Generation X - Rutger Branch

It is the second half of the nineteenth century when generation X grows up. Utrecht is a city with no walls anymore and with new train connections to the north, the west and the east. This generation has no memories of medieval citywalls, track boats and stagecoaches. The Netherlands were modernising quickly, although the English considered
Holland still to be "a farm at the North Sea". As a matter of fact the Netherlands were a bit backward where industry was concerned. Merchants were held in higher esteem then entrepreneurs. Being backward has its advantages though. By the time Holland catched up with the rest of the modern world, entrepreneurs could simply buy the newest technology available and beat the competition. Utrecht started industrialising mainly as an effect of the new railroads. The big economic disadvantage of not having a harbour had suddenly turned into the advantage of lying central in the Netherlands, so closest on average to all corners of the country, profiting from excellent connections thanks to the trains.

The city was rapidly expanding in all directions outside the former city walls. As it is still the case in Holland new building lots on the outskirts were meant to house people with little income, like workers and craftsmen. The new areas were therefore full of littles houses along small streets, build and rented out by private real estate developers. This was not only the case for Utrecht. For Amsterdam, where some members of the family moved to, and other cities it was exactly the same.

In the last quarter of the century many technological changes took place. In 1883 Utrecht got its first waterworks. Telephone was introduced in Utrecht in 1886. At the same time the gas grid came into existence just as electricity grids started to appear. Most services weren't available to common people, but it was clear that the world was changing rapidly. Also in the field of medicine a very important breaktrough was made. Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) developed the technique of pasteurization and demonstrated in the fifties and sixties of the nineteenth century that germs were responsible for infections. Thanks to him the concept of hygiene started to spread, an insight that has raised life expectancy considerably. And finally, let us not forget: in 1859 Charles Darwin (1809-1882) published his shocking On the Origin of Species. Thanks to his evolution theory science and the Western world could finally abolish God. As it seems that the Van Gorkom family was quite religious, this must have been real horror to them.


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Simplified Van Gorkom Family Tree
Simplified family tree of the Rutger branch. The scheme is based on the parents of generation XI. In other words, we only took the members of generation X who had children, and from them we worked our way back to Rutger of generation I who once came from Gorinchem to Utrecht. It means that all ancestors are left out who did not have a descendant belonging to generation XI. For example, Abraham Thomasse van Gorkom and Anneke Heijndricx (generation III) had ten children, but only the eldest and youngest are shown as they they are the only ones with descendants belonging to generation XI.
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Children of Johan Elias van Gorkom and Marretje Lummen (generation IX-jj23)
Johan Elias was son of Isaak van Gorkom and Cozijna Elisabeth Krul (VIII-i87) and grandson of Abraham van Gorkom and Elize van Werkhoven (VII-a29).

X-p50. Pietjerre Marie
Son Pietjerre Marie was born in Loosdrecht on 22 February 1850. He married in Utrecht Aletta Maria Langezaal on 4 June 1873. She was just 17 years old then, born in Utrecht on 3 July 1855 and a daughter of Gerrit Langezaal and Jannetje van Doorn. Pietjerre was a painter for his profession. At least seventeen children were born. They are mentioned on the page about generation XI. All children were born in Utrecht, where the family lived. Pietjerre died there as well on 27 March 1907, 57 years old. Aletta Maria was 72 years of age, when she died on 17 January 1928.

X-g55. Gosina Geertruida
Gosina Geertruida was born in Utrecht on 8 August 1855. She married in Utrecht Anton Blomenberg, 39 years old, on 3 August 1887. He was son of Hendrikus Albartus Blomenberg and Maria Rebecca den Haan. Gosina Geertruida became a widow on 1 October 1909 and at the age of 65 years she remarried in Utrecht on 14 October 1920 Arij van Gelder, born in Vlissingen, 64 years old. Gosina Geertruida died in Utrecht on 13 March 1932, 76 years old. Her second husband was still alive then and living in the Singelstraat.

X-jh58. Jacob Herman
Jacob Herman was born in the town of Utrecht as well, on 10 May 1858. He was a writer for his profession and was married to Aleida Elizabeth Spruijt. He had lived for some time in the Dutch East Indies and went back to Utrecht around May 1911 with his wife and younger children. The family moved for a second time to the Dutch East Indies on 25 November 1919. The children of Jacob and Aleida are listed on the page about generation XI. Probably he has been married twice, the name of the first wife being unknown. On the same home address in Java were living some children of whom it has not yet been proven by birth record whether they are the children of Jacob Herman. Yet they are listed on the page about generation XI as well and hopefully we get some clarity in the future. All of these children were born in the Dutch East Indies. (With thanks to René van de Peijl).

X-k61. Karel Louis
Karel Louis was born in Utrecht on 9 November 1861. He married Clasina Gerth in Utrecht on 27 October 1882. She was born in Leersum and a daughter of George Pieter Gerth and Wilhelmina Elisabeth van den Boogaard. The profession of Karel Louis was school headmaster. Karel Louis and Clasina had at least two children. Daughter Marretje was born in Anna Paulowna in about 1894. She married Cornelis Rentenaar in Anna Paulowna on 22 March 1819. Cornelis was born in Hoogwoud in about 1893 and was the son of Cornelis Rentenaar, farmer (agricultural worker), and Trijntje Trappel. Both Marretje and Cornelis were teachers at the elementary school. Second daughter of Karel Louis and Clasina was named Wilhelmina Elisabeth and born in Anna Paulowna in about 1895. She married Jan Hendrik Peper in Anna Paulowna on 27 October 1916. Jan Hendrik was born in Gorinchem (i.e. the city of Gorkom!) in about 1889 and was the son of Willem Peper and Jansje Smek (also Emek or Emck). Jan Hendrik was a school teacher as well. A son of this couple died in Delft in 1941. Karel Louis died in Baarn on 13 June 1936 at the age of 74. He was already a widower then. Clasina had died four years before in Baarn on 20 June 1932, 61 years old.

Children of Izak van Gorkom and Louisa Roä (generation IX-i18)
Izak was son of Isaak van Gorkom and Johanna Gerarda van Zantwijk (VIII-i91) and grandson of David van Gorkom and Maria Eleonora Schweijgert (VII-d58). Much information was provided by Johan van Gorkom (johan @ and his sister Loes (loes @ They are greatgrandchildren of Abraham, who is mentioned here. Information about Izak (1853) and most information about Aletta was gathered by Izak's greatgrandson John van Gorkom (john @

X-n45. N.N.
A dead child with no name was born on 10 May 1845, two and a half months after the wedding of its parents.

