Generation XI - Rutger Branch

T-Ford Generation XI lives at the early beginning of the twentieth century. A hundred years ago doesn't seem that much, until you realise how many significant changes took place since then. Generation XI gasped at the sight of the first cars for instance. Karl Benz is given the credit of inventing the car, having build a motorized threewheeler in 1886. It was Henry Ford of course who made cars affordable by introducing the famous T-Ford in 1908. At least in the US. The picture shows one. Maybe Evert Dirk drove one. Dirk was the middle son of Izak (generation X-i53) and running a shop in Driebergen. And a lot more happened in these early years of the twentieth century. In 1905 the brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright launched the Flyer III, the first practical airplane. Within a few years royalty was flying all over Europe, something that will have been loudly witnessed by many common people on the ground. Electricity was becoming a common convenience and Guglielmo Marconi invented the radio which became available for the public in the twenties. Most important political event was World War I of course. Fortunately for Dutch people Holland was neutral and managed to stay outside this war from 1914 till 1918. Being neutral for diseases was not possible though. In 1917 and 1918 the Netherlands were struck by the Spanish flue, just like the rest of the world. The disease caused some 20 million people to die worldwide.


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Simplified Van Gorkom Family Tree
Simplified family tree of the Rutger branch. The scheme is based on the parents of generation XI. In other words, we only took the members of generation X who had children, and from them we worked our way back to Rutger of generation I who once came from Gorinchem to Utrecht. It means that all ancestors are left out who did not have a descendant belonging to generation XI. For example, Abraham Thomasse van Gorkom and Anneke Heijndricx (generation III) had ten children, but only the eldest and youngest are shown as they are the only ones with descendants belonging to generation XI.
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Children of Pietjerre Maria van Gorkom and Anna Maria Langezaal (generation X-p50)
Pietjerre was son of Johan Elias van Gorkom and Marretje Lummen (IX-jj23) and grandson of Isaak van Gorkom and Gosina Krul (VIII-i87).

All seventeen children of Pietjerre Maria van Gorkom and Anna Maria Langezaal were born in Utrecht.
XI-m74. Matje
Matje was born on 19 March 1874. She was only 26 when she died in Utrecht on 23 November 1900.

XI-g75. Gerardus Petrus
Gerardus Petrus was born on 6 October 1875. He died as a little baby on 13 December, 2 months old.

XI-p76. Pietjerre Gerardus
Pietjerre Gerardus was born in 1876. He died on 26 March 1877.

XI-j78. Jan Elias
Jan Elias was born on 10 May 1878. He married in Utrecht Jacoba Barendina van Leeuwen on 13 June 1900. Jan Elias' profession was (house) painter. In 1902 the family lived at the address Hopakker 99. There were two daughters. Jacoba Barendina was born on 19 May 1900, just a few weeks before her parents married and therefore legalized at the day of the wedding. She married Bernardus Johannes Wilhelmus Scholtens in Utrecht on 1 May 1924. He was born in Eindhoven about 1895 and was the son of Bernardus Johannes Scholtens and Marie Hidding. After the wedding Jacoba Barendina moved to Eindhoven. The second daughter was Aletta Maria, who was born in Utrecht on 3 September 1902. She married in Utrecht on 8 September 1927 Adalbert van de Waal. He was 24 years old then and born in Utrecht as son of Cornelis Dirk van de Waal and Heintje Johanna Antonia Schmidt.

XI-g80. Gerrit
Gerrit was born on 3 July 1880. He was a painter for his profession and married Ida Maarschalkerweerd. She was born in Utrecht on 5 March 1883 and daughter of Wilhelmus Jacobus Maarschalkerweerd and Jacomina Weijenberg. The wedding took place in Utrecht on 19 January 1910. A son, called Pietjerre Marie Wilhelmus, was born in about 1910. He married in Utrecht on 2 November 1932 Sophia van Esschoten, daughter of Johannes van Esschoten and Teuntje Pels. Sophia was 22 years old then.

XI-w83. Willemintje
Willemintje was born on 19 March 1883. She died two and a half years later on 14 October 1885.

XI-g85. Gosina Geertruida
Gosina Geertruida was born on 25 April 1885. She married Frederik Karel Gramberg in Amsterdam on 20 February 1907. He was a boekdrukkersgesel (book printer's apprentice). He was born in Amsterdam in about 1887 and was son of Fredrik Karel Gramberg and Metta Margina Moolevliet.

XI-a87. Alida
Alida was born on 10 July 1887 and married in Utrecht on 19 February 1913 Franciscus Hendricus Gerardus Jasperse, 23 years old and son of Franciscus Hendricus Jasperse and Rozalia Elisabeth Sebastiana Hegger. He was born in Amsterdam.

XI-g89. Geertruida
Geertruida was born on 5 March 1889. The family lived at the address Notenboomenlaan 22 then. She moved from Utrecht to the address Quarter D number 105 in Alphen aan den Rijn on 21 June 1910. Her profession was dienstbode (servant). On 3 January 1911 she moved to Amsterdam. She married in Amsterdam on 6 August 1913 Jacob Carel Iliohan. For his profession he was bootwerker (docker). He was born in Amsterdam, about the same age as Geertruida and son of Anthonie Iliohan and Johanna van de Velde.

XI-jj91. Jansje
Jansje was born on 13 March 1891 and died on 29 February 1892, not even one year old.

XI-j93. Jansje
A second Jansje was born on 6 January 1893. She too died young, at the age of 1, on 18 March 1894.

XI-a94. Aletta Maria
Aletta Maria was born on 12 November 1894 at the address Oudwijkerdwarsstraat 105. Just as her sister Geertruida she moved to Alphen aan de Rijn, coming from Utrecht. Her registered arrival date was 12 November 1894 and she lived at her sister's address Quarter D number 105. Also her profession was the same, dienstbode (servant). She moved back to Utrecht on 1 November 1910. She married in Amsterdam on 19 March 1913 Franciscus Gerardus Möhlmann—exactly one month after her sister Alida had married—but divorced officially in Amsterdam on 25 February 1929. She married again on 19 February 1930 eight years younger Marinus Pieter Stroosnijder, born in Amsterdam and son of Pieter Johannes Stroosnijder and Fidelia van Gaveren.

XI-aa96. Anton
Anton was born on 5 August 1896. He married in Utrecht on 12 September 1928 Clasina Pieternella Henriette Weerensteijn, born in Utrecht in about 1903, daughter of Johannes Weerensteijn and Clasina Visch. Website visitor Sonja, married to a descendant of Anton has been so kind to add some information about the children of Anton and Clasine: Hennie was born on 27 June 1938 and married to Woudina Helena Gerardina de Jongh, born on 20 April 1943. Hennie died on 1 March 1979. Siblings of Hennie are Gerard, Hetty, Letta, Wil and Antoon (Anton). Hetty married Willem de Vries. Letta married Hans Hofman and Wil married Joop Rams. Sadly enough Anton, the youngest, died in Zuilen on 27 October 1945, only 16 years old. Zuilen is a quarter of Utrecht nowadays.

XI-n98. N.N.
On 23 April 1898 a lifeless child was born.

