nieuwstraat A 594. She was not married. (So she did not marry Dirk Schellenberg as we have assumed previously at this place.)

Josephine Garjeanne VIII-f98. Franciscus Bartholomeus
Franciscus was baptized on 24 August 1798. He stayed single and died in Utrecht on 6 October 1838, 40 years old. He lived at the address Lange Nieuwstraat A 594 as well. For his profession he was kaarsenmaker (candle maker). Franciscus was witness at the wedding of his younger brother.

VIII-p02. Petrus Franciscus
Petrus was baptized on 15 April 1802. He married in Utrecht on 23 April 1834 Josephine Garjeanne, born on 5 November 1801 in Tournai (Doornik in Dutch) in Belgium. She was daughter of Pierre Antoine Joseph Garjeanne and Rosalie Joseph Dalle and widow of Hubertus Jacob Vogelpoel. Witness at the wedding was, amongst others, Franciscus Bartholomeus, Petrus's brother. Petrus was, like his mother, uitdrager and shopkeeper for his profession. So, apparently he was the person who took over the store of his parents.
To the right: painting of Josephine Garjeanne (1801-1866), wife of Petrus Franciscus van Gorkom
In the records we found three children who married. They are mentioned on the page about generation IX. Petrus died in Utrecht on 27 July 1868, 66 years old. Josephine was 63 years old when she died in Utrecht as well on 18 February 1866. In 1868, the family lived at the address Lange Nieuwstraat A 594. Nowadays the address is known as Lange Nieuwstraat 48 (shown on photograph below). The house was rebuild by order of Petrus Franciscus. More than a century later, the local council bought it and constructed small appartments in it.

The Lange Nieuwstraat. Number 48 is the large house in the foreground, next to the two cars. In the distance you see the Dom Tower, which is literally at the end of the street. If you turn left at the crossing in the middle of the photo, you enter the Korte Smeestraat.

Children of David van Gorkom and Maria Eleonora Schweijgert (generation VII-d58)
David was son of Isaak van Gorkom and Dorothea de Heeger (VI-i29) and grandson of David and Willemijn Tibing (V-dh95).

VIII-a86. Aletta
An aunt of father David was called Aletta (generation VI-a39), so it seems that this daughter was named after her. She was baptized in the Jacobikerk on 19 March 1786. According to the christening record mother Maria Eleonora was a Lutheran, just like David's aunt Anna (generation VI-w27). The record also states that David was not a church member. The grandmother was doophefster. It is not totally clear what it means, but literally it says "christening raiser", so meaning something like presenter of the child at the font. Probably this grandmother was Maria's mother, as she didn't appear when children of Davids brothers were baptized. Aletta was born in the Gortsteeg (Barley Alley). It doesn't exist anymore. Judging the name it might have been somewhere in the north east of the city.

Aletta married Johannis Wijnand Jennes in the Jacobikerk on 28 January 1810. She was 23 then. Within one or two years they moved to Enschede, which is a town in the far east of the country. This move becomes apparent when looking at the places of birth of their children. The eldest was Hendrina Johanna Jennes, twenty years old when she married Derk Ribbink on 27 May 1831. She was born in Utrecht, somewhere in 1810 or 1811. Her husband was from Almen, near Gorssel, and the 25 years old son of Harmanes Ribbink and Woltertjen Meilink. Derk Ribbink was a schoolteacher, like his father-in-law. On 2 September 1842 Derk married Maria Eleonora Jennes, the sister of Hendrina Johanna, born about 1815, after Hendrina Johanna had died.

The next child of Aletta and Johannis was David Wijnand Jennes, who married Christina Henriëtta Dijkman on 4 August 1838. She was 31 years old and born in Zutphen as daughter of Abraham Dijkman and Johanna Henriëtta Weijer. David Wijnand was five years younger and therefore born in 1811 or 1812, his place of birth being Enschede. His younger brother Kornelis Jennes was 32 years old when he married Doortjen Lazonder on 27 November 1845. She was the 35 year old widow of Willem van der Kodde and born in Enschede as the daughter of Hendrik Lazonder and Hermina Vermink. As Kornelis was born in Enschede too, it is quite clear that the family moved from Utrecht to Enschede after the birth of Hendrina.

After Kornelis, Isaak Jennes was born in about 1816. He married on 11 May 1839 Lucia Pompeja Hoving, daughter of Hendrik Willem Hoving and Alagondra Woldring. For his profession he was a veterinarian. Dorothea Jennes, born on 27 October 1817, married Evert Lindeboom on 6 December 1850. He was a teacher. Pieter Jennes, born in 1818 or 1819, married on 27 August 1847 Margaretha Warnaars. Pieter was a kandidaat-notaris (junior notary).

Mother Aletta died in the town of Vollenhove on 8 July 1863. Father Johannis Wijnand Jennes died in Enschede on 15 July 1866.

VIII-d87. Dorothea
It is very likely that Dorothea was named after Davids mother Dorothea de Heeger (generation VI-i29). In that case it might be just as well that the older sister Aletta was named after the mother's mother, so the doophefster who is mentioned in the previous section. After all, if someone names the second daughter after the father's mother, it is likely that the name of the mother's mother was used as well. Dorothea was baptized in the Domkerk on 28 November 1787. Grandmother appeared as doophefster again. The family lived in the Groenesteeg (Green Alley or Vegetables Alley). It still exists as Groenestraat, a street off the Nieuwe Gracht (New Canal), quite far to the south within the old city of Utrecht. While still living in the Groenesteeg Dorothea delivered an 'illegitimate' child. It was called Johanna Dorothea, baptized as a roman catholic on 20 March 1810. Probably the child was illegitimate because the parents were not married yet. They did so seven months later on 21 October 1810, when Dorothea, nearly 23 years old, married Johannes Gerritszoon van der Schroeff.

Text about Tugthuis
A sign in the Doelenstraat, the former Tugthuissteeg, on the wall of the Nicolaasklooster (St. Nicholas Monastry). The text is saying: "Main building, build in 1407, of the monastry, which was founded in 1337. Behind the gate there is an arched corridor that leads to the chapel from 1474 at the other side of the street, which was demolished in 1632. In 1619 House of Correction. In 1898 home for the elderly."
Johannes was baptized in Utrecht on 6 December 1765 as son of Gerrit van der Schroeff and Johanna van Monsiou, and so he was some 22 years older. According to their daughter's marriage record, Dorothea and Johannes were both booksellers. Johannes died in Utrecht on 21 March 1833. Dorothea died twenty years later in Ommerschans on 5 June 1853. Ommerschans was a penal colony, but she was not an inmate and lived there for another reason. More about daughter Johanna Dorothea and her siblings on the page about generation IX.