X-i46. Ida Everdina
Ida was born in Utrecht on 6 April 1846 at half past six in the evening. It was a year after the marriage of her parents. Her father was a tailor at the time. They lived in the Koningsteeg at no. A.217. Her grandfather and her uncle Abraham were witnesses of the report to the register. It is very likely that Ida was the eldest. She was named after Louisa's mother Ida, about whom more is told on the Roa page. The middle name Everdina may be a reference to her uncle Evert Dirk van Bruggen (generation IX-w23), as there seems to be no other family member who is called Everdina or Evert. As a matter of fact Evert Dirk van Bruggen was the one who reported Ida's death to the register. She died on 28 September 1861, only 15 years old, on the sixth birthday of her younger brother Abraham. Evert Dirk's profession was aanspreker or grafbidder, a professional kind of Master of Ceremonies at funerals. Ida's family lived in the Pelmolenstraat at the time of her death.

X-j48. Johanna Gerarda
Johanna was born in Utrecht on 10 June 1848 and most likely named after the mother of her father, Johanna Gerarda van Zantwijk. She died in Utrecht on 2 August 1859, 11 years old. She was the first of three girls who died within a time span of two years, the next being Wilhelmina and the third Ida. The report to the death register was made by Evert Dirk van Bruggen, just like he did for Ida (above) and Wilhelmina and Johannes (below).

X-c50. Christina Gijsberta
Christina was born in Utrecht on 5 March 1850 and named after the younger sister of her mother. She died at the age of 24, on 19 February 1875. She was not married yet and lived at the address of her grandparents, Tuchthuissteeg B.273. As a matter of fact she died one month after her father. One tends to think that both of them died of an epidemic disease, especially since cholera was epidemic in 1874. More about Christina's aunt and namesake on the Roa page.

X-a51. Aletta
Aletta was born on 30 March 1851 and married Philip Phoel on 19 October 1876. As there is a lot of information about Aletta and Philip, a separate page is dedicated to this branch of the family. Please click here to go there.

X-i53. Izak
Izak was born on 26 January 1853 as son of Izak (generation IX-i18). In 1877 he married Ingetje Maria van der Hoek from Charlois. As there is much to tell about Izak, there is a separate page dedicated to his story. Please click here to go there. Visit the page about generation XI for his children.

X-a55. Abraham
As Izak in the previous section was named after his father's father, Abraham was clearly named after a brother of his father. He was born in Utrecht on 28 september 1855 and had many, many children. Click here to read much more about him.

X-w57. Wilhelmina
Wilhelmina was born in Utrecht on 28 November 1857. She might have been named after her aunt Wilhelmina, wife of Evert Dirk van Bruggen. She died in Utrecht on 20 March 1860 at the age of two. The report of her death to the register was made by Evert Dirk van Bruggen, an aanspreker as mentioned above in the paragraph about Ida (generation X-i46).

X-j60. Johannes Gerardus
Johannes was born in Utrecht on 6 February 1860. It looks like as if he was named after his grandmother Johanna Gerarda van Zantwijk, just like his older sister, who had died just half a year before Johannes was born. He died at the very young age of nine, on 18 August 1869. His uncle Evert Dirk van Bruggen made the report of his death to the register. The family of Johannes lived at the Geertekerkhof at no. B.490 at the time.

X-e62. Evert Dirk
Evert Dirk was born in Utrecht on 19 April 1862. His history is told on a separate page. Please click here to go there.

Children of Evert Jan van Gorkom and Henriette Carolina Maria van Kesteren (generation IX-e25)
Evert Jan was son of Gerrit van Gorkom and Anna Margaretha van der Veen (VIII-g95) and grandson of David van Gorkom and Willemina Gerrits (VII-d66). Much information was provided by Han van Bemmel.

X-a54. Anna Margaretha
Anna Margaretha was born in Amersfoort on 2 December 1854. A death record in Doorn mentions her death in The Hague on 19 October 1905, being single, 50 years old.

X-h56. Henri Carel Marie
Henri Carel Marie was born on 15 January 1856, also in Amersfoort. On 8 May 1884 he married in Amsterdam Johanna Wilhelmina van den Bosch, born in 's-Gravenzande on 4 April 1856, daughter of Iman Jacob van den Bosch and Johanna Wilhemina Visser. Henri Carel Mari was a general practitioner for his profession. The first child, Evert Jan, was born in Heusden. A second, but lifeless child was born in Heusden on 8 May 1890. Apparently the family left for South Africa, as a third child was born in Johannesburg (S.A.) on 7 January 1895, called Wilhelmina Henriette. Henri Carel Marie died in Pretoria (S.A.) on 21 July 1903, only 47 years old. His widow went back to Holland and remarried in Groningen on 18 August 1909 Karl Fredric August Koch, widower of Adelheid Rothschild, son of Carel Frederik Koch and Catharina Maria van Zanten. Karl Fredric August was born in Schiedam about 1859 and was a professor of surgery. Johanna Wilhelmina van den Bosch died in Baarn on 15 December 1937, 81 years old. Karl Fredric was still alive at that time. Daughter Wilhelmina Henriette married in Groningen on 30 January 1918 Gerrit Jacobus Kapteijn, a mining engineer, 34 years old, son of Jacobus Cornelius Kapteyn, professor of astronomy, and Catharina Elisabeth Kalshoven.
Click to enlarge   Click to enlarge
The postcard above (click on the images to enlarge them) was kindly provided by a British collector of old cards and envelopes. It was sent in July 1895 to Henri Carel Marie and Johanna Wilhelmina from Lourenço Marques, the old name of Maputo, capital of Mozambique. Sender was an E.v.A. who was a niece apparently. She tells that they will be sailing the next day and says goodbye from aboard Hare Majesteit Koningin Wilhelmina der Nederlanden (Her Majesty Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands). At the time there was already a railway connection between Johannesburg and Lourenço Marques, so the niece had clearly been visiting her uncle and aunt after which she had taken the train to catch the boat. Probably the initials v.A. stand for the family name Van Assum. The wife of Henri Carel Marie had a sister Maria van den Bosch, who was twelve years older and had married in 1866 Johan Herman van Assum. The niece also refers to a lost "portrait of Iman's fiancee" in a very casual way. Very likely this is her brother Iman Jan Jacob van Assum, who was a son of Johan Herman van Assum and Maria van den Bosch and who married in 1899 at the age of 26.