XI-nn99. Nicolaas
Nicolaas was born on 24 March 1899. He married in Utrecht on 7 August 1924 Catharina Wilhelmina Zoestbergen. She was born in about 1901 and daughter of Theodorus Johannes Wilhelmus Zoestbergen and Anna Adriana Flantua.

XI-j02. Jacoba
Jacoba was born in about 1902 and married in Utrecht on 10 January 1923 Hendrikus Jasperse, son of Franciscus Hendricus Jasperse and Rozalia Elisabeth Sebastiana Hegger. Jacoba's older sister Alida was married to his brother. Hendrikus was born in Amsterdam in about 1894. Their daughter Ida died in Utrecht at the age of 15 on 13 March 1943. She lived in Zuilen, a quarter of Utrecht nowadays.

XI-j04. Johannes
Johannes was born on 21 February 1904. He married in Deventer on 28 May 1930 Sophia Petronella Odijk. She was born in Maarssen in about 1909 as daughter of Christiaan Johannes Odijk and Jannetje Jacomijntje Koning. Johannes made a living as machinetekenaar (engineering draughtsman). On 24 November 1930 a lifeless child was born in Deventer. A son Christiaan Johannes was born in Amsterdam on 6 March 1932. Another son, called Johannes, was born in Amsterdam too on 29 January 1936.

Children of Jacob Herman van Gorkom and N.N. (generation X-jh58)
Jacob Herman van Gorkom was son of Johan Elias and Marretje Lummen (IX-jj23) and grandson of Isaak van Gorkom and Gosina Krul (VIII-i87).

Johan Elias Theodor Jacob van Gorkom It is very likely that the four children mentioned below are children of Jacob Herman van Gorkom. However, this has not been definitely proven yet by birth certificates or other official documents.
XI-je87. Johan Elias Theodor Jacob
Johan Elias Theodor Jacob was born on Java on 4 August 1887. He married Emma Brugman in 1909. Johan was head administrator at the sugar company Balapoelang in Tegal. He died in Kediri on Java on 5 February 1921. It is known that he had two daughters who died of cholera at young age. A son called Herman Willem Johan Albert was born in Slawi, on Java, on 27 February 1914 and died in 1997. During World War II he was interned by the Japanese and forced to work at the notorious railroad track from Thailand to Birma. After the war he married in Bangkok on 8 August 1946 Boentjoeweeh Mengaow. They had six children amongst whom a daughter Wanna, partner of René van der Peijl.

To the right: photo of Johan Elias Theodor Jacob van Gorkom (courtesy Wanna van Gorkom)

XI-a89. Anton Karel Louis Pierre
Anton Karel Louis Pierre was born in Ambarawa on Java, Indonesia (former Dutch East Indies), on 6 January 1889. He married in Surabaya on 11 June 1919 a native woman.

XI-gg93. Gosiena Geertruida Henriette
Going by her christian names and also her place of birth, Gosiena Geertruida Henriette has to be a child of Herman Jacob too. She was born in Batavia on 22 September 1893. She married Alexander Johannes Jacobus Kampmeijer, born in Amsterdam on 29 July 1879. On 7 February 1922 a daughter was born in Makassar, called Maria Martha Clara Kampmeijer. Wilhelmina Hendrika Kampmeijer was born in Amsterdam on 21 August 1923. Third child Alexander Johannes Jacobus Kampmeijer was born in the Dutch East Indies again, in Batavia, on 30 June 1925. Somewhere between 1925 and 1939 the family lived in The Hague.

XI-t96. Theodore Jenni Adèle
Theodore Jenni Adèle was probably a daughter of Jacob Herman too. She was born in Batavia on 13 November 1896.

Children of Jacob Herman van Gorkom and Aleida Elizabeth Spruijt (generation X-jh58)

Jacob Herman van Gorkom was son of Johan Elias and Marretje Lummen (IX-jj23) and grandson of Isaak van Gorkom and Gosina Krul (VIII-i87).

XI-j06. Jacob Herman
Jacob Herman was born on 22 June 1906 in Weltevreden, a suburb of Batavia (nowadays Jakarta). The family lived in Utrecht from 5 May 1911 until 25 November 1919, when his parents, he and his little brother and sister moved to the Dutch East Indies again.

XI-j07. Johanna Petronella Eleonora
Johanna Petronella Eleonora was born in Weltevreden on 4 August 1907.

XI-j09. Johan Peter Jacob
Johan Peter Jacob was born in Surabaya on 15 July 1909. So the family had moved to the east side of Java apparently.

XI-m10. Matje Gosiena Geertruida
Matje Gosiena Geertruida died in Surabaya on 19 June 1910. Going by her names, it is likely that she was a child of Jacob Herman as well.

XI-k18. Karel Louis
Karel Louis was born in Utrecht in about 1918. He died on 14 January 1919.

Children of Ludovicus Johannes Cornelis van Gorkom and Maria Theresia van Dijk (generation X-l81)
Ludovicus Johannes Cornelis was son of Johannes Anthonius van Gorkom and Johanna Elisabeth Smorenburg (IX-j38) and grandson of Petrus Franciscus van Gorkom and Josephine Garjeanne (VIII-p02).

XI-a13. Adriana Cornelia Maria
Adriana was born in 1913. She was a nurse for her profession and died in 1968, single.

XI-je14. Johanna Elisabeth
Johanna Elisabeth was born on 23 June 1914 and married to Dirk van Setten, born in 1917. Dirk, a jurist, was director of the Brabantsche Buurtspoorwegen en Autodiensten (BBA, Brabant Local Railways and Autobus Services) since 1949. He realised an enormous expansion of the company in his years. Johanna Elisabeth died in Breda on 15 December 2002, 88 years old, and was buried in Breda at the St Martinus Churchyard. Dirk died on 8 February 2012 at the age of 97 and was buried next to his wife.

Johanna Elisabeth van Gorkom and Dirk van Setten
The couple Johanna Elisabeth van Gorkom and Dirk van Setten. Detail of photograph taken at the re-opening of Concordia, the municipal theatre of Breda. Source: Breda Beeldcollectie.

XI-mj15. Maria Johanna Josepha
Maria Johanna Josepha was born in 1915 and died in 1919.

Johannes Antonius van Gorkom XI-j17. Johannes Antonius
Johannes Antonius, known as Jan, was born in Den Bosch on 6 June 1917. After obtaining his degree in law at the Catholic University of Nijmegen in 1942 he worked as a lawyer for some time. In 1948 he was the personal secretary of Minister Lubertus Götzen (1894-1979; Götzen also replaced for some time Minister of Overseas Territories Jan Anne Jonkman, expert on the Dutch East Indies. Here meet two Van Gorkom branches. The mother of Jan Anne Jonkman was Anna Margaretha Francisca van Gorkom (generation X-a65), a distant relative of Johannes Antonius. From 1951 until 1959 Jan was deputy director of the cabinet of the Governor of Surinam. Back in the Netherlands he started as a journalist for the newspaper Het Vrije Volk. In 1964 he started working for the department Kunstzaken (Arts Department) of the Municipality of Rotterdam, and was appointed head of the department in 1967. In 1976, Jan became director of the Museum voor Land- en Volkenkunde (Museum of Geography and Ethnology) in Rotterdam, nowadays known as Museum voor Volkenkunde. He died in Capelle aan den IJssel on 22 February 1996, 78 years old. He was married to Louisa Johanna Holtappel (Lousje), born in Soerabaja (Surabaya) in the former Dutch East Indies on 30 January 1924, who died in Rotterdam on 8 July 2001. There are four children who are mentioned on the page about generation XII.