VIII-i91. Isaak
Isaak waswas born on 8 April and baptized in the Geertekerk on 10 April 1791. He is certainly named after his grandfather who was called Isaak as well. He married Johanna Gerarda van Zantwijk on 7 February 1816. According to nowadays standards this is strange, as she is his cousin, being the daughter of Willemina van Gorkum and Isaak van Sandwijk (generation VII-w55). In a way it is quite understandable however. Father David and his older sister Willemina were a bit of the same age. They had a much older sister Doortje who will have been a sort of assistant to her mother. The sister that came after Willemina and David was much younger. After they both had married the two new families clearly kept seeing eachother.

Johanna Gerarda was baptized in Utrecht on 13 June 1790. According to the marriage record Isaak was a tailor and Johanna was a maid. Sorry to those who hoped to have rich and famous ancestors! Isaak lived in the Tugthuissteegje (House of Correction Alley) at the time. In 1814 the house number was B.258, according to the death record of Isaak's mother. The street name does not exist anymore. In those days however people used to give names to streets that were logical. It is believed that the Nicolaasklooster (St. Nicholas Convent) in the south of the centre, was used as a house of correction for some time. The Tuchthuissteeg is called Doelenstraat nowadays, which is at the back side of the Nicolaasklooster. Isaak and Johanna were going to have some ten children (generation IX), probably all of them born in the Tuchthuissteeg, as Johanna was still living there, at no. B.273, at the time of her death on 19 October 1869. She was 79 then. On a separate Van Sandwijk page some additional information is given about Johanna's own family.

Her husband Isaak died 16 years later on 24 November 1885. His age was 94 then! At the end of his life, he lived with his daughter Maria Eleonora Dorothea and her husband Hendrik de Leur (generation IX-m17). Hendrik, however, already died in 1879. In 1884 father and daughter moved to the address Oostersingel 33bis. All children of Isaak and Johanna are listed on the page about generation IX.

VIII-j94. Jan Kasper
Jan Kasper is the fourth and last child that was found. He was baptized in the Geertekerk on 10 August 1794.

Children of David van Gorkom and Hendrika Faas (generation VII-d58)
David was son of Isaak van Gorkom and Dorothea de Heeger (VI-i29) and grandson of David and Willemijn Tibing (V-dh95).

VIII-h15. Hendrikus
Hendrikus was born in Utrecht on 21 September 1815. In the birth record there is no mentioning of a father. Hendrikus married on 20 October 1841 Teuntje Rietveld, who was four years older. Teuntje was the daughter of Jan Rietveld and Maria de Kouwer. When Hendrikus married Teuntje in 1841, they already had a daughter, born in 1834. Between 1843 and 1845 apparently, Hendrikus and Teuntje moved to Arnhem, in the east of The Netherlands, as in 1846 a daughter died there, who was born in Arnhem two months before. All six children of Hendrikus and Teuntje are mentioned on the page about generation IX.

After the death of Teuntje, on 27 October 1866, Hendrikus married Willemina Bazel in Arnhem on 3 November 1869. She was from Arnhem, daughter of Nicolaas Bazel and Philippina Flipse and 27 years old, so half his age. Willemina was a maid. Hendrikus died on 11 December 1875. During his life he had been labourer, gasfitter and blacksmith for his profession.

VIII-p19. Pieter
Pieter was born on 7 January 1819. He married on 4 December 1844 three years older Maria Spierenburg, daughter of Gerrit Spierenburg and Geertruij Bekes. Maria's sister Huijbartha had married Abraham van Gorkom (generation VIII-a03) in 1840. Abraham was very remote family of Pieter. Four early deceased children are known. David was born on 13 October 1845 and died on 1 December 1845, 7 weeks old. Gerard was 2 years old, when he died on 18 July 1849. Another David died on 15 January 1848, when 3 weeks old, and Alida Hendrika was one year old when she died on 4 April 1851. All children deceased in Utrecht. Pieter himself died in Utrecht on 16 July 1849, only 29 years old, so two days before his son Gerard died. This can hardly be a coincidence. Maria must have been just pregnant of their last child Alida Hendrika. Maria died in Utrecht on 27 April 1863, as the widow of Pieter.

VIII-a26. Alida
On 4 September 1826 Alida was born. Her mother was 34 years old at that time and the father exactly twice her age. He was still working, and certainly had to, being a barber according to the birth certificate of Alida. Father David died when Alida was three. She married Johannes van de Vooren in Utrecht on 6 November 1861. He was four and a half years younger, born in Utrecht on 28 February 1831, and son of Johannes van de Vooren and Maria Cornelia Klokkenberg.

Six children are known. Johannes Cornelis Hendrikus van de Vooren was born in Utrecht on 10 October 1862. He died in Utrecht on 28 January 1948 at the age of 85. On 19 October 1863 Alida Maria Cornelia van de Vooren was born in Utrecht and died in Utrecht on 3 June 1944 at the age of 80. On 30 December 1864 another Alida was born, called Alida Hendrika van de Vooren. This Alida married Adriaan Steffens in Utrecht on 28 May 1890. Cornelis van de Vooren was born on 8 November 1866. He married Cornelia Wilhelmina Christina van Leeuwen in Utrecht on 21 May 1902. Eleven years later he died in Utrecht, on 1 April 1913. David van de Vooren was born on 7 January 1869. He was 71 years old when he died in Utrecht on 20 September 1940. The youngest child was Cornelia Maria van de Vooren, who was born in Utrecht on 18 March 1873. Mother Alida died on 6 May 1886, 59 years old, while father Johannes van de Vooren was 75 years old when he died on 8 February 1907. both in Utrecht.

VIII-a28. Amilia
The second daughter of David van Gorkom and Hendrika Faas was called Amilia. She was born in Utrecht on 19 May 1829. Half a year later her father died, in December, so she only knew her father from family stories. Amilia married in Utrecht Arie Galesloot on 13 May 1857. He was born in Utrecht on 7 December 1829 and was son of Arie Galesloot and Geertrui Noppe. The family moved to Jutphaas in about 1866 as three children were born there. Moreover, Arie deceased in Jutphaas on 6 November 1892. Afterwards Amilia moved back to Utrecht and died on 15 February 1909 at the address Tuchthuisstraat. This is the same street were her father bought a house at number B.273 on 5 July 1810, a century earlier. But that house was demolished at the end of the 19th century. So she must have lived at another address; may be Amilia lived in the Stadsarmenhuis on number 12, the former prison, just across the street.

Amilia and Arie had some eight children. Three children married as known so far. Alida Galesoot was born in Utrecht on 7 November 1859. She married Willem van Dijk on 28 March 1883. Two daughters were born. Pieter Galesloot, born in Jutphaas on 26 November 1867 married in Utrecht on 12 November 1890 Maria Cornelia van Bemmel. Maria Galesloot, born in Jutphaas on 14 January 1870, married in Utrecht on 6 December 1899 Gijsbertus van Lunteren.