X-e57. Everdina Johanna
Everdina Johanna was born in Amersfoort on 13 September 1857. She married in Marthinus Wesselschoon, South Africa, in 1878 Hendrik Willem van Rossem, son of Cornelis van Rossem and Dina Cornelia Claasen. They had seven children, all born in South Africa. Hendrik Willem died in Amsterdam on 31 May 1921. Everdina Johanna died in Huis ter Heide on 1 February 1934, 76 years old.

Children of Wilhelm Johan van Gorkom and Henriette Carolina Maria van Kesteren (generation IX-w27)
Wilhelm Johan was son of Gerrit van Gorkom and Anna Margaretha van der Veen (VIII-g95) and grandson of David van Gorkom and Willemina Gerrits (VII-d66). Much information was provided by Han van Bemmel.

X-aj61. Adriana Johanna
Adriana Johanna was born in Groningen on 7 July 1861. She passed away after 19 months on 10 June 1863, three months before her brother was born. She was probably named after her father's sister Adriana Johanna who had died in 1858 at the age of 27.

X-e63. Evert Jan
Evert Jan was born in Groningen on 12 September 1863. Eight months later he died on 3 June 1864. He was clearly named after his father's deceased brother.

X-e66. Evert Jan
A second Evert Jan was born in Groningen on 22 October 1866 and the first one to survive childhood. His parents were already married for seven years at the day of his birth. He was 24 years old when he made his will in Leeuwarden on 27 March 1891. Two months later he moved to South-Africa. He married in Johannesburg, South Africa, on 29 February 1892 Jeanne Henriette Struben. He was a notary. Three children were born, Jeanne Henriette, being the first on 26 May 1896, and Wilhelm Johan on 10 April 1897 as second child, both in Johannesburg. Their third child Adriaan Christiaan was born in The Hague on 22 May 1899. It is not clear where the family lived around 1900, as the youngest fell victim to the Spanish flue in South-Africa in 1918. An article from South Africa Magazine, dated 28 December 1918, tells:
We continue the sad toll of South Africa's terrible losses by the awful influenza scourge. Mr. Adriaan Christiaan van Gorkom, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. van Gorkom, who died at Grahamstown, was a medical student at Grahamstown, where his elder brother, Willy, is also studying. Recently Mrs. Van Gorkom had a letter from the younger boy stating that Willy was ill with influenza. At the same time the news came that Adriaan had also contracted the disease and had succumbed. Of an exceptionally fine physique, standing 6 ft. 2 in. [188 cm], he was the embodiment of sterling manhood. As a student he promised great things."
Willy (Wilhelm) clearly recovered, as he married Bessie Marais in July 1926. On 27 March 1927 their daughter Wanda Elisabeth was born. Three years later Willy's father Evert-Jan died in South-Africa.

The image of the envelop below was kindly provided by a British collector. Evert Jan was only 22 years old, when he posted this letter.
X-w68. Wilhelm Johan
Wilhelm Johan was born in Groningen on 2 January 1868. He married in Manaldumadeel (Friesland) on 10 July 1894 Wilhelmina Meyners, born in Hoorn (Noord-Holland) about 1869, daughter of Hendrik Johannes Meyners and Margarethe Cornelia Johanna Verboon Schouten. A daughter, Wilhelmina Christina Hermina, was born on 13 September 1901. Wilhelm Johan was a medical doctor. He published several books and brochures about infectious diseases like malaria, beriberi, smallpox and tuberculosis. One was a brochure called Helpt ons de tuberculose te bestrijden! (Help us fight tuberculosis), first published in 1910. It contains an illustration made by the artist Hoynck van Papendrecht (article about him in Dutch), who was a cousin-in-law of Wilhelm Johan as he was married to Johanna Phillippina van Gorkom, daughter of Wilhelm's uncle Gerrit (generation X-j62). As appears from the newspaper clipping below, Wilhelm was appointed head of the Bubonic Plague Control Service of West-Java (former Dutch East Indies) in 1915, but died the same year at the age of 47.
X-j69. Jeanne Marie
Jeanne Marie was born in Groningen on 17 September 1869. She married Cornelis Adriaan Bergsma in Leeuwarden (Friesland) on 18 August 1892. He had a degree in law. Cornelis was son of Jacob Hendrik Bergsma and jonkvrouwe (Lady) Arendina Wichers. Jacob Hendrik was public prosecutor and Minister of Colonies and had an impressive career in the Dutch East Indies. (More in Dutch in Biografisch Woordenboek van Nederland). The marriage of Jeanne Marie was annulled, however, after 21 years on 22 August 1913.

Children of Gerrit van Gorkom and Sara Jacoba Susanna Carolina Laan (generation IX-g33)
Gerrit was son of Gerrit van Gorkom and Anna Margaretha van der Veen (VIII-g95) and grandson of David van Gorkom and Willemina Gerrits (VII-d66). Much information was provided by Han van Bemmel.

X-n60. N.N.
A lifeless child was born in Eemnes on 31 October 1860.

X-j62. Johanna Philippina
Johanna Phillippina was born in Leiden on 10 September 1862. She married in Amsterdam on 7 June 1888 Jan Hoynck van Papendrecht, born on 18 September 1859. Hoynck van Papendrecht was a painter (article about him in Dutch). Johanna died on 13 August 1939, her husband in The Hague on 11 December 1933.

   Painting by Jan Hoynck van Papendrecht, "Picnic after the parade", Bois de Boulogne, Paris, 1906

X-c64. Carolina Hendrina Sara
Carolina Hendrina Sara was born in Leiden on 14 June 1864. On 13 November 1890 she married Willem Pieter Joannes Bok, who was a Doctor of Law. He was the son of Dr. Joannes Wilhelmus Bok and Jacoba Helena Lijndrajer. Father Bok was a reverend for the Remonstrant congregations in Hazerswoude, Oude-Wetering, Utrecht and Amsterdam. The couple had four children. Willem Pieter died on 17 May 1935. Carolina Hendrina Sara on 11 May 1848 in The Hague.

X-c65. Charles Francois
In Leiden a third child of Gerrit was born on 16 September 1865, called Charles Francois. Apparently he was named after his father's younger brother Charles Francois, who had died in Leiden at the age of 22 the year before. This second Charles however died in Amsterdam on 5 April 1877 at the age of 11.