Photo to the left: Jan van Gorkom, in front of the Rotterdam Museum of Geography and Ethnology in Rotterdam (Courtesy of his son Jan Koen)

XI-j20. Josepha Johanna Maria
Josepha Johanna Maria was born in 1920. She was married to George Joseph Paul Cammelbeeck, born on 17 August 1917 and son of Jean François Cammelbeeck and Anna Catharina de Roij. His original upbringing was Roman Catholic. George studied law at the Catholic University of Nijmegen and graduated in 1942, the same year as his brother-in-law Jan van Gorkom (mentioned above). George was solicitor in Eindhoven. He was well-known as the 'Red Lawyer from Eindhoven' and defended international war collaborators and members of the so-called PROVO movement (Dutch protest movement in the early 60s). He was member of the City Council of Eindhoven and also MP for the PvdA (Dutch Labour) and representative of the party's left wing. More about his career on (in Dutch). He died in Vreeland on 6 June 1997, 77 years old, as a widower. Josepha Johanna Maria had already died in 1991.

XI-l25. Lodewijk Hendrik Johannes Baptist
Lodewijk Hendrik Johannes Baptist was the youngest of the family. He was born in 's-Hertogenbosch on 5 October 1925. Lodewijk attended the Stedelijk Gymnasium of 's-Hertochenbosch, where his father was a teacher. He started his study of law at the Catholic University of Nijmegen and completed it at Utrecht University in 1950. Lodewijk married in Wassenaar on 16 July 1952 Jonkvrouwe (Lady) Nina Cornelia van der Goes van Naters, born in Nijmegen on 5 April 1928 as daughter of Jonkheer (Esquire) Marinus van der Goes van Naters and Anneke van der Plaats. Marinus, known as 'The Red Squire', chairman of the Dutch Labour fraction in parliament and negotiator during the decolonization of Indonesia, had been an acquaintance of the family, an inspiring person who was of great influence to Lodewijk. In November 2009 he published his memoires. To learn more about him, we recommend his book Door Europa en de wereld, Een trektocht in de Buitenlandse Dienst, Amsterdam: Boom, 2009 (ISBN 978 90 850 6760 3).

Lodewijk was a diplomat and during his career he held posts in many countries like the Philippines, US, Thailand and Japan and was Dutch ambassador in Indonesia and Austria. Self-evidently he met many political leaders, but moreover many world leaders as well. He retired in 1990. During his career his wife always accompanied him. Especially Thailand was of great spiritual influence to both of them. Here Nina, and also Lodewijk, learned much about Buddhism. Anyone who ever performed an internet search for the name Van Gorkom will have come across the name Nina van Gorkom many times as writer of several books on Buddhism.

Lodewijk died in The Hague on 26 September 2012.

Lodewijk van Gorkom
Photo from article about Lodewijk van Gorkom's book in the 13 November 2009 edition of Den Haag Centraal. You may download the article by clicking here (pdf-file).

Children of Izak van Gorkom and Ingetje Maria van der Hoek (generation X-i53)
Izak was son of Izak van Gorkom and Louisa Roä (IX-i18) and grandson of Isaak van Gorkom and Johanna Gerarda van Sandwijk (VIII-i91).

At the end of the nineteenth century the family of Izak and Ingetje lived outside the old city in a decent little house with a little garden at number 18 in a little court, called Frederikshofje (Frederik's little court), along the Gruttersdijk (Grocers dyke) and a canal called Ooststroom (East stream). It looked out on an impressive windmill and lots of meadows, as the Vogelenbuurt (Birds area) was only build after 1905. So they had much more sun and fresh clean air then they would have had within the city, which was still a filthy place to be a hundred years ago. As the mother came from Charlois near Rotterdam, so from a village, it will have been her idea to move to this spot. It wasn't that far anyway. In some ten minutes or so you can walk in a straight line from the former Frederikshofje to the Neude, which is a wellknown square in the middle of the centre, close to Dom Tower and Oude Gracht.

In 1898 though disaster came down on the family heavily. The little house at the Frederikshofje burned down completely in the night of 28 to 29 August. Many details about this fire are mentioned on the page about generation X-i53. Two children died: Arie who was six and his older brother Johannes who was 17. Suddenly there were only three boys instead of five: Louis, 19 years old, Evert Dirk who was 15 then and Izak, 12, being the youngest from now on.

Here follow the five sons of Izak van Gorkom and Ingetje Maria van den Hoek.

XI-l78. Louis
Louis was born in Utrecht on 1 November 1878 at seven in the morning. On the birth record the family address is Nicolaasweg I. 334. At the time the house must have been new as it is located in an area called Oudwijk, nowadays a rather posh place to live. Louis married Wilhelmina Tollenaar in Utrecht on 25 September 1901. She was born in Utrecht on 6 February 1878 as daughter of Johannes Tollenaar and Everarda Troost. Wilhelmina's father Johannes was son of Gerardus Tollenaar and Anna Wilhelmina van Hazendonk and therefore brother of Antonia Tollenaar (Anthoniae), the wife of Gerrit van Gorkom in the section about generation IX-g37. This must have been pure coincidence, as one has to go back to David van Gorkom and Willemijn Tibing (generation V-dh95, approx. 1700) to find the ancestors shared by Gerrit and Louis van Gorkom.

According to the marriage record Louis was a carpenter. Later on in life he became a telephone mechanic, which must have been a quite cool job in those days, something like working in ICT nowadays. As far as we know they had four children, who are mentioned on the page about generation XII. The birth records of the children and other records reveal a life of being continuously on the move. Louis and Wilhelmina had married in Utrecht in 1901. In 1903, 1906 and 1907 three children were born in 's-Hertogenbosch in the south of the country. In 1914 the youngest daughter was born in Terneuzen in the far south west of the Netherlands and in 1917 the eldest daughter died in Terneuzen. In 1922 the family was registered as residents in Weesp, near Amsterdam. They came from Harlingen, which is in the far north of the country. In 1925 the family moved to Alkmaar in the north west of the country. As the family moved to all corners of the country you may wonder whether it had something to do with Louis' profession.

The family lived in Weesp from 10 July 1922 till 31 March 1925 at the address Singel 27, in a brand new little house that overlooked the meadows south of Weesp. In Alkmaar the first address of the family was Anjelierstraat 11. On 4 May 1938 they moved from Varnebroek 27b to Rembrandtstraat 19. Somewhere during this period father Louis was promoted to chief mechanic at the State telegraph company (named PTT from 1928 on). The mentioning of Terneuzen is intriguing. Izak, the younger brother of Louis, met his future wife in Terneuzen.

XI-j80. Johannes
Johannes was born in Utrecht on 1 December 1880 at half past nine in the morning. The family lived at the address Nieuwe Gracht, at area number A.917. Nowadays this would be a very fancy place to live. Johannes died at one o'clock in the morning on 28 August 1898, 17 years old, in the fire that destroyed the home of the family. According to the newspaper report he was studying for schoolteacher.