Children of Jan van Gorkom and Anna Christina de Visser (generation VII-j73)
Jan was son of Isaak van Gorkom and Dorothea de Heeger (VI-i29) and grandson of David and Willemijn Tibing (V-dh95). As mentioned in the section about generation VII-j73 Anna Christina was a 43 year old widow in 1818, having been married to Jan, however, for seventeen years.

VIII-i96. Isaak
Jan's son Isaak was 19 years old, when he married Anthonia van Hensbergen. According to the marriage record (Genlias) this was on 3 May 1815. According to some of his descendants, Isaak was born on 23 January 1796. It is clear that Jan (Dutch for John by the way) named his son after his father Isaak (generation VI-i29), just like his brother David had done. According to the same informal source, Anthonia was born in Utrecht on 9 December 1792 and died on 14 February 1870. She was three years older than Isaak and daughter of Anthony van Hensbergen and Anthonetta van Vreeswijk.

There turn out to be several links between the Van Gorkom and Vreeswijk families. Isaak's mother Anna Christina de Visser, so mother-in-law of Anthonia, remarried in 1818 Antonie Vreeswijk. He was the brother of Anthonetta van Vreeswijk, Anthonia's mother. In other words: Isaak's mother married Anthonia's uncle, three years after they had married themselves. Uncle Antonie was also the father of Hendrina Maria van Vreeswijk, who was the first wife of Isaak's brother Jan Christiaan (generation VIII-j04). Altogether it means two brothers had married two cousins, while their own mother was married to the father of one of these cousins. After the death of Hendrina Maria in 1840, brother Jan Christiaan married Jacoba Johanna Vreeswijk, daughter of Johanna Petronella Vreeswijk. It is not known in what way she was related to her namesakes.

Twelve children (generation IX) were born in Utrecht between 1815 and 1835. In the years from 1847 till 1856 the complete family moved to Pella, Iowa, USA. Some of the children were already married then. This small town in Iowa, called Pella, was founded in 1847 by the Dutch Reverend Hendrik Pieter Scholte, who had rebelled against the State Church of the Netherlands in those days. Together with him hundreds of Dutch emigrated to the US to be free in their choice of religion. Interestingly enough, E.J. Potgieter, a well-known Dutch writer in his days, stayed in Pella for some time and wrote an essay called Een brief uit Pella (Letter from Pella), published in a literary magazine called De Gids, being his sixth contribution in a series called Landverhuizing naar de Vereenigde Staaten (Emigration to the United States). The essay gives a detailed description of the rather primitive, if not depressing conditions in which people lived in 1854. At the time Pella had some 1500 inhabitants. They lived in square wooden houses with little furniture, no bedrooms and no curtains (to Potgieter's horror). The streets were unpaved, there was not even a proper church, hardly any flowers, trees or gardens to be seen, all of it surrounded by bits of forest that gave no shade and large stretches of prairie that showed a tendency to catch fire at the end of summer. At the same time he was surprised by the speed at which the Dutch immigrants already had assimilated within seven years or less. English was first language everywhere for instance.

Isaak and Anthonia arrived in Pella in 1854. In August 1870 Isaak lived with the family of his daughter Maria, after he had became a widower half a year earlier on 14 February 1870. In 1880 he lived with his son Hendrik. He died in Pella in the year 1886.

VIII-c98. Cornelia
Cornelia was baptized in the Domkerk on 9 May 1798. Witness and namesake was Cornelia van Ark, the widow of Jan Hendrik de Visser, church member. These were the parents of mother Anna Christina, Cornelia van Ark being the grandmother therefore. Daughter Cornelia married 23 years old Jacob de Graaf on 5 May 1824. He was son of Adrijanus de Graaf and Cornelia van Egmond. Four children of Cornelia and Jacob married, all of them did so in Utrecht and all of them were born in Utrecht. The first child was called Jacob de Graaf just like his father. He married Wilhelmina Schanekamp, 35 years old, daughter of Bernardus Schanekamp and Jacoba van Ingen, on 1 November 1854. As he was 29 years old then, he was born in 1824 or 1825. His sister Cornelia de Graaf was named after her mother or greatgrandmother. When she married in 1861, her age was 32, meaning that she was born in 1828 or 1829. She married on 7 August 1861 Hendrik Wouda, 26, son of Hendrik Wouda and Aartje Petronella van Kuijk. On 31 October 1860 Cornelia's brother Jan de Graaf married Janna van Dolder, 24 years old, born in Ede and daughter of Aard van Dolder and Heintje Erdbrink. His age was 25 then and therefore he was born in 1834 or 1835. He was named after his mother's father. The last child was Adrianus de Graaf, named after the father of his father. Adrianus married Catharina Wiegeraad, 29, daughter of Hermanus Wiegeraad and Grietje van Breukelen, on 12 November 1862. He was 24 years old then and therefore born in 1837 or 1838.

VIII-t00. Theodorus
Theodorus married Mie van der Donk on 12 November 1823. He was baptized in the Dom Church on 8 October 1800. Mie was from Vleuten, a village west of Utrecht, 30 years old and daughter of Daan van der Donk and Mie Beeker. She was baptized on 3 February 1793 as a Roman Catholic. The mother of Theodorus is suddenly called Annetta Christina de Visser instead of Anna Christina. It is not known whether Theodorus had any children.

Theodorus was a tailor for his profession. He had a colleague and friend called Jan Domenicus Geelkerken. On several official occasions Theodorus was his witness. Jan Domenicus is a direct ancestor of Aleida Lydia Bakker, wife of Johan van Gorkom, one of the makers of this site. Theodorus died in Utrecht on 3 January 1873, 71 years old. He was living at the address Oude Gracht C 12/13, the home for elderly. Mie was 68 years old when she died 10 years earlier on 12 September 1861.

Dom Tower in 1870 VIII-j04. Jan Christiaan
As mentioned in the section below about Anna Christina, father Jan changed his name to Jan Christiaan at some moment. Subsequently he gave his second son the same names. Son Jan was baptized in the Geertekerk on 29 April 1804. He married three times. The first marriage was one with Hendrina Maria van Vreeswijk on 18 November 1829. Her age was 33. She was the daughter of Antonie van Vreeswijk en Elena van Loenen. On 10 September 1814 this mother Elena or Helena had died already, in Utrecht. Widower Antonie (van) Vreeswijk then married the mother of Jan Christiaan in 1818. So in fact, Jan Christiaan married his stepsister.
Jan Christiaan became a widower himself and married again, this time with Jacoba Johanna Vreeswijk on 19 February 1845. She was 34, and daughter of Johanna Vreeswijk. It is possible that she was related as well. Jan's stepfather Antonie Vreeswijk had a mother called Jacoba Franken, wife of Dirk Vreeswijk.