X-s68. Sara Jacoba Susanna Carolina
Apparently the family had moved to Amsterdam as Sara Jacoba Susanna Carolina was born in this city on 16 May 1868. She married in Amsterdam on 30 November 1893 Adriaan Slotemaker, born on 4 February 1862. Later in life he was a judge at a Gerechtshof (Court of Appeal). His father was the afore-mentioned Lambertus Hendrik Slotemaker, the same man who wrote the obituary of Sara's father Gerrit. Adriaan Slotemaker died in 1935 and Sara in Geneva on 9 October 1946.

Four children were born. Sara Jacoba Susanna Carolina Slotemaker was born in Amsterdam on 16 December 1894. She married in Bussum on 20 November 1918 Dr. Claude Auguste Crommelin, physicist, son of Robbert Daniel Crommelin and Julie Elisabeth Tutein Nolthenius. Claude Auguste was born in Nieuwer-Amstel on 22 December 1878. For him it was his second marriage. He was divorced from Anna Petronella de Kanter on 15 February 1917. The second child was Lambertus Hendrik Slotemaker, born in Amsterdam on 31 May 1897. He married on 21 November 1930 his cousin Wilhelmina Vermoet Carolina Bok, daughter of afore-mentioned Carolina Hendrina Sara and Willem Pieter Joannes Bok. He had first been married to Cornelia Aurelia Kuijper. In 1939 his second marriage ended as well. The third child was Gerrit Slotemaker, born in Amsterdam on 31 January 1899. It was permitted by royal decree, dated 3 August 1900, that his name was changed to Gerrit van Gorkom Slotemaker. Apparently his mother wanted to keep the name of her father alive, as she had no brothers anymore in 1900. Gerrit seems to have died at a young age. The fourth child was Adriaan Slotemaker, born in Bussum on 9 April 1903.

X-hm71. Henri Mari
Also born in Amsterdam was Henri Mari, on 17 September 1871, the second son of Gerrit and Sara Jacoba Susanna Carolina. He died there on 5 April 1873 unfortunately.

Children of Karel Wessel van Gorkom and Anna Francisca Keijzer (generation IX-k35)
Karel Wessel was son of Gerrit van Gorkom and Anna Margaretha van der Veen (VIII-g95) and grandson of David van Gorkom and Willemina Gerrits (VII-d66). Most information was provided by Han van Bemmel.

Jan Anne Jonkman X-a65. Anna Margaretha Francisca
On 5 August 1865 Anna Margaretha Francisca was born in Bandung, Indonesia. She married in Baarn on 20 October 1887 Hendrikus Franciskus Jonkman. She was 22 years old then and Hendrikus Franciskus already 41 years old. He was born in Leeuwarden on 30 March 1846 as son of Klaas Jans Jonkman and Johanna Catharina Toutenburg. Hendrikus Franciskus had a doctor's degree. Three children were born. On 29 September 1889 Annette Anna Francisca Jonkman was born in Amersfoort. She died in Baarn on 7 June 1898 and was buried there. Almost 50 years later her mother would be buried in the same grave. Jan Anne Jonkman was born in Utrecht on 13 September 1891. He had a successful political career and was Minister of Overseas Territories from 1946 till 1948. See On 19 September 1899 his sister Anna Carolina Jonkman was born in Utrecht. Mother Anna died on 28 November 1947 as a widow.

Right: Jan Anne Jonkman, source Below: grave of Anna Margaretha Francisca van Gorkom and her daughter Annette, sister of Jan Anne
click for enlargment

X-ej66. Evert Jan
Evert Jan was born in Bandung on 29 December 1866, but died on 7 November 1868 in the same town, nearly two years old.

X-m68. Marianne
Marianne was just two months old when she died. She was born in Bandung on 31 January 1868 and died on 8 April 1868.

X-e69. Evert Jan
Another Evert Jan was born on 14 August 1869. He died at young age as well, only one and a half years old on 14 January 1871.

X-k74. Karel Wessel
Karel Wessel was born in Bandung on 30 January 1874. He married in Breda Elisabeth Mercier on 1 June 1911. She was born in Güsten, Germany, on 9 November 1876, as daugther of Alexander Mercier and Ammerantia Adriana van de Werk. We do not know whether there were any children. Karel Wessel was a notary in Zeist. He died in Zeist on 17 January 1958.

Children of Jan Cornelis van Gorkom and Jacoba Elisabeth Geerling (generation IX-j44)
Jan Cornelis was son of Gerrit van Gorkom and Anna Margaretha van der Veen (VIII-g95) and grandson of David van Gorkom and Willemina Gerrits (VII-d66). Most information was provided by Han van Bemmel.

X-j75. Johann Jacobus
Johann Jacobus was born in Welsum (halfway Zutphen and Zwolle) on 31 January 1875. He had a Master's degree in law. He married on 4 November 1909 Henriette Wilhelmina van Hasselt, who was born in Delft on 8 December 1875 as daughter of Hendrik Willem van Hasselt and Elise Anne Marie Cornelie Booms. The couple had four children, all born in Doetinchem, and mentioned on the page about generation XI. Henriette Wilhelmina died in Doetinchem on 29 November 1946. Johann Jacobus died in Bilthoven on 2 April 1959.

X-w76. Wilhelm Johan
Wilhelm Johan was born in Culemborg on 26 May 1876 and died there on 4 May 1877, 11 months old.

X-c78. Cornelia Wilhelmina
Cornelia Wilhelmina was born in Culemborg on 10 February 1878. She died in Beekbergen on 14 November 1945.

X-g79. Gerrit
Gerrit was born in Haasdrecht (near Gouda, province of Zuid-Holland) on 5 March 1879 and died in Harlingen (Friesland) on 6 January 1884.

X-h80. Hendrik Jan
Hendrik Jan was born in Haasdrecht on 12 April 1880. He married Gerrie Bannister in Winlock, Washington, US. There is only one born child we know of. On 21 January 1919 a boy called John Eugene was born in Winlock. Hendrik Jan died in the US on 30 April 1957.

X-h81. Henriette Carolina
Henriette Carolina was born in Harlingen on 27 December 1881 and died in the same town on 14 November 1882.