XI-e83. Evert Dirk
Evert Dirk was born in Utrecht on 30 March 1883 at ten in the morning. He was probably named after his uncle Evert Dirk, a brother of his father. A witness when making the report of his birth to the register was his uncle Abraham (generation X-a55). At that moment the family was still living at the Nieuwe Gracht, at no. A.917. Evert Dirk married Bertje Elisabeth de Kruijff in Utrecht on 5 August 1908. She was born on 16 November 1885 as daughter of Johannes Hendrikus de Kruiff and Anthonia Pieternella Ockeloen. On 9 March 1909, seven months after their marriage, two months before the birth of their first child, they moved to Driebergen to go and live at the Secretarislaan no. 17. Somewhere about 1925 they moved again, this time to the address Traay 109a in Driebergen.

By that time Evert Dirk had started his own business as a home decorator. Before that he was a wall decorator, just like his uncle Abraham. The shop at the address Traay 105-107, called Fa. E.D. van Gorkom, still exists in the centre of Driebergen. Uncle Dirk, as he was known to his nephews and nieces, had four children: Arie Isaak, born on 12 May 1909, Bertje Elisabeth, born on 5 April 1912, Ingetje Maria, born on 3 June 1916 and Antonia Pieternella, born on 20 July 1921. The youngest one however died on 19 June 1927, not even six years old, which will have been quite a tragedy.

Photo taken in Driebergen in th early 1930's. Standing behind the chair is Evert Dirk van Gorkom, the diamond setter from Amsterdam (generation X-e62, born 1862). His wife Geertruida Hendrika Walther (1864) is sitting in the chair. Standing at the far right is younger Evert Dirk van Gorkom (1883) who gave his name to the shop in Driebergen. His wife Bertje is standing at the other side of his elder namesake. Judging the body language the young man at the far left must be Bertje's son Arie. If this photograph was taken in 1930, his age would be 21. The girl standing next to Evert Dirk at the right side could very well be one of the daughters, especially since her face is a perfect replica of her mother's. The old Evert Dirk from Amsterdam is an uncle of the younger Evert Dirk next to him. The photo is probably taken by Evert Dirk van Gorkom (generation XI-e93, 1893), son of the elder Evert Dirk on the photo and recreational photographer - this copy stems from the archive of his son Rudolf Evert (generation XII-r23). Click here to enlarge a bit.

Arie Isaak was clearly named after the father's little brother and after his own father, the first daughter after the mother, the second daughter after the father's mother and the third daughter after the mother's mother. On 16 February 1926 Evert Dirk's parents moved from Utrecht to Driebergen to come and live with their son. At that moment Izak was 73. Ingetje Maria was already 78. Evert Dirk had just moved from the Secretarislaan 17 to Traay 109a. It is sad to realise that Dirk's parents were going to witness the death of a grandchild too, after losing two growing-up children themselves, thirty years earlier.

XI-i86. Izak
Izak was born in Utrecht on 14 April 1886 at the address Stroomkade no. 7 at half past nine in the evening. The Stroomkade is opposite the place where they lived in 1898 as mentioned on the page about generation X-i53. Despite the fire of 1898 that would ruin the home of the family, Izak went to school and learned for carpenter. His daughter Mimi told recently that he had to start as an apprentice at the age of 12, earning 25 cents a week with sweeping the floor. Later on he made a big wooden chest, which is one of the few heirlooms that are still in the family, standing in Jana's room (generation XV) nowadays. He made it to pack his personal belongings, after he had joined the KNIL, the Royal Netherlands-Indian Army, which was the Dutch army that controlled the Dutch East Indies until 1949, when it became Indonesia. He had clearly decided, consciously or not, to go as far away as you can imagine, approximately to the other side of the world. He left Utrecht in 1905 and would stay away for 22 years. He wasn't the only one though who felt that Utrecht was bad news ever since 1898. His eldest brother Louis had already left Utrecht after marrying in 1901. In 1909 the middle brother Dirk left Utrecht as well.

Entrance of encampment in Weltevreden
Entrance of the cavalry encampment, where Izak worked.

Izak worked as a carpenter in the army. He climbed up in rank and position, finally becoming the senior officer in charge of the army's timmerwerkplaats (woodwork shop, joinery) in Weltevreden, Dutch East Indies. In the end he was granted the rank of adjudant onder-officier (warrant-officer). It was the highest rank he could obtain. According to his son Jacques his father's education didn't allow him to be promoted any further. To be an officer you needed a H.B.S.-education or gymnasium, which were the highest levels of secundary school. Woodwork was quite important in those days, as most means of transport and artillary were made of wood for a great deal.

Weltevreden was founded as an enclave just south of Batavia. Batavia is nowadays known as Djakarta, capital of Indonesia. Weltevreden literally means "very satisfied". Dutch colonials created their own area here as Batavia itself was not a very healthy place to live. Officers and warrant officers like Izak lived in luxury, all families having a number of servants. It took Izak nevertheless 16 years to start a family. He probably didn't care to be single. It is even possible that there are some Indonesian family members in Indonesia. When on leave in Holland in 1920 he got engaged with his future wife Janna Elisabeth Klaassen, then 26 years old. They married on 9 June 1920 in Terneuzen in the very south of the Province of Zeeland, the town where Janna's family originated from. They married met de handschoen, in English: "with the glove", meaning marrying by proxy as he had already returned to the Dutch Indies.

Jacques and Betsy (i.e. Izak and Janna) with, from left to right, their grandchildren Jaap, Liesbeth and Jacqueline. Photo taken in Dordrecht on Easter Sunday 29 March 1959.

On 1 September 1920 Betsie, as Janna was called, got her passport, which said that her man's name was "Gorkum", so with a "u", a remarkable example of the horror so well known to everyone in Holland called Gorkom with a "o". The English version of this error is Gorkam by the way. In the Australian birth record of John van Gorkom, grandson of Izak, this mistake was made for instance. Betsie's passport contains a stamp of British customs in Southampton with the date 3 October 1920. Southampton was the main transit harbour for Dutch people travelling to the Far East. In February 1921 the first son (generation XII-j21) was born.

Izak's stay in Holland in 1920 wasn't the first time that he returned home. The family card of his father in the Utrecht archives shows that he also dropped by in 1914. He was registered as a member of the family on 31 January 1914. It states that he is a carpenter, coming from the Dutch East Indies. Not a word about military service, so probably his contract had ended. The family was living at the address Mariaplaats 54 at the time. Just two days later though, on 2 February, he was signed out by the Utrecht register, stating that he had gone to the Prins Hendrik Kazerne (Prince Hendrik Barracks) in Nijmegen.

As tropenjaren (years in tropical colonies) counted double for his pension, Izak could retire in 1927 at the age of 41. Janna Elisabeth was not even 34. According to the passengers list of the S.S. Slamat they left the East Indies on Wednesday 30 March 1927 at noon. After staying with family in Terneuzen for some time, they moved to the Dutch city of Dordrecht, which is approximately halfway Utrecht and Zeeland. Though Jacques, as Izak was called by her, had retired, Betsie (Janna Elisabeth) thought that he should keep himself busy in some way or another. Therefore he joined the customs in the harbour of Dordrecht. Izak died after 36 years of so-called retirement in Dordrecht on 15 September 1963 at the age of 77, a year after his wife who died in Dordrecht on 31 August 1962 at the age of 68. They had four children: Jack, Cees, Mimi and Jo (generation XII). They would remember their father as a very punctual man who hardly spoke a word.