View of the Dom Tower, painted by Cornelis Christiaan Dommelshuizen in 1870. It is not totally clear in which street the painter is standing. Going by the church wall at his right hand, the distance to the Dom Tower and the street pattern he should be standing next to the Janskerk looking down the Domstraat. Click here for an enlargement (469 Kb).

Examining the names you may believe that Jacoba Johanna Vreeswijk was a granddaughter of Jacoba Franken, while Antonie Vreeswijk might have been an uncle. After the death of his second wife on 13 August 1858 Jan Jr. married Sophia Gunderman on 13 November 1861. She was 56 and came from Leiden and was daughter of Johan George Gunderman and Maria Elizabeth Nieuwenhuizen. Jan Jr. died in Utrecht on 25 January 1873, 68 years old. Sophia died in Utrecht on 28 December 1883, 77 years old. For his profession Jan Jr. was a bricklayer.

The first child of Jan and his first wife Hendrina Maria was born on 22 November 1830. This boy died a month later on 16 December. The second child was called Jan van Gorkom as well, Jan III therefore, born on 25 December 1831 and actually belonging to generation IX. Jan III married Johanna Carolina Luca, daughter of Pieter Dirk Christiaan Luca and Petronella Bakker, on 10 August 1859. She was 29. Johanna Carolina Luca had a younger sister Clasina Luca, who married Jan Schumacher, a son of Antje Gorkom (generation VII-j73). Here, the missing infix "van" is odd, just as the fact that two sisters marry someone with a parent called (Van) Gorkom. Reinier, the next child of Jan Christiaan and Hendrina Maria, was born in March 1834, but died three days later on 31 March 1834. Stepfather Antonie had a son from his first marriage called Reinier van Vreeswijk. This boy, of the same age as Jan Christiaan, lived with the family in 1824, according to the census record. So the child of Jan Christiaan and Hendrina Maria was probably named after him. Helena Anna Christina was born on 19 August 1836 and was 9 years old when she died on 10 March 1846.

Jan III and Johanna Luca had a daughter, named Maria Hendrina after the child's grandmother. This Maria, technically speaking belonging to generation X, married Janus Johannes Volkerts on 2 October 1889. He was from Kampen, a town further to the east of Holland. Both were 22, so born in 1866 or 1867. Several of their children were born in Utrecht, but at the beginning of the 20th century the family moved to Kampen. On 21 November 1936 Maria Hendrina died in that town.

VIII-a07. Anna Christina
The youngest one was an unfortunate woman. She was baptized in the Geertekerk on 26 July 1807. According to her death record she was born on 10 July 1807. She married Jacobus van Luin, son of Jacobus van Luin and Angenies Delfgouw, on 27 June 1827. He was 22 years old. When she died on 4 March 1848, just 40 years old, she was already a widow. She died in Veenhuizen, just like the daughter of her cousin Dorothea. Veenhuizen does not sound all too well, as explained in the section about Johanna Dorothea (generation IX-j10). However, according to the official records of Drenlias Anna's place of residence was Utrecht at the time of her death. This would mean that she was visiting Veenhuizen. In the marriage record of Anna, father Jan is suddenly called Jan Christiaan.

Three children are known. Jacobus van Luin was born in Utrecht on 17 September 1827. Theodorus Marinus van Luin was 24 years old when he died in Soerabaja. He was still single. Cornelis van Luin was 44 years old when he died in Utrecht on 23 March 1881.

VIII-h10. Hendrik Jan
Hendrik Jan was born on 4 November 1810. He died on 1 July 1811, two months after his father had died. His death was reported to the city register by his mother Anna, together with her brother-in-law Abraham Heijmans, husband of her sister-in-law Doortje van Gorkom (generation VII-d49).

Children of David van Gorkom and Johanna Vermeer (generation VII-d56)
David was son of Jacobus van Gorkom and Anna Maria Haak (VI-j33) and grandson of David and Willemijn Tibing (V-dh95).

VIII-j80. Jacoba
Jacoba was baptized on 31 December 1780. The family lived in the Ballemakerstraat then. Jacoba married Johannes Lancee or Lanck on 27 May 1802 in the Jacobikerk. She was living in the Bergstraat at the time and Johannes in the Suijlensteegje. Three children are known. Son David Lancee, born about 1803, married in Utrecht on 2 April 1823 Helena van den Hemel. Leendert Lancee, born about 1806, married Petronella Josepha Ballendux in Utrecht on 27 July 1825. Clasiena Lancee born about 1808 and deceased in Zeist on 14 January 1883, married Paulus van Emden in Utrecht on 22 September 1822.

VIII-b82. Bartha
Bartha was baptized in the Domkerk on 9 January 1782.

VIII-a83. Alberta
Alberta must have been born in about 1783. She was buried on 12 June 1784 in the Jacobikerk, the address being aan de Bakkerbrug.

VIII-d84. David
Son David was baptized in the Jacobikerk on 11 April 1884, his parental address being aan de Bakkersbrug. Five years later, while still living at the same address, David died and was buried on 4 June 1789 in the Jacobichurch.

VIII-g86. Gerrigje
Gerrigje was baptized on 10 October 1786. She had an illegitimate child, called Adriana (generation IX), that was baptized on 1 April 1806. Doophefster, i.e. the person "presenting the child to be baptized" (godparent), was Antje Vermeer, the child's grandmother. Adriana was recognised on 20 March 1809 by Steven Bitter after he had married her mother Gerritje on 7 March 1809 in the Catherine church. After the marriage two more children were born. On 6 June 1817 Gerrigje and Steven divorced, however, a rare event in those days. The reason must have been that Steven was condemned by the court of Amsterdam on 19 February 1816 to a schavotstraf, a public display on the scaffold, and 5 years of Tugthuis (prison). Steven had stolen a piece of gold from the Rijksmunt. By law it had been stipulated that this lead to a divorce.

Her second marriage was to Cornelis de Raadt, shopkeeper, on 14 May 1828 in Beverwijk, a city west of Amsterdam. He was the son of Pieter de Raadt and Jannetje Dasselaar and was born in about 1783. He was the widower of Johanna Brama. Daughter Adriana Bitter was already 45 years old when she married in Utrecht on 30 April 1851 12 years younger Johannes Rennes, born in Utrecht and son of Pieter Rennes and Maria Stok. Daughter Dirkje Bitter married Jes Lorenz Amussen, born in Husum, Sleeswijk, Germany, in Utrecht on 19 October 1836. She was 32 years old then, born on 2 May 1811. Constantia Bitter was born on 27 August 1813. Gerrigje died in Utrecht on 12 February 1858. She had been vroedvrouw, a midwife, for her profession. Steven Bitter was only 37 years old when he died in Utrecht on 27 April 1821.