Berend Willem van Gorkom X-b84. Berend Willem
Berend Willem was born in Harlingen on 30 June 1884. He married in Lochem Cornelia Susanna Dorothea Binkhorst on 7 April 1909. She was born in Amsterdam about 1883 as daughter of Louis Willem Binkhorst and Dorothea Hermsen. Berend Willem was a civil servant in the Dutch East Indies (nowadays Indonesia). He was killed on 22 January 1915 by a native chief.

Photograph of Berend Willem in magazine De Prins of 13 February 1915. The accompanying announcement said: "Mister B.W. van Gorkom, inspector at Kerintji (Sumatra), was shot in a treacherous way by a native chief; the diligent promising civil servant reached the age of only 30 years."

X-j87. Johann
Johan was born in Harlingen on 4 January 1887. He married Geertruida Petronella van den Oord in Rheden on 18 January 1912, a village 15 kilometres south west of Zutphen. She was born in Heiloo (near Alkmaar) about 1888 and was daughter of Cornelis van den(/r) Oord and Trijntje Butter. Out of this marriage a daughter was born in Zutphen on 29 December 1919. She was called Conny, but died in 1922 unfortunately. Johann and Geertruida divorced officially on 8 May 1924. Johann married again on 26 July 1928 Johanna Berendina Maria Wiggerink, born on 8 December 1904. Two daughters were born. The first one was Kitty, born in Gorssel on 30 April 1929, and Marijke, born in Zutphen on 3 January 1937. They belong to generation XI. Kitty married on 5 July 1949 Jan Hendrik van Bemmel. Three children were born. One of them is Johann van Bemmel (Han), clearly named after his grandfather. Han provided most information about this branch of the Van Gorkom family tree. A sister and brother of Han were named Marieke Henriette van Bemmel and Jan van Bemmel. These descendants belong to generation XII.

X-j88. Jacoba Elisabeth
Jacoba Elisabeth was born in Doetinchem on 27 September 1888 and died one day afterwards.

X-j90. Johan Henri
Johan Henri was born in Doetinchem on 2 January 1890.

Children of David van Gorkom and Aartje Diesveld (generation IX-d43)
David was son of Hendrikus van Gorkom and Teuntje Rietveld (VIII-h15) and grandson of David van Gorkom and Hendrika Faas (VII-d58). All information in this section comes from, the official website of the Dutch archives. If you happen to have additional information, we would really appreciate to hear from you. Please mail us at info @ Reacties in het Nederlands zijn natuurlijk ook van harte welkom!

X-w65. Willem Hendrik
Willem Hendrik was 30 when he married Derkje Linterman in Arnhem on 8 May 1895. She was from Rheden, one year older than Willem and daughter of Derk Linterman and Derkje Jansen. Willem Hendrik was a gas fitter, just like his father and grandfather. His wife was a maid, when she married him. Her father was a coppersmith. They had at least one child, a son called David, just like his uncle, his grandfather and the grandfather of his grandfather. This David of generation XI was 24 when he married Antonia Pieternella van der Sloot in Arnhem on 4 May 1921. She was 24 too and born in Nijmegen as daughter of Bartele Elias van der Sloot and Pieternella Widmer. The profession of the groom was meter-ijker, meaning "meter calibrator". His father Willem was an engine driver at the time. A child of David and Antonia Pieternella died on 29 December 1923 at the age of one. It was called Willem Hendrik (generation XII). Derkje Linterman died in Arnhem on 13 July 1935. Her husband Willem Hendrik died in Arnhem on 31 January 1940.

X-d66. David
David was 25 when he married Maria Clasina Sprenkel in Arnhem on 27 May 1891. She was the 19 years old daughter of Hendrik Sprenkel and Hendrina Kolenbrander. At the time of the wedding David was a blacksmith and his father was still a gas fitter then. The bride's father was a workman. David died on 3 November 1918 at the age of 52. David and Maria had at least five children. As there is a considerable amount of information about one of these children, they are mentioned separately on the page about generation XI.

X-h71. Hendricus
Hendricus died in Arnhem on 29 June 1877 at the age of 6. He was named after his grandfather.

X-j73. Jacobus
Jacobus died in Arnhem on 23 March 1880 at the age of 7.

X-a76. Aartje
Aartje was 24 when she married Johannes Hendricus van Tuil on 16 May 1900. Johannes Hendricus was the 24 years old son of Johannes Hendricus van Tuil and Anna Alida Hoendervanger. The groom was a gas fitter and his father a bricklayer. The father of the bride was a gas fitter as well. Aartje and Johannes had at least one child, called Aartje van Tuil. She died in Arnhem on 23 February 1940 at the age of 37, as the wife of Johan Wilhelm van Anholt.

X-j84. Jacobus
A second Jacobus in this family married Catharina Christina Willemina Baerends on 29 May 1907. He was 23 and she was 22. Catharina was daughter of Lamert Baerends and Johanna Willemina Christina Smeenk. The groom was an engine driver. The father of the bride was a farmer.

Children of David van Gorkom and Antonia Broekman (generation IX-d16)
David was son of Jan van Gorkom and Catharina Dame (VIII-j88) and grandson of David van Gorkom and Johanna Vermeer (VII-d56).

X-j36. Jan
Jan was born in Utrecht about 1836. On 13 August 1856 he married in Utrecht Alida Putkammer, born about 1835, daughter of Pieter Putkammer and Johanna Maria Hardenbol. This branch moved to Harmelen, a village some five kilometres west of Utrecht. They had nine children, who are mentioned on the page about generation XI.

X-j37. Jacoba Anthonia
Jacoba Anthonia was born on 30 September 1837. She married in Utrecht on 19 November 1862 Johannes Herman Bertke, who was a cigarmaker from Amsterdam. Jacoba Anthonia died in Amsterdam on 6 September 1886 in the same year as her mother did. Her husband Johannes Herman was born in Amsterdam on 28 May 1835 and died on 14 December 1900.

X-c43. Catharina
Catharina was born in 1843. She married on 27 July 1864 Wilhelm Scheuermann, who was from Hommershausen (Hessen, Germany).

X-j44. Johanna Wilhelmina
Johanna Wilhelmina was born in 1844. She married on 22 September 1869 Pieter Hendrik Hörmann.

Children of Jan van Gorkom and Johanna Catharina Veldhuis (generation IX-jj25)
Jan was son of Jan van Gorkom and Catharina Dame (VIII-j88) and grandson of David van Gorkom and Johanna Vermeer (VII-d56).