S.S. Slamat
The S.S. Slamat. In 1927 it was three years old.
XI-a92. Arie
The youngest son was born in Utrecht on 23 February 1892 at one o'clock in the afternoon. The address was Stroomkade no. 6 this time. This house number is clearly a 6 in the record, as the number in the record of his brother Izak is clearly a 7. So it seems that they moved to the neighbouring house at some moment. Arie died on 28 August 1898, 6 years old, in the fire that destroyed the home of the family.

Children of Abraham van Gorkom and Naatje Westmaas (generation X-a55)
Abraham was son of Izak van Gorkom and Louisa Roä (IX-i18) and grandson of Isaak van Gorkom and Johanna Gerarda van Sandwijk (VIII-i91).

XI-l82. Leendert Gijsbertus
Leendert Gijsbertus, born on 11 July 1882, married Comerina Maria van Eijk in Rotterdam. She was born in Utrecht on 28 July 1881 as daughter of Leendert Bastiaan van Eijk and Adriana Lagerdijk. They had a daughter Comerina Maria, born in Rotterdam on 6 July 1910. The marriage was annuled on 13 July 1934. Leendert remarried on 12 December 1934, this time to Hillegonda Junge, born in Amsterdam on 20 October 1904. She had a son called Dirk Junge, who was born in Amsterdam on 16 May 1933. Dirk was recognized by Leendert and he received the family name Van Gorkom. In 1958 Dirk left for Vancouver, Canada. Leendert was an office clerk and an attendant at the Amsterdam Zoological Museum. He died in Amsterdam on 17 August 1969.

XI-l84. Louisa Helena
Louisa Helena was born on 7 February 1884. She died in Utrecht on 30 June 1884, just four months old.

XI-n85. Naatje Helena
Naatje Helena was born on 1 September 1885. She died on 12 June 1886, nine months old.

XI-n87. Naatje
Naatje was born on 1 July 1887. She lived for three and half years till she died in Utrecht on 10 January 1891.

XI-l89. Louis
Louis, born on 12 October 1889, married in Rotterdam on 12 August 1914 Elisabeth Brouwer, daughter of Willem Brouwer and Esther Edelenbosch. They had two children: Johanna Louisa, born in Rotterdam on 10 January 1915, and Willem Anthonie, born in Amsterdam on 10 November 1917. The marriage was annuled in Amsterdam on 15 April 1919.

Louis remarried in Amsterdam on 1 September 1921 Annie Berdina Marie Lhoiest, born in Kaapstad, South-Africa, on 23 May 1898 as daughter of Karel Antoine Theodoor Lodewijk Lhoiest and Anna Berndina Verwaijen. The genealogy of the Verwa(a)ijen family can be found at Louis and Annie had three sons: Louis, born in Amsterdam on 26 August 1920, Johan Willy, born in Amsterdam on 23 February 1923 and Hans Rudolf, born in Maastricht on 12 August 1929. When marrying to Annie, Louis was a newspaper journalist, later on he became a salesman, selling vacuum cleaners. In the beginning he sold the machines door-to-door, throughout the country. This is how the family ended up in Maastricht, in the far south of the country. In 1930, he started a vacuum cleaner shop in Hilversum at the address Groest 72. Later the shop moved to Groest 17a, which is still the address. Louis died in Hilversum on 27 April 1978 at the age of 88.

Children of Abraham van Gorkom and Jannigje van der Kuilen (generation X-a55)

Abraham was son of Izak van Gorkom and Louisa Roä (IX-i18) and grandson of Isaak van Gorkom and Johanna Gerarda van Sandwijk (VIII-i91).

XI-h85. Hendrik
First of all there was Hendrik van der Kuilen, born on 22 January 1885 and therefore already eleven years old, when his mother married Abraham. He was a farm hand when he married Adriana van Bladeren in Jaarsveld on 6 November 1908. She was a daughter of Gijsbert van Bladeren and Metje Aantjes.

XI-b88. Bartha
And there was his sister Bartha van der Kuilen, born on 29 September 1888, therefore already seven years old, when her mother married Abraham. Just like her half-sister Naatje, she married a first cousin, in Utrecht on 16 May 1917. His name was Evert van der Kuilen, a paviour, born in Zeist, 25 years of age, son of Arie van der Kuilen and Alida Geijtenbeek. Arie was a brother of Jannigje, mother of Bartha. Bartha died in September 1947, as a widow of nearly 60 years old.

XI-n96. Naatje
Naatje van Gorkom, born on 23 November 1896, as first child of Abraham and Jannigje, married Albertus van der Kuilen in Utrecht on 23 March 1921. He was a tailor, born in De Bilt near Utrecht in 1893, as a son of Reijer van der Kuilen and Cornelia Wilhelmina de Haan. The father of Albertus was a brother of the mother of Naatje, meaning that Naatje married a first cousin. Witnesses at the wedding were, amongst others, Abraham and Marius, two brothers of Naatje.

XI-a97. Abraham
Abraham, born on 16 December 1897, married Willemina van Dijk in Utrecht on 30 November 1921. Willemina was born in Scherpenzeel (probably the village at the border of the Province of Utrecht and not its namesake in Friesland). Her date of birth was 27 September 1897. Her parents were named Arie van Dijk and Jansje van der Brul. In 1921, Abraham was a railroad employee. He died at the age of 64 in Utrecht on 8 July 1962, at the time living at the address W.A. Vultostraat 105, leaving behind his wife and children. Willemina died at the age of 78 on 21 January 1976. At the time she stayed in the nursing home Heremalerhof in Harmelen and was burried in Harmelen as well. They had two children: Abraham, born on 10 February 1923, and Arie, born on 20 April 1925.

XI-m99. Marius Isaac
Marius Isaac, born on 17 April 1899, married Johanna Jansen, born in Zutphen on 14 February 1901. Like his brother Abraham, Marius was a railroad employee in 1921. Marius and Johanna had a twin, called Marius and Johanna, born in Utrecht on 3 October 1926.

XI-j01. Johannes
Johannes van Gorkom, born on 21 April 1901, married Jacoba Everdina van Geelen, born in Utrecht on 29 March 1900. Jacoba died in Utrecht on 12 October 1960 at the address Eikstraat 20, leaving behind her husband, three children and also grandchildren. Two children are known. On 12 August 1926 Johannes Jacobus was born in Utrecht and on 15 September 1928 Jacobus Johannes was born in Utrecht as well. Father Johannes died in Utrecht on 20 April 1976 at nursing home Zuylenstede. At the time he had at least one greatgrandchild.

XI-e02. Evert Dirk
Evert Dirk, born on 27 August 1902, died in De Bilt on 30 June 1977 in nursing home "Weltevreden". As far as known he had a daughter and two grandchildren.

XI-h04. Heintje
Heintje, born on 10 January 1904, married Jacobus van Overbeek. They had five children: Arie, Jacoba, Janne, Sjoerd and Tom. Unfortunately Heintje died at the age of 36, in Utrecht on 19 May 1940. It must have been a tragic loss to this young family.