VIII-j88. Jan
Jan was baptized in Utrecht on 14 September 1788, while the family was still living at the address aan de Bakkerbrug. He married Catharina Dame on 17 March 1809 in the Catharinekerk, just ten days after his sister Gerritje celebrated her wedding in the same church. Catharina was born in 1788 too, and daughter of Jan Damen and Adriana Romijn. Catharina died on 7 September 1836, 48 years old. Jan and Catharina Dame had no less than twelve children who are mentioned on the page about generation IX.

Jan married on 16 May 1838 his second wife Hillegonda Mol. Hillegonda was baptized in Culemborg (Kuilenburg) on 18 June 1796. On 15 October 1839 she gave birth to a stillborn, nameless child. Jan died in Utrecht on 1 October 1853, at the age of 65. Hillegonda died on 24 November 1866, 69 years old. Jan was a coppersmith for his profession.

VIII-d91. David
David was baptized on 2 January 1791. In 1814 David joined the army. He was 149,2 cm tall (1 el, 4 palm, 9 duim, 2 strepen). He married Anna Maria Wernink in Utrecht on 12 September 1832. She was from Amsterdam, 52 years old and daughter of Fredrik Wernink and Jacoba Rossenblik. Anna Maria was baptized in the Nieuwe Kerk on 10 October 1779, and some ten years older then David. She died in Utrecht on 19 April 1852, 72 years old. David died 10 years later on 19 April 1862, 71 years old.

VIII-a94. Anna Maria
Anna Maria was baptized in the Jacobikerk on 10 August 1794. She was buried on 23 September 1794 in the same church. The family lived in the Korte Viesteeg during this period.

VIII-a95. Albertis
Albertis was baptized in the Jacobikerk on 15 November 1795. He married Maria Elisabeth Giesen in Utrecht on 17 August 1814. Elisabeth was 22 years when she married him, born in Utrecht and daughter of Abraham Giesen and Merrigje Serrie. Seven children were born. The children are listed here. Daughter Gerritje was born on 18 October 1814. She married on 2 January 1850 Johannes Lancee. He was the widower of Johanna Veenendaal. Johannes was born in Utrecht on 5 October 1819 and was the son of Johannes Lancee and Johanna Baars. He died however in Utrecht on 27 July 1866. On 4 January 1871 Gerritje married Jan Molenaar, born in Westzaan on 20 March 1812. Jan was the widow of Helena Hendrika van Sandwijk and before that of Grietje Kuit. The next child was Albertus, who was born on 27 February 1817. He was 17 years old when he died in Utrecht on 22 August 1834. Then another son David was born in about 1819. He married in Rotterdam on 18 November 1846 Maria Uittenhoud, one year younger then David and daughter of Willem Uittenhoud and Adriana Tolido. David was a gardener. David was followed by Adriana, who was 13 years old when she died in Utrecht on 11 august 1833. The next child Maria died when she was two years old when she died on 27 September 1825. The youngest was Maria Elizabeth, born on 29 July 1828. She married in Utrecht on 25 October 1848 Jan Albertus Martens. Sadly, Maria and her newborn died, while giving birth on 4 August 1849. Jan Albertus married to Gerendina Hiddink and got at least three children.

VIII-jm97. Johanna Maria
Johanna Maria was baptized in the Jacobi Church on 10 December 1797. Almost one year later she died, however, on 27 October 1798. The address was Korte Viesteeg again.

VIII-j00. Johannis Cornelis
Johannis Cornelis can not have lived for a long time. He died on 13 April 1800 and was buried in the Jacobi Church.

Children of Ary van Gorkum and Neeltje Keijzer (generation VII-a64)
Ary was son of Jacobus van Gorkom and Anna Maria Haak (VI-j33) and grandson of David and Willemijn Tibing (V-dh95).

VIII-j85. Jacobus
On 5 January 1785 Jacobus was baptized in the Domkerk (Dom Church). The family lived in 't Hamsteegje (Ham Alley). He was obviously named after his paternal grandfather. Jacobus died, however, on 7 February 1785.

VIII-jj85. Jacobus
Very odd but the date is correct; within the same year 1785 a second Jacobus was baptized, in the Geertekerk (St. Gertrude's Church) on 16 December 1785. His name was written as 'van Gorkom', with an 'o'. On 2 May 1811 he married in Utrecht Gijsberta van Benthum. She was daughter of Gijsbert van Benthum and Maria de Groot. Gijsberta died after three years, at the age of 25, in Utrecht on 7 May 1814. There was a daughter Neeltje, born on 15 February 1812. Jacobus remarried Neeltje Tienhoven. Probably she died as well, as Jacobus married for a third time in Utrecht on 17 May 1815, this time to Aaltje Lamars, knitter, and daughter of Bernardus Lamars and Elisabeth van Drunen. Aaltje was baptized in the Jacobi Church on 14 August 1791. For several decades the family lived on the Zandstraat. Jacobus was a lantaarnvuller (filler of lanterns) and in 1853 he was a button maker. He died in Utrecht on 22 March 1862. Jacobus was already widower of Aaltje Lamars then, who had died in Utrecht on 17 April 1853. Jacobus and Gijsberta's daughter Neeltje married the tailor Eduard Kampers in Utrecht on 26 October 1853. He was born in Utrecht on 25 May 1817 and the son of Eduard Kampers and Dirkje Spithout.

VIII-a88. Ary
Ary was born on 8 June 1788 and baptized in the Janskerk. The family's address was still Hamsteeg (Ham Alley). He married Johanna Spithout in Utrecht on 5 January 1825. She was born in Utrecht on 13 January 1775 and daughter of Joseph Spithout and Johanna van Wee. About 1826 her first child Johannes was born. A few years later Johanna died in Utrecht on 6 May 1828. At the time of her marriage three years before, she was nearly 50 already, while Ary was 36.

Ary married his second wife Catrina Gladbeek in Utrecht on 26 August 1829. She was born in Utrecht on 23 September 1798 and was daughter of Albertus Gladbeek and Catrina Drijver. Their son Arie was officially called 'van Gorcom' with a 'c' and 'o'. This happened in 1830, so 17 years after the officially fixed spelling of names had been introduced. At the same time the name of father Ary was 'van Gorkum', the name of his brother was 'van Gorkum' too and the name of his sister was 'van Gorkom'. In the meanwhile father Ary signed the marriage record of his son clearly with 'Gorkom'. This is remarkable, but it becomes even stranger. In about half the official records the wife's name was Cornelia Gladbeek instead of Catrina. Wherever we looked, however, we did not find a single trace of a second family van Gorkom-Gladbeek. So we have to assume that one and the same family is meant. Did people not even know their first names for sure? Maybe analphabetism caused this kind of confusion. Both Ary and Catrina could not write or read. Or it was on purpose, because Catrina liked the name Cornelia better.