X-j54. Jan
According to the Honcoop genealogy, Jan was born in Utrecht on 30 July 1854. He came to live in Rotterdam. His first marriage was to Johanna Boudewina Visser. On 7 April 1880 they married in Kralingen, near Rotterdam. She was daughter of Gijsbert Visser and Barbara de Jager and born on 21 May 1854 in Kralingen. Johanna Boudewina died in Rotterdam on 26 September 1913, 59 years old. Jan married again. His second wife was Ingetje Buxxtorf, born about 1854, daughter of Samuel Buxtorff and Maria Lagerwaard. Jan and Johanna Boudewina had at least six children, who are mentioned on the page about generation XI.

Children of Jan Willem van Gorkum and Francina Borra (generation IX-j21)
Jan Willem was a son of Willem van Gorkum and Catharina Elsing (VIII) and grandson of Jan van Gorkom and Anna van der Sloot (VII-j61).

X-j50. Jan Willem
Jan Willem was born about 1850, but died when 2 years old, in Utrecht on 1 April 1852.

X-j52. Jan Willem
Another Jan Willem was born, but he died too, when 3 years old, in Utrecht on 6 November 1855.

X-f56. Francina Catharina
Francina was born in Utrecht in 1856. She married in Utrecht Peter Koetsier on 6 November 1878. Peter was born in De Bilt, near Utrecht, about 1855 and son of Peter Koetsier and Jacoba Bokkesteijn.

X-c59. Catharina Christina
Catharina died when she was 1 year old on 24 May 1860, so born in 1859.

X-c62. Catharina Geertruida
A second Catharina was born in Utrecht on 19 August 1862. She married Hendrik Pieter Jacobus Borra in Utrecht on 30 July 1884, son of Hendrik Borra and Hendrina van Doorn. Catharina and Hendrik are cousins as Hendrik Borra Sr is a brother of Francina Borra. At least two children were born. About 1887 was born Hendrina Borra. On 28 October 1908 she married Arnoldus Cornelis den Iseger. About 1892 Johanna Pieternella Jacoba Borra was born. She married on 15 March 1911 Thomas Dickhoff. Both children married in Utrecht.

Children of Jan Willem van Gorkum and Anna Maria Isabella van Dijk (generation IX-j21)
Jan Willem was a son of Willem van Gorkum and Catharina Elsing (VIII) and grandson of Jan van Gorkom and Anna van der Sloot (VII-j61).

X-aa65. Anthonie W.
Antonie W. van Dijk was born in Utrecht on 10 October 1865. When his parents married on 23 May 1866 he was recognized and was called 'van Gorkum' from then on.

X-j71. Johanna Wilhelmina
Johanna Wilhelmina was born in Utrecht on 2 November 1871. She married in Utrecht on 5 April 1893 Martinus Danklof, born in Bunnik near Utrecht on 15 October 1871, son of Pieter Danklof and Wilhelmina Hendrika Fleskes. Laurentius, born in Utrecht on 20 March 1891, and Wilhelmina Hendrika, born in Utrecht on 6 March 1893, were recognized by Martinus then.

Conclusion: also this branch of the family shows that it may happen that no male descendants are left to pass on the name 'van Gorkom' or 'van Gorkum'.

Children of Arie van Gorcom and Margaretha van Eck (generation IX-a30)
Arie was son of Ary van Gorkum and Catrina (aka Cornelia) Gladbeek (VIII-a88) and grandson of Ary van Gorkom and Neeltje Keijzer (VII-a64).

X-c54. Cornelis van Gorcom
Cornelis was born in Utrecht about 1854. He married Christina Johanna Elselina Kool, daughter of Johannes Kool and Jacoba Johanna van Beusichem. The wedding took place in Utrecht on 12 September 1877. Christina Johanna Elselina was born in Utrecht on 1 August 1849. Cornelis recognized his son Arie when marrying. He was born 9 months earlier. The children of this couple are mentioned on the page about generation XI.

X-aa59. Arie van Gorcom
Arie was born in Utrecht on 13 May 1859. He married in Utrecht on 31 May 1882 Johanna Christina Wilhelmina Nierkens. She was daughter of Rudolphus Nierkens and Anna Kroes, 25 years old when she married and born in Utrecht on 22 August 1856. Arie was a cigar maker at the time he married. Three children were born, who are mentioned on the page about generation XI. Johanna Christina Wilhelmina however died in Utrecht on 3 June 1897. Arie married again in Utrecht on 9 February 1898. His second wife was named Jansje Smit. She was born in Ambt Hardenberg in the Province of Overijssel on 28 November 1864 and was daughter of Gerrit Smit and Jantje Sloothaak.

Children of Albertus Cornelis van Gorkum and Alida Sophia Jagers (generation IX-a35)
Albertus Cornelis was son of Ary van Gorkum and Catrina (aka Cornelia) Gladbeek (VIII-a88) and grandson of Ary van Gorkom and Neeltje Keijzer (VII-a64).

X-a59. Albertus Cornelis
Albertus was born in Utrecht on 25 August 1859. He married in Utrecht on 5 January 1881 Johanna Jacoba van Kooij, born in Utrecht on 8 November 1859 and daughter of Rijk van Kooij (deceased 21 October 1859) and Geertruida Martens. Their five children are mentioned on the page about generation XI.

X-a61. Alida Sophia
Alida was born in Utrecht on 17 January 1861. She married Hendrik Hermanus Adrian Hauer in Utrecht on 7 November 1883. He was some two and a half years older then Alida Sophia and born in Utrecht on 18 July 1858. He was son of Abraham Johannes Hauer and Philippina Maria Carolina Welsch.

X-j67. Johannes
Johannes was born in Utrecht on 29 January 1867. He married in Utrecht on 25 May 1892 Alijda Kranenburg, born in Utrecht on 21 February 1871 and daughter of Evert Kranenburg and Alida de Wit. Two boys and two girls were born, all mentioned on the page about generation XI.

X-a71. Arie
Arie was born in Utrecht on 17 August 1871. He married three years older Elisabeth Linschoten, born in Utrecht on 15 March 1868 and daughter of Cornelis Linschoten and Arnolda van Soest (deceased in Utrecht on 12 September 1893). Arie was a shoemaker for his profession. It seems Elisabeth has no relation to the other Linschotens in section IX-d16 and section XI-a65.