XI-p05. Philip
Philip, born in Utrecht on 2 December 1905, married J. van Vlooten. He died in Utrecht on 24 December 1971 at the age of 66. Children are not known.

XI-j07. Jannetje Aletta
Jannetje Aletta was born on 25 July 1907. No other details are known.

XI-g09. Geertruida
Geertruida was born on 30 September 1909. No further details known.

XI-e11. Elis
Elis was born in Utrecht on 18 November 1911. He married M. Stuurman. Elis moved to the address Pijnackerplein 2 in Rotterdam. At this address he died, far too young, at the age of 45 on 20 May 1957, leaving behind his wife and one ore more children. During military service Elis was a stoker in the navy.

Children of Evert Dirk van Gorkom and Geertruida Hendrika Walther (generation X-e62)
Evert Dirk was son of Izak van Gorkom and Louisa Roä (IX-i18) and grandson of Isaak van Gorkom and Johanna Gerarda van Sandwijk (VIII-i91).

XI-l91. Louisa Johanna
Louisa Johanna was born in Amsterdam on 22 August 1891. It is very likely that her father named her after his mother, Louisa Roä. The name Johanna might refer to the mother's father, who was called Johann. On 10 February 1916 Louisa married Johannes Andries van Rooijen in Amsterdam. His profession was office clerk then. Later in life he worked at SKF, manufacturer of ball bearings. He was born on 21 April 1889 as son of Anton Louis van Rooijen, born in Tiel on 29 August 1853, and Anna Louisa Hooge, born in Amsterdam on 21 June 1848. Witnesses were Anton Louis van Rooijen, brother of the groom, and Evert Dirk van Gorkom, brother of the bride. Intentionally or not the couple had picked two witnesses who both had exactly the same names as their respective fathers.

On 19 September 1922 Louisa Johanna and Johannes Andries registered as citizens of Hilversum. They already had three children by then. The eldest daughter was Anna Louisa van Rooijen, born in Amsterdam on 22 September 1917. The second child was a boy called Evert Dirk van Rooijen, born on 12 April 1919, and there was a second boy, called Hendrikus Johannes van Rooijen, born on 21 July 1921. Son Evert Dirk moved to Amsterdam on 10 September 1938, but already moved back home on 4 July 1939. More about these children is told on the page about generation XII.

The father of Johannes Andries lived with the family for the last ten years of his life. On 30 June 1926 Anton Louis and his wife Anna Louisa registered as citizens of Hilversum, coming from Amsterdam, moving in with their son's family at the address Geuzenweg 196. This house number was changed into 266 in 1927. Mother Anna was taken to the Santpoort Provincial mental hospital in Bloemendaal, near Haarlem, on 23 February 1928. She was nearly eighty years old then. On 30 July 1928 the family moved to the address De Bazelstraat 2. Father Anton was then officially transfered to the gezinskaart (council's family card) of his son. He died in Hilversum on 21 November 1936 at the age of 83.

After her husband and her father had died, Louisa Johanna took care of her mother Geertruida Hendrika Walther for several years as she was growing demented. Mother Geertruida died in 1960 at the of 96 in the Santpoort Provincial hospital. Later on Louisa's brother Evert Dirk came to live with her with after his second wife had died. She survived him as well. According to her family, aunt Jo, as Louisa Johanna was called, never grew old. When she was already 80 she said: "No, thank you, that's something for old people". She lived frugally, but was generous to others. Rinsed coffee filter bags in order to reuse them and regularly took the cheap night ferry to London to visit her son. On 3 March 1986 she died in nursing home De Beukenhof in Loosdrecht. Jo was 94 then and greatgrandmother.

Johanna Louisa and Evert Dirk XI-h92. Hendrika Everdina
Hendrika Everdina (Riek) was born in Amsterdam on 5 October 1892. She married in Amsterdam on 18 February 1915 Antonius Jacobus de Haan who lived on Sumatra in the Dutch East Indies, Indonesia nowadays, as an agent for a shipping company. He was born in Soest and 26 years old at the time of the wedding. At the wedding he was represented by his father Johannes Hubertus de Haan, probably because he had returned to the East Indies already. There is much resemblance with the story of Hendrika's cousin Izak, who did the same thing. Hendrika left for Atjeh on 10 March 1915. They divorced in 1941. The name of the mother of the groom was Gijsbertha Verwoerd. Later on in life Hendrika Everdina lived in Amsterdam with someone called Johan and saw her sister Jo and brother Evert regularly.

On the photo Louisa Johanna and her brother Evert Dirk on the wedding day of Evert's grandson Ruud in Loosdrecht in 1978.

XI-e93. Evert Dirk
Evert Dirk, called after his own father, was born in Amsterdam on 15 November 1893. As a matter of fact he was one of four cousins called Evert Dirk: his father's brothers Abraham and Izak both had a son called Evert Dirk and his father's sister Aletta had one, probably all four of them called after Evert Dirk van Bruggen, a brother-in-law of their grandfather Izak (generation IX-w23).

According to his father's and his own family card in the Amsterdam register, Evert Dirk was an office clerk. Actually, he worked at Pierson & Co, a bank at the Herengracht in Amsterdam. On 15 July 1920 he married Maria Sophia Elisabeth Paans, born in Amsterdam on 19 April 1892, therefore sharing her birthday with her father-in-law. Her own father was a diamond cutter. The couple moved shortly after their marriage to Waterlandsche dijk 69 hs in Oud-Nieuwendam, which was just outside the city. According to the register, they moved back to Amsterdam on 1 January 1920. On 5 October 1922 they went to to Parallelweg 41 in Zandvoort, which is at the seaside. On 28 April 1925 they returned to Amsterdam for a second time. In May 1927 they moved again, this time to the Nachtegaallaan in Velsen, also at the seaside. In 1932 they came back to Amsterdam for the third time and in 1933 they left, once more, to go and live at the Thomsonstraat in Haarlem. Several years later, on 9 February 1939, Evert Dirk's wife died in Heemstede, which is very close to Haarlem. They had only one child, a son called Rudolf Evert (generation XII-r23), born in Zandvoort on 12 December 1923.

Evert Dirk married for a second time. His second wife was called Carolina Maria Westrik (Jo). They would be known by their two grandsons as the grandparents who lived in this charming little house at the Nassaulaan 2 in Baarn. Because of health problems of Carolina they had to move to the nursing home "Schoonoord" at the Tromplaan in Baarn. As she did not manage to settle in there, they moved to an appartment at the Kampstraat. After she had died, Evert moved in with his sister Louisa Johanna in Hilversum, also because his son was living nearby, in Loosdrecht.

There is a Paans genealogy on the web, going all the way back to 1558:

Children of David van Gorkom and Maria Clasina Sprenkel (generation X-d66)
David was son of David van Gorkom and Aartje Diesveld (IX-d43) and grandson of Hendrikus van Gorkom and Teuntje Rietveld (VIII-h15).

XI-aa92. Aartje
Aartje was 21 years old, when she married Pieter Augustinus Hendrikus de Ruijter in Arnhem on 13 August 1913. He was the 23 years old son of Theodorus de Ruijter and Maria Petronella Mulder. The profession of the groom was coppersmith. The father of the bride was a bench fitter. Aartje and Pieter had a son called David de Ruijter, who died on 29 January 1916 when he was one year old. Pieter Augustinus Hendrikus died in Arnhem on 21 May 1943. He was 53 then and still a coppersmith.