Ary died in Utrecht on 5 September 1867, 79 years old. Catrina died in Utrecht on 27 February 1869, 70 years old. On the page about generation IX their children are mentioned. Ary was blacksmith for his profession.

VIII-m90. Matthijs
Matthijs was baptized on 25 August 1790. At that time the address of the family was Hekerepoort in de Watersteeg (a gate in the Water Alley). He married Maria Stokkum in Utrecht on 13 April 1813. Like the first wife of his brother she was much older than him, being baptized in the Jacobikerk (St. James's Church) in Utrecht on 14 January 1776. She was daughter of Lambert van Stokkum and Elisabeth Kuijs. Maria was widow of Hendrik Vastrik, who had died in Alkmaar on 18 September 1811, 40 years old. The family went to live in the Bergstraat. From Maria's first marriage stemmed a daughter Geertrui van Strik or Vasterik. She was born in about 1807 and died in 1834. The original occupation of Matthijs was buttonmaker, like his brothers David and Leendert were.

Matthijs died in Veenhuijzen (Norg) in the north eastern province of Drenthe. There his profession had been kolonist (colonist, settler). This occupation seems to suggest that he lived in a quite wild and, until then, not yet properly explored part of the Netherlands. He was lodged in one of the colonies in Veenhuizen, founded on initiative of General Van den Bosch by the Maatschappij van Weldadigheid (Charity Society). Many inhabitants were farmer hands and they developed the land to make it suitable for agriculture. The family name of Matthijs was spelled as 'van Gorkom'. His wife Maria died on 23 July 1853. She was living at the place of her brother-in law Jacobus at the address Zandstraat. Three month earlier the wife of Jacobus had died at that same address. No children of Matthijs and Maria are known to us.

VIII-d93. David
Another son was born, named David, a name so common in the Rutger branch. David was baptized in the Domkerk (Dom Church) on 26 June 1793. The family had moved to the Slooresteeg (Sloore Alley). On 6 October 1824 he married in Utrecht Elisabeth Noest, daughter of Jacobus Noest and Stephana van Es. Elisabeth was baptized in Utrecht on 6 May 1795. At least six children were born, who are mentioned on the page about generation IX. David and all his children were named 'van Gorkom'. David died in Utrecht on 14 December 1848, 55 years old, and Elisabeth in Utrecht on 5 January 1874, 74 years old. David earned a living as knoopjesdraaier (buttonmaker).

VIII-c97. Catharina
Catharina was baptized in the Jacobikerk (St. James's Church) on 1 October 1797. On 20 June 1798 she died and was buried in the Jacobi churchyard.

VIII-l99. Leendert
Leendert was baptized in the Domkerk on 28 July 1799. The family's address was still Slooresteeg. He married Catharina Markus in Utrecht on 29 September 1819. She was baptized in Utrecht on 18 February 1798 and daughter of Frans Markus and Hendrika Kok. Catharina was fourteen when her father died in Utrecht on 22 December 1812. According to the census record of 1824, Hendrika Kok was living with the family at the address Wijde Wijde Watersteeg in the C quarter. Like his brother David, Leendert was a buttonmaker at the time he married, and Catharina was a labourer then. Although the last name of Leendert often had been 'van Gorkom', the family name of his children became 'van Gorkum'. They are mentioned on the page about generation IX.

Child of Ary van Gorkum and Pieternella Vermeulen (generation VII-a64)
Ary was son of Jacobus van Gorkom and Anna Maria Haak (VI-j33) and grandson of David and Willemijn Tibing (V-dh95).

VIII-w15. Wilhelmina Johanna
Wilhelmina was probably the only child Ary had with his second wife. His eldest son was already 30 years old and Ary himself was approximately 51 years old. Wilhelmina Johanna was born in Utrecht on 26 March 1815. She married in Utrecht Gijsbertus Kampers on 22 June 1836. He was son of Gijsbertus Kampers and Petronella Simons and born in Utrecht on 12 October 1812. At the time they married, Wilhelmina Johanna was a dressmaker and Gijsbertus a buttonmaker, which makes a nice match of course. From Genlias we know that six children were born: Gijsbertus Kampers, born about 1836, first married Elisabeth van Vondel and after becoming a widower he married Josephina Johanna Lancee. Josephina was a daughter of Leendert Lancee and Petronella Sophia Ballendux. Leendert Lancee is a son of Jacoba van Gorkom, mentioned above (generation VIII-j80). The family relationship ia quite remote, however. Gijsbertus Kampers and his father-in-law Leendert Lancee were second cousins.

Petronella Wilhelmina Kampers married Gerardus Johannes Lodewijk Godée. Dirkje Clasina Kampers, born about 1842, married in Utrecht in 1870 Casper Johannes Verhoef. Her second wedding was in Delft in 1897 with Jan Petiet. She died in Schipluiden in 1917. Willem Johannes Kampers married in Utrecht in 1868 Dorothea Stockschen. The children Jacobus Albert Kampers and Gijsje Clasina Klampers died young.

Father Gijsbertus Kampers died on 13 September 1854. On 9 June 1858 Wilhelmina Johanna married her second husband Johannes Wilkes, son of Christiaan Wilkes and Elisabeth Johanna Piket. He was born in Utrecht on 25 June 1820. Johannes was widower of Johanna van der Vlis, who had died on 18 May 1856. Wilhelmina Johanna herself died in Utrecht on 1 July 1899 at the respectable age of 84. It is probably not a coincidence that the niece of Wilhelmina Johanna, daughter of her brother Jacobus, married a person called Kampers. Any family relationship is not examined yet.

Children of Willem van Gorkum and Johanna Oremus (generation VII-w66)
Willem was son of Jacobus van Gorkom and Anna Maria Haak (VI-j33) and grandson of David and Willemijn Tibing (V-dh95).

VIII-a89. Anna Maria
Anna Maria was baptized in the Jacobikerk (St. James's Church) on 26 December 1789. The family lived in the Slooresteeg (Sloore Alley). There is a death record of a Maria van Gorkum, daughter of Willem van Gorkum and Johanna Reemers, who died on 8 October 1832, 43 years old. Probably this is Anna Maria; the pronunciation of Reemers and (O)remus is rather similar. She was married to Hendrik Tusschenbroek. Some seven children were born. They were called Dussenbroek.

VIII-j91. Jacoba
Jacoba was baptized in the same church on 25 September 1791. By then the family lived in the Drieharingsteeg (Three Herring Alley). The girl died when she was eight years old at the address Vreeburg, which is actually around the corner.

Drawing of the "werf" (quay) along the Oude Gracht in the second half of the nineteenth century. It shows the quay near the Zakkedragerssteeg (Bag Carriers Alley), which is approx. hundred meters north of the Drieharingsteeg (Three Herring Alley). The cellars at the quay were meant for storage, but often people lived there, although this was very unhealthy. The canals were used as sewers and it was very damp. The photo below shows the entrance of the Drieharingstraat, the former Drieharingsteeg.