Children of Pieter van Gorkom and Francina Aletta de Ruijter (generation IX-p22)
Pieter was son of David van Gorkom and Elisabeth Noest (VIII-d93) and grandson of Ary van Gorkom and Neeltje Keijzer (VII-a64).

X-p53. Petronella Francina
Petronella was born in Utrecht on 17 June 1853. She married in Utrecht on 10 September 1879 Martinus Hendricus Goris, born in Utrecht about 1845 and son of Martinus Hendrikus Goris (aka Marinus) and Johanna Cecilis Maas.

X-c54. Christina Cornelia
Christina was born in Utrecht on 30 September 1854. Both Christina and her sister Petronella Francina were recognized when Pieter and Francina Aletta married. Christina died on 29 March 1856, 1 year old.

X-j57. Jacob Alexander
Jacob Alexander was born in Utrecht on 7 March 1857. He married Elizabeth van Hallum in Utrecht on 5 May 1880. She was born in Oudenrijn, near Utrecht, about 1855 and daughter of Pieter Janse van Hallum (deceased in Vleuten on 11 March 1877) and Elizabeth Kemp.

Children of Arie van Gorkom and Anna Catharina van der Woude (generation IX-aa28)
Arie was son of David van Gorkom and Elisabeth Noest (VIII-d93) and grandson of Ary van Gorkom and Neeltje Keijzer (VII-a64).

X-a56. Anna Hendrika
Anna was born in Leeuwarden on 9 November 1856. Her parents were not married yet, so she received her mother's last name Van der Woude at her birth and was recognized at the marriage. She married Gerrit Mulder in Utrecht on 17 October 1879. He was born in Utrecht on 2 July 1854, so 25 years old when he married, and son of Thomas Mulder and Johanna Maria Kleijn. Three children are known. In 1882 Johanna Catharina Cornelia Mulder was born. Son Willem Alexander Paul Frederik Mulder was born in 1886 and Cornelia Mulder was born in 1896. Daughter Cornelia married Arie van Gorkum (generation XI), a remote relative.

X-e58. Elisabeth
Elisabeth was born in Leeuwarden on 17 December 1858, but died in Leeuwarden on 26 December 1858. She only lived eight days.

X-h60. Hendrik
Hendrik was born in Leeuwarden on 17 February 1860. His family name was written as 'van Gorkum'. Between 1860 and 1862 the family of father Arie and mother Anna Catharina moved to Utrecht, the home town of Arie. Son Hendrik died there on 3 April 1867, 7 years old.

X-d62. David
David was born in Utrecht on 9 July 1862. He was the first child of this family who was born here.

X-ar65. Arie
Arie was born on 8 January 1865. He moved from Utrecht to The Hague on 26 September 1882 at the age of 17. Arie became a shoemaker and married in The Hague on 31 October 1888 Helena Schuurman, born in Zoeterwoude on 18 April 1864. She was daughter of Arie Michiel Schuurman and Maria de Groot. Some 7 children were born in The Hague, which are described on the page about generation XI. Helena died in The Hague on 14 April 1931. She was 66 years old then. Arie died in Zeist on 5 September 1944, according to his death record 79 years old. Zeist lies approximately 7 kilometres east of Utrecht.

X-a67. Anna Catharina
Anna was born in Utrecht on 4 April 1867, the day after her brother Hendrik had died. Anna herself died 18 days later on 22 April.

X-h69. Hendrik Jacobus
A second Hendrik was born on 6 June 1869. He died with 19 months on 15 January 1871.

X-g71. Gerardus Pieter
Gerardus only lived for one day. Born on 7 June 1871, he died on 8 June.

X-h73. Hein
Hein was born in Utrecht on 4 March 1873. After his mother had died in 1884 he and his younger sister Anna Catharina were taken to Arnhem to be raised there. Hein married in Arnhem on 11 August 1897 Geertruida Evertje Dina Renting. She was born in Arnhem on 15 February 1876 and was daughter of Ruth Renting, farmer, and Evertje van de Wal. Hein was a carpenter for his profession. The family followed Hein's brother Arie and moved to The Hague in November 1903. Three children were born in Arnhem and three in The Hague. In The Hague two sons and a daughter married. See the page about generation XI for these children. Hein was 84 years old when he died in Delft on 5 March 1957. His home address was still in The Hague then.

X-aa76. Anna Catharina
Anna was born in Utrecht on 12 May 1876. Except the fact that she moved to Arnhem on 5 August 1884 nothing more is known until now. Witness of the report to the birth register was Jacobus Albert van Gorkom, old 41 years, laborer. He is new to us.

Children of Hendrikus van Gorkum and Johanna Cubes (generation IX-h27)
Hendrikus was son of Leendert van Gorkom and Catharina Markus (VIII-l99) and grandson of Ary van Gorkom and Neeltje Keijzer (VII-a64).

X-l45. Leendert
Leendert was born on 11 August 1845 and officially recognized. He married in Utrecht on 12 July 1865 Wilhelmina Hendrika van Benthum, born about 1841, daughter of Willem Hendrik van Benthum and Johanna Veronica Wildschut. Wilhelmina Hendrika was 44 years old when she died in Utrecht on 9 March 1886. Leendert married in Utrecht on 13 October 1886 for a second time, this time Barendina Beumke, born in Utrecht, 39 years old and daughter of Barendina Beumke. So she was born about 1847. Again we notice many deceased children, in this case from the marriage of Leendert with Wilhelmina Hendrika. Only two of his children married. See generation XI. Leendert died in Utrecht on 16 February 1893.

Children of Johannes van Gorkom and Anna Maria Dirkse (generation IX-j98)
Johannes was son of Jan van Gorkom and Maria van der Linden (VIII-j72) and grandson of Johannes van Gorkom and Antonetta Schreur (VII-j50).

X-j23. Johannes
Johannes was born in Utrecht on 8 May 1823. It means that he was already 3 and a half years old when his parents married on 15 November 1826. There is little doubt, however, that Johannes was the natural father of this child. He personally notified the authorities of the birth and declared being the father. Son Johannes married Alida Bakker (Aaltje) in Utrecht on 25 December 1850. Apparently it was possible to marry on Christmas Day. Alida was born in Utrecht on 25 June 1826 as daughter of Dirk Bakker, carpenter, and Maria Walman. Al least eight children were born, who are mentioned on the page about generation XI. Johannes was a button maker. He did not have to serve in the army, because he was too short. He died in Utrecht, 69 years old, on 29 September 1892. Alida was 79 years old when she died on 8 November 1905, also in Utrecht.