XI-h94. Hendrik Willem
Hendrik Willem, the second child of David and Maria, married in Arnhem at the age of 26 Margaretha Maria Willemsen on 6 July 1921. She was 19, born in Utrecht and daughter of Theodorus Stephanus Willemsen and Geertruida Johanna Maria Rühland. The groom was a gas fitter, just like his grandfather and his uncle Willem Hendrik. The father of the bride was a railroad employee.

XI-h96. Hermanus
A third child was Hermanus. He was 23 when he married Geertruida Maria Witjes, 22 years old daughter of Johannes Hermanus Witjes and Magdalena Johanna Ulrich. Their wedding was in Arnhem on 12 February 1919. The groom was a laborer.

XI-d98. Dina Wilhelmina
Fourth was Dina Wilhelmina. She was 21 when she married Johannes Wilhelmus Gerrits in Arnhem on 1 October 1919. He was the 24 years old and son of Albertus Gerrits and Joanna van Kuppeveld. The groom was a serviceman (militair) and came from Nijmegen. His father was a farmer.

XI-jj12. Jan
Jan was born in 1912, 14 years after his youngest sister Dina. It means that his mother must have been about 40 then. No official birth or marriage records of him are known at the moment, but his details show up when searching for emigrants in the online database of the Nationaal Archief (National Archives of the Netherlands). In this databae only two emigrants are mentioned with the name Van Gorkom, both happening to have a J as first initial and both having left for Australia during the 1950s. One of the two records tells that a J van Gorkom was born on 6 May 1912 and made the journey to Australia on the well-known Dutch immigrant ship Johan van Oldenbarnevelt. He arrived in Melbourne on 12 April 1955. (The other J van Gorkom was Jack. A third immigrant, Albert van Gorkom, who is also listed on this website, is not mentioned in the archives.)

Subsequently this same J van Gorkom who emigrated in 1955, shows up in the database of the National Archives of Australia. Here he is called Jan van Gorkom, is of Dutch nationality, has the same date of birth and arrived in the same year as the Dutch National Archives say. According to the Australian National Archives, he arrived together with his wife Geertje Hermeling, who was born on 16 April 1914. They brought seven children with them: Geertje born 7 June 1936, Maria Johanna born 17 December 1938, Francisca born 30 December 1940, Jan born 19 May 1944, Albertus born 10 August 1946, Berendina born 8 September 1948 and Agnes born 14 March 1952.

According to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages of the Government of Victoria (Australia), a John van Gorkom died in Park, Victoria, in 1971 at the age of 59. The record states that John was a son of Dav van Gorkom and Marie Spregkle. John is very likely to be Jan, as this John was born in 1912 and the name John is the English equivalent of Jan. The Dav van Gorkom and Marie Spregkle are clearly David van Gorkom and Maria Sprenkel from Arnhem. And this link to Arnhem is in perfect accordance to information about Jan's eldest son, who was also named Jan.

This information about the eldest son comes from a less official source. On the large international boxing website a Johnny Gorkom from Australia is mentioned, who was born in Arnhem on 19 May 1944, his alias being Jan van Gorkom. His place of residence was Albury in New South Wales. Between 1961 and 1973 he fought 38 matches, most of them in N.S.W. and Victoria, winning 29 of them. Given the very limited number of Van Gorkoms in Australia and the correct date of birth, there can be little doubt that this is Jan, who is son of Jan born in 1912. And if this eldest son originated from Arnhem, it is very likely that his father did too, meaning that father Jan is indeed a son of David van Gorkom and Maria Sprenkel. The information also shows that both father Jan and son Jan are known as John in Australia, making them namesakes of their Australian-Dutch relative who is webmaster of this website, and bringing the total of Australian John van Gorkoms on three—at the least.

In the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in Victoria, one more death record of a Van Gorkom can be found. The deceased was Mark Joseph (Vangorkom), who sadly died in 1977, apparently as an infant. The place of death was Park, Victoria, as well, just as it was for Jan Senior. As father of Mark Joseph is mentioned Albert van Gorkom. Going by the place of death of the infant, this Albert must be the younger brother of boxer Johnny. The mother of the infant was Dianne Harrison. It should be added that it is quite unclear where Park, Victoria, is supposed to be found. There is an area in North Melbourne called Parkville, so maybe Park is an abbreviation. The Victorian archives also keep a death record of a Diane Harrison who died in Prah in 1983 at the age of 51. Prah looks like an abbreviation of the area called Prahran in South Melbourne.

Finally we found an indication that the boxer Johnny (van) Gorkom is a baker and owner of bakeries in daily life, going by information on a webpage at Baker John started his career as an apprentice in Wodonga, Victoria, which is only a few kilometres from Albury N.S.W., where the boxing Johnny used to live. In case baker or boxer John happens to take notice of this webpage: we hope you will appreciate our efforts to clarify a bit of family history here and are willing to give some feedback. Clearly, there remain some serious uncertainties about the descent of immigrant Jan and his children. If you are related in any way and feel like giving a response, we would be grateful if you send a message to

A little note about Australian Van Gorkoms in general can be found here.

Children of Johann Jacobus van Gorkom and Henriette Wilhelmina van Hasselt (generation X-j75)
Johann Jacobus was son of Jan Cornelis van Gorkom and Jacoba Elisabeth Geerling (IX-j44) and grandson of Gerrit van Gorkom and Anna Margaretha van der Veen (VIII-g95).

XI-j12. Johanna Maria
Johanna Maria (Jo) was born in Doetinchem on 22 February 1912. She married in Johannesburg (SA) Anthony Vroon.

XI-j14. Jan Cornelis
Jan Cornelis was born in Doetinchem on 12 February 1914. He married Anna Maria Phaff (Anneke). Three children of Jan and Anneke were born in The Hague: Berend Willem, Henri Johan and Jacqueline Henriette.

XI-m15. Maria
Maria was born in Doetinchem on 20 June 1915.

XI-w16. Willem
Willem was born in Doetinchem on 27 October 1916. He emigrated to New Zealand and married Jeanne Mary Harvey. They had three children: Julia, Anita and Hugo. Hugo van Gorkom (generation XII) married Lani Barnes and has two daughters: Chiara and Luca (generation XIII).

Children of Children of Jan van Gorkom and Alida Putkammer (generation X-j36)
Jan was son of David van Gorkom and Antonia Broekman (IX-d16) and grandson of Jan van Gorkom and Catharina Dame (VIII-j88).

XI-d57. David
David was born in Harmelen on 9 September 1857.

XI-j59. Jan Pieter
Jan Pieter was born on 28 August 1859.

XI-j61. Jan
Jan was born on 19 July 1861.

XI-j64. Johanna Cornelia
Johanna Cornelia was born on 12 March 1864.

XI-a65. Anton
Anton was born on 26 April 1865. He might have been named after his grandmother. At the age of 57, Anton married in Utrecht the 20 years old Anna Daverina Linschoten on 21 June 1922, according to Genlias. Probably it was not his first marriage. Anna was daughter of David Linschoten and Neeltje Huijsman. David Linschoten was son of Pieter Linschoten and Antonia Broekman. This Antonia Broekman is the same grandmother of Anton who had been married to David van Gorkom before. Therefore, Anton and Anna, are "half cousins", despite the age difference, as they share this grandmother.