VIII-e94. Engelina
Engelina was baptized in the Jacobikerk (St. James's Church) on 23 February 1794. The address of the parents was Op de werf bij het Drieharingsteegje, meaning "On the quay near the Three Herring Alley". She died on 15 October 1796 at the address Vreeburg. She was buried in the Jacobikerk.

VIII-w96. Willem
Then a son was born. Willem was baptized in the Jacobikerk on 14 February 1796. The address was Oude Gracht near the Bakkerbrug (Old Canal near Baker's Bridge). This is probably the same address as before. Willem died in hospital on 21 September 1810 and was buried in the Jacobikerk (St. James's Church).

VIII-e99. Engelina
Another Engelina was baptized in the Jacobikerk on 19 May 1799. The address was 'near the Vreeburg'. She married Leendert Justus Nicolaas Kohler, son of Everardus Willem Nicolaas Kohler and Sara Goossen, in Utrecht on 28 June 1820. Probably two children were born. In about 1821 Willem Nicolaas Kohler was born and in about 1822 Leendert Johannes Kohler. Unfortunately Engelina died on 8 June 1824 at the age of 25. On 11 May 1825 Leendert Justus Nicolaas married his second wife Hermina Kemrenk, daughter of Gerrit Kemrenk and Johanna Derks. They had several children. Leendert Justus Nicolaas was a wagenmakersknecht (wagon builder's hand). Abiut 1825 the family lived in the Korte Elisabethstraat.

VIII-f01. Franciscus
Franciscus was baptized in the Domkerk on 14 October 1801. His parents lived at the address Op de werf bij het Drieharingsteegje again. His name was written as 'van Gorkom'. He married in Utrecht on 13 April 1825 Alida Anthonia Bruining. She was daughter of Johannes Bruining and Bella Jager and was baptized in Utrecht on 18 May 1796. They recognized as their mutual son Willem, one and a half year old and born in Utrecht on 16 October 1823. For Alida Anthonia a Deed of Familiarity was necessary to prove her identity in order to marry, because her father had disappeared. In 1814 he was a sergeant of the Colonial Troops and had gone to the West-Indies, the former Dutch colony. The family never heard from him again.

The family of Franciscus and Alida wandered through the Netherlands. They lived in Utrecht, in the north in Veenhuizen and Zwolle, and in the south, near the Belgium border, in Bergeijk. Their children are mentioned on the page about generation IX. Alida Anthonia died in Veenhuizen (Norg) in the province of Drenthe on 17 December 1862. Franciscus had brown eyes and black hair. He was 1 el, 6 palm and 7 duim tall (167 centimeters = 5'6"). His profession was workman. In Veenhuizen - where the family lived for about 15 years - he was a so-called veteraan. These people were guards of the colonists, the inhabitants of the colonies. Often retired soldiers were contracted for such jobs.

Weerdpoort seen from the south VIII-j03. Jacobus
Jacobus was baptized in the Buurkerk (Neighbourhood Church) on 20 July 1803. The address was still Drieharingsteegje. He died at the same address, one and a half month old, on 8 September 1803 and was buried in the Jacobikerk (St. James's Church).

Painting by J.H. Verheijen, made in 1828, of the Weerdpoort (northern city gate), seen from de Oude Gracht, looking north. At this point the canal turns into the river Vecht.

VIII-j05. Johanna
Johanna was baptized in the Domkerk (Dom Church) on 27 January 1805. She was born at the address Oude Gracht. It seems that this address has been the same for all those years, only the description varying. Oude Gracht, Op de Werf bij de Drieharingsteeg, Buurtje bij de Vreeburg, Drieharingsteeg op de Oude Gracht are all descriptions of the same location. Only Oude Gracht bij de Bakkerbrug is somewhat different, but even this address is nearby. Op de werf means a shelter in the basement of a house along the Oude Gracht. Such a basement is situated at the quay (werf) below the street and has a door bordering the water of the Oude Gracht (Old Canal). Originally its function was to store the merchandise delivered by boat. But these basements were also used as homes. This kind of construction is unique in the world and makes Utrecht a special town. But as those basements were always very humid, they were detrimental to people's health. At the beginning of the 20th century the local government started to prohibit people to use them as homes.

Johanna was 24 years old when she and her young baby died. Johanna was not married, but it appears that Hendrik van der Straate was the natural father of the child. Johanna deceased in Utrecht on 17 May 1829. Her young child Hendrica van Gorkom was 5 days old when she died on 15 May 1829. At the time, Johanna was living with her parents in the Korte Elisabethstraat. Hendrik lived at the address aan de Bakkerbrug and was blikslager (tinsmith) for his profession.

VIII-j07. Jacoba Jacoba was baptized as a Roman Catholic on 13 September 1807. She was 11 years old when she died in Utrecht on 4 July 1818.

Children of David van Gorkom and Willemina Gerrits (generation VII-d66)
David was son of Gerrit van Gorkom and Cornelia van der Tol (VI-g35) and grandson of David van Gorkom and Willemijn Tibing (V-dh95).

VIII-cg87. Cornelia Gerarda
Cornelia Gerarda was baptized in the Geertekerk on 9 September 1787. Both her parents were church members, according to the record. Cornelia Gerarda gave birth to an illegitimate daughter when she was 20 years old. This child, Johanna van Gorkom, was baptized on 3 November 1807 in the Catharinekerk in Utrecht. She died, however, in Utrecht on 6 November 1813, only 6 years old.

VIII-s89. Suzanna Sara
On 22 February 1789 Suzanna Sara was baptized in the Janskerk (St. John's church), a church in the north of the city. The actual birth was on 16 February 1789. She did not live long and died on 1 October 1789. The address of the family at that time was at the Maertensbrug.

VIII-s91. Suzanna Sara
A second Suzanna Sara was baptized in the Janskerk too. The christening was on 9 January 1791, exactly a week after her birth. She died too, however, on 21 July 1794 of a children's disease, when she was almost three and a half years old.

VIII-jc93. Johannes Cornelis
Fourth child was Johannes Cornelis, born on 29 January 1793, baptized in the Janskerk on 3 February 1793.