X-f27. Fredrik
On 23 April 1827 a boy called Fredrik was born. He died on 27 August 1827, 5 months old.

X-j28. Johannes Casper
Johannes Casper, probably named after his uncle, was born in Utrecht on 14 June 1828. He was married twice. The first time in Utrecht on 9 July 1851 to Jansje de Ridder, daughter of Jacobus de Ridder and Wilhelmina Elisabeth Hooberg. Jansje was born in Utrecht on 30 March 1829. Two children were born. Jansje died on 10 July 1861, only 32 years old. The second wife of Johannes Casper was Frederika Bieleveld, born in Zwolle on 26 February 1837 and daughter of Hendrikus Jacobus Bieleveld and Francina Pocka. They married in Utrecht on 20 November 1861, and had one child. This child was named Frederika, so after her mother, and was born on 3 April 1863. It died after three months on on 17 July. All three children of Johannes Casper are mentioned on the page about generation XI.

Johannes Casper was not drafted into military service for the reason of being too short. Like his older brother and his father, Johannes Casper was a button maker, but he was also a housepainter (in 1852). Apparently the family moved to Arnhem somewhere between 1863 and 1880. Johannes Casper died in Arnhem on 26 February 1884 at the age of 56, and Frederika married for a second time, in Arnhem on 30 April 1890 Sijmen Nicolaas Koot, widower of Johanna Frederika Wittenkamp. He was born in Nieuwer Amstel on 10 February 1829 and son of Sijmen Koot and Claasje de Jong. Sijmen Jr. was the hand of a fish salesman and labourer during his life.

X-f31. Fredrik
A second boy named Fredrik was born in Utrecht on 29 October 1831. He was clearly named after his grandfather Fredrik Dirkse. Fredrik married in Utrecht on 16 April 1856 Geertruida Hendrica van den Bol, born in Utrecht on 11 July 1832. She was daughter of Jan Willem van den Bol and Hendrica van den Heuvel. When Fredrik and Geertruida Hendrica married, they recognized their daughter, who was born four months before. In total, 13 children were born in almost 20 years. In the end four survived and married. All of them are listed on the page about generation XI. Fredrik was a basket maker for his profession. Like his two brothers he was too short for the army.

The last child of Fredrik and Geertruida Hendrica was not born alive. Apparently a fatal complication occurred, as mother Geertruida Hendrika died in Utrecht three days after the delivery, on 31 August 1875, 43 years old. The eldest child was nineteen years old, but three young children, aged three, two and one, stayed behind without a mother. On 14 March 1877 Fredrik married in Utrecht 52 years old Johanna van der Tier. She was born in Utrecht on 22 September 1825, widow of Christiaan van Rossum and daughter of Jan van der Tier and Aaltje Pastoor. Fredrik died in Utrecht on 25 May 1897, 65 years old. Johanna passed away two months later on 25 July 1897 at the age of 73.

X-m34. Maria
Maria was born in Utrecht on 12 July 1834. She married Willem Fredrik Linschoten, son of Willem Fredrik Linschoten and Sara Hendrika de Haas, in Utrecht on 27 May 1863. Both his parents had already deceased then. Willem Fredrik was born in Utrecht on 1 April 1839. Five children were born. The youngest one, Willem Fredrik Linschoten, married his second cousin Wilhelmina Gijsberta Goenee, daughter of Pieter Goenee and Johanna Grimmelikhuijzen. Pieter Goene(e) was son of Arie Goene and Antonetta Maria Willemina van Gorkom (generation IX-a01). Willem Fredrik died in Utrecht on 17 March 1889, 49 years old. For his profession he had been a painter. Maria died in Utrecht on 14 May 1905, 70 years old.

X-a37. Anthonia
Anthonia was born on 10 March 1837. She died in Utrecht on 13 March, only three days old.

X-a38. Antonetta Christina Wilhelmina
Antonetta was born on 20 April 1838. She was 11 years old when she died in Utrecht on 28 August 1849.

X-a42. Anthonia
A second Anthonia van Gorkom was born in Utrecht on 12 July 1842, therefore sharing her birthday with her sister Maria. She married Evert van Zomeren, son of Hendrikus van Zomeren and Gerritje van Harten, in Utrecht on 14 June 1871. Evert was born in Barneveld on 6 May 1847. Before his marriage he had lived in the town of Leiden. The couple had about nine children. Evert died on 28 August 1915, 68 years old, while Anthonia died on 24 December 1928, 86 years old, both in Utrecht. For his profession Evert had been a plasterer.

X-nn45. N.N.
On 15 February 1845 Anna Maria gave birth to a stillborn child.

X-n46. N.N.
Another lifeless child was born on 27 June 1846. At the moment she was 43. It was 23 years after the birth of Johannes, her first child.

Children of Isaak van Gorkom and Johanna Willemina Pouw (generation IX-i24)
Isaak was son of Cecilia van Gorkom (VIII-c89) and grandson of Isaak van Gorkom and Geertrui de Klerk (VII-i60).

X-j51. Jelis Isaak
Jelis Isaak van Gorkum, born on 2 March 1851, married Grietje Agterberg in Nigtevegt on 29 December 1876. She was born in Diemen on 14 November 1853 as daughter of Arie Achterberg and Elisabeth Pieters. Although the surname of Grietje was written as Agterberg in the marriage record, she was born as Achterberg with 'ch', which was her official surname. As far as we know, two children were born who both married. They are mentioned on the page about generation XI.

Jelis Izaak was a labourer for his profession and worked for the railroad company. He died at the young age of 40 in Loenen on 30 November 1891. His widow Grietje married her second husband Dirk van Renen in Loenersloot on 24 October 1902, who was 53 years old and born in Driebergen on 29 April 1849 as son of Everd van Renen and Naatje Apeldoorn. He was the widower of Sophia van Ree. Dirk was 77 years old when he died in Loenen on 30 October 1926. Grietje was still alive then.

X-j53. Johannes Jacobus
Johannes Jacobus van Gorkom was born on 25 February 1853 and died in Utrecht on 19 April 1856, three years old.

X-c55. Cecilia Catharina
Cecilia Catharina was born on 4 March 1855 and died in Utrecht on 16 June 1856, one year old.

X-j58. Johannes
The last child, Johannes, born on 11 October 1858, died in Utrecht on 20 March 1860, one and a half year old.

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