VIII-g95. Gerrit
Gerrit was born on 13 February 1795 and baptized in the Domkerk after two days. Already in 1817 Gerrit was a teacher in Bronckhorst, a little village south east of Zutphen in the province of Gelderland. Gerrit married Barendina Hendrika Grutterink on 23 May 1822 in a village called Zelhem, which is close to Bronckhorst. She was born there on 6 September 1797 and was daughter of Wessel Grutterink and Carolina Bennink. Gerrit was a schoolteacher and his father-in-law a landowner. His wife however died half a year after the wedding, in Zutphen on 29 December 1822; no children are known to us. Gerrit married again and now to Anna Margaretha van der Veen in Borculo on 18 August 1824. Borculo is a village 15 kilometres east of Zutphen and also in Gelderland. Anna Margaretha was born there on 18 February 1802, as daughter of Evert Jan van der Veen and Anna Maria Meilink. In 1824 Gerrit was still a schoolteacher; father-in law Evert Jan was the head of a boarding school in Borculo since 1800. Gerrit and Anna Margaretha had a lot of children, all born in Zutphen. They are mentioned on the page about generation IX. Gerrit died on 7 September 1846, only 51 years old, and Anna Margaretha nine months later on 26 June 1847, so 45 years old. Both were buried in Zutphen. The deceased parents left behind 10 orphans, the eldest 19 years old and the youngest child 3 years old. The children went to family and friends. It is not unlikely that many of the children grew up in the boarding school of grandfather Evert Jan van der Veen.

Children of Johannes van Gorkom and Antonetta Schreur (generation VII-j50)
Johannes was son of Jelis van Gorkom and Petronella Mouton (VI-j25) and grandson of Jan van Gorkom and Aartje van Makkum (V-j98).

VIII-j72. Jan
Jan Schreur was baptized on 28 April 1772. Five and a half years later, on 2 November 1777, one month before his parents married, he was recognized by his father. Jan himself married in the Catharijnekerk (St. Catharine's Church) on 7 November 1797 Maria van der Linden, daughter of Johannes van der Linden and Jannetje van der Enden. She was born in 1775 or in 1777; this is not clear yet. When in 1813 a child was born she was 36 years old, but two years later her age was 40 when another child was born. According to a christening record Maria Christina van der Linden, daughter of Johannes van der Linden and Jannetje van der Enden, was baptized on 16 April 1775. When they married, Jan lived in the Pauwsteeg (Peacock Alley) and Maria in the Molensteeg op de Springweg. Jan was familiar with the Molensteeg (Mill Alley). His parents used to live there and it was his childhood address. From 1801 on Jan and Maria lived in the Molensteeg where Maria's parents lived, maybe even in the same house. Eight children were born. They are listed on the page about generation IX.

In 1805 Jan was drafted into military service. When his second child was baptized he could not be present. After military service he was a button maker for his profession. Jan died on 9 September 1815, 43 years old and still living in the Molensteeg B.63. Maria found a job as merchant woman, as stated on a record from 1826. She died in Utrecht on 10 March 1832, 60 years old. Her son Johannes, button maker, gave notice of her death.

VIII-p89. Pieter
On 8 October 1789 Pieter van Gorkom, child of Jan, was buried in the Geertekerk (St. Gertrude's Church). The address of the family was in de Molensteeg. The child might very well have been named after his grandmother Pieternella Mouton.

VIII-j90. Jan Hendrik
Jan Hendrik van Gorkom was probably named after his uncle. He was baptized in the Domkerk on 8 September 1790 and married in Utrecht on 7 June 1815 Adriana van Vlooten, born in Utrecht in about 1791 and daughter of Teunis van Vlooten and Baldina de Vries. Jan Hendrik was schuitenjager for his profession (someone who navigates a ship along a river or canal with the aid of draught animals, in this case along the river Vecht). Most of the time he lived in the municipality of Loenen and Loosdrecht. Eight children were born. See all of them on the page about generation IX. Jan Hendrik died on 29 May 1864, 73 years old, and Adriana on 9 January 1875, 83 years old. Both died in the municipality of Loenen, probably in the little village called Nieuwersluis.

Children of Isaak van Gorkom and Geertrui de Klerk (generation VII-i60)
Isaak was son of Jelis van Gorkom and Petronella Mouton (VI-j25) and grandson of Jan van Gorkom and Aartje van Makkum (V-j98).

VIII-j84. Jelis
Jelis was baptized in the Jacobikerk (St. James's Church) on 17 June 1784 and clearly named after his grandfather. According to a census record, Jelis was still living at his parents' place in 1813.

VIII-c85. Carolus
Carolus was named after his other grandfather, Karolus de Klerk, and was baptized in the Jacobikerk on 8 October 1785. As mentioned before, all the children were born at the address in de Korte Hamsteeg bij de Varkensmarkt (in the Short Ham Alley near the Pig Market). On 17 November 1786 a Cornelis van Gurkom was buried in the Jacobikerk. The deceased child was very likely this Carolus. Again the same address was mentioned.

VIII-j87. Jannigje
Jannigje was baptized in the Domkerk on 21 November 1787.

VIII-m88. Maria
Maria was buried in the churchyard of the Jacobikerk on 13 January 1788.

VIII-c89. Cecilia
Obviously Cecilia was named after Sielia van Maanen, the mother of her mother. Cecilia was baptized in Utrecht on 28 January 1789. She never married, but she gave birth to three children, called Van Gorkum. They are mentioned on the page about generation IX. Cecilia died in Utrecht on 1 February 1871, 82 years old, and unmarried, at the address Korte Hamsteeg C 665, which could be the same address as her parental home. During her life, she had made a living as a knitter.

VIII-p91. Pieternella Magdalena
Pieternella was baptized in the Jacobikerk on 23 January 1791.

VIII-a92. Alexander
Alexander was baptized in the Jacobikerk on 2 December 1792. Father Isaak had a brother called Alexander, so the child could have been named after this uncle. Three months later, on 28 February 1793, he was buried in the churchyard of the Jacobikerk.

VIII-h94. Helena
We only know that Helena was buried in the Jacobikerk on 18 April 1794.

VIII-i95. Isaac
Isaac van Gorkum was baptized in the Jacobikerk on 11 January 1795. We found a record from 20 November 1817, stating that in Leuven, Belgium, in the Military Hospital an Isaak van Gorkum, 22 years old, and born in Utrecht, had died on 9 November 1817. This Isaac was fusilier (rifleman) in the 5th company of the 14th infantry battalion of Ligne. No other Isaac was born in 1795. So one may assume that this Isaac was the same young man.

VIII-j97. Johanna Catharina
Johanna was baptized in the Domkerk on 20 September 1797. Johanna Catharina died on 31 March 1873, 75 years old. She was single. She was a knitter for her profession.

VIII-g00. Geertruij
Geertruij van Gorkom was baptized in the Jacobikerk on 9 February 1800. She married in Utrecht on 11 September 1833 Jan de Vries, son of Jan de Vries and Catharina (Kaatje) van Houten. Jan was born in Leiden on 27 October 1799. He was a logementhouder (innkeeper). On 5 June 1853 Geertruij died in Utrecht, 53 years old, although her death record says she was 54 years old. She was already a widow of Jan then and living in the Catharijnestraat C 897 (nowadays called Willemstraat). Jan had died on 3 September 1849 at the age of 49.

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