XI-c67. Cornelis
Cornelis was born on 30 November 1867. He married on 17 August 1899 Eelkje Baarda, 33 years old, born in Harlingen, Friesland, and daughter of Klaas Baarda and Vroukje Olij, typically Friesian names. Friesland is a province, situated in the north of the Netherlands. In fact it is the land of the people called Friezen (Friesians). They have inhabited this land for more than 4000 years. On the lower grounds they used to build their so-called terpen or mounds, which are artificial hills on which they lived. These terpen were necessary, because the land was hardly above sea level. You can imaging what happened during severe storms and high seawater level. Nowadays dykes, build along the seashores in the north, protect the land.

XI-j70. Johanna Cornelia
Johanna Cornelia was born in Harmelen on 20 April 1870. She married in Harmelen on 25 February 1892 Hendrik Johan Demmink, born in Harmelen on 20 May 1866. Johanna's parents-in-law were Hendrik Demming and Neeltje Bogerd. Father Hendrik was born in Hengelo as son of Willem Demming and Harmina Lingelen. Mother Neeltje was born in Harmelen on 25 October 1822 as daughter of Cornelis Bogerd and Trijntje van der Kolm. They had married in Harmelen on 11 August 1848.

It turns out that there was a change of the surnames of both father Hendrik and mother Neeltje, as Hennie Demming informed us in 2009. In the birth records of the children the surname of father Hendrik is always mentioned as Demmink with a "k" at the end instead of the original "g", and the mother's last name as Bogaard (although in her death record she was called Bogerd again). As a consequence all children were named Demmink.

The couple Johanna Cornelia and Hendrik Johan had eight children, all born in Harmelen. Five of them married. Johanna Cornelia died in Harmelen on 10 March 1916, only 46 years old. Hendrik Johan died in Harmelen on 5 November 1958.

XI-a72. Anthonia
Anthonia was born in Harmelen on 20 December 1872.

XI-a75. Alida
Alida was born in Harmelen on 25 February 1875.

Children of Jan van Gorkom and Johanna Boudewina Visser (generation X-j54)
Jan was son of Jan van Gorkom and Johanna Catharina Veldhuis (IX-jj25) and grandson of Jan van Gorkom and Catharina Dame (VIII-j88).

XI-c80. Catharina Johanna
Catharina Johanna was born in Kralingen on 7 July 1880. She married Maarten van der Hoeven in Rotterdam on 21 November 1900. He was son of Jan van der Hoeven and Johanna Buitelaar. Catharina Johanna died in Rotterdam on 3 July 1932.

XI-b82. Barbara
Barbara was born in Kralingen on 19 August 1882. She married in Rotterdam on 29 October 1902 Roelof van Ommeren, son of Cornelis van Ommeren and Teuntje van Tuil.

XI-j84. Jan
Jan was born in Rotterdam on 10 January 1884 and died on 3 May 1941 in the same town.

X1-g88. Gijsbertus
Gijsbertus was born in Kralingen on 5 November 1888. He married Cornelia Maria Honcoop in Rotterdam on 3 September 1913. She was born in Dongen on 28 January 1889, in the province of Noord-Brabant, and was daughter of Johannes Honcoop (Jan) and Elisabeth Pieternella van Kraanen. Together they had ten children: Johanna Boudewina, Jan, Johannes, another Johannes, Gijsbertus, a third Johannes, Pieter Bertus, Elisabeth Pieternella, Bertus Rudolf and Coenraad. Much of this information was provided by the Honcoop genealogy.

XI-e96. Elisabeth
Elisabeth was born in Kralingen on 28 June 1896. She married Jilles Verweij, born about 1898. He came from Opijnen, a village 15 kilometres east of the city of Gorkum. He was son of Jilles Aalbert Verweij and Elizabeth Verwoert. Elisabeth died in Rotterdam on 29 November 1936.

XI-j97. Johanna Boudewina
Johanna Boudewina was born in Rotterdam on 16 December 1897 and married Nicolaas Verschuren, son of Anthonius Verschuren and Apolonia Maria van Iperen, in Rotterdam on 17 December 1919.

Children of Arie van Gorcom and Johanna Christina Wilhelmina Nierkens (generation X-aa59)
Arie was son of Arie van Gorcom (IX) and Margaretha van Eck (IX-a30) and grandson of Ary van Gorkum and Catharina (aka Cornelia) Gladbeek (VIII-a88).

XI-r83. Rudolphus Hermanus
Rudolph was born in Utrecht about 1883. He married in Doorn on 3 December 1908 Boulina Helena Verhaar. She was born in Langbroek about 1881 and daughter of Abraham Jurriaan Verhaar and Willemina van Leersum. They had four children. Although these children belong to generation XII, they are mentioned here as we have no further information: Wilhelmina Johanna, born in Utrecht on 1 September 1909, Johannes Rudolphus Gijsbertus, born in Utrecht on 21 Januari 1913, Rudolphus Abraham Arie, born in Utrecht on 5 November 1914, and Jurriaan born in Utrecht on 6 March 1917.

XI-a85. Arie
Arie was born in Utrecht about 1885. He married Jaantje Heideman in Utrecht on 4 December 1907. She was approximately four years older than Arie, born in Utrecht as well and daughter of Adolph Heideman and Johanna Remkes.

XI-c93. Christina Johanna Elselina
Christina was born in Utrecht about 1893. She married Willem Borra, born in Utrecht about 1891 and son of Christiaan Borra and Hendrika Vogelzang. The wedding took place in Utrecht on 17 May 1916. The name Borra occurs twice in this genealogy. We find the name as well in the branch of Jan van Gorkum and Anna van der Sloot, where Jan Willem van Gorkum married Francina Borra (generation IX-j21). As a matter of fact, Francina Borra is a sister of Willem Borra's grandfather Christiaan. Christina van Gorcom's grandfather Arie van Gorkum (generation IX-a30) is a cousin of Jan Willem van Gorkum.

Children of Cornelis van Gorcom and Christina Johanna Elselina Kool (generation X-c54)
Cornelis was son of Arie van Gorcom (IX) and Margaretha van Eck (IX-a30) and grandson of Ary van Gorkum and Catharina (aka Cornelia) Gladbeek (VIII-a88).

XI-a76. Arie
Arie was born in Utrecht about 1876. He married Wilhelmina Frederica Abendrooth in Utrecht on 13 November 1902. She was born in Utrecht about 1877 and daughter of Willem Frederik Abendrooth and Catharina Wilhelmina Olivier.

XI-jj80. Johannes
Johannes was born in Utrecht about 1880. He married in Utrecht on 3 August 1904 Gijsberta Zorn. She was a daughter of Dirk Zorn and Lena Westmaas. This is not the first time the name of Westmaas appears in this genealogy. In fact all three children, or their descendants, of Leendert Westmaas and Gijsbertje van Veenendaal married a Van Gorkom. See the explanation in the section about Abraham van Gorkom and Naatje Westmaas (generation Xa55).

Children of Albertus Cornelis van Gorkum and Johanna Jacoba van Kooij (generation X-a59)
Albertus Cornelis was son of Albertus Cornelis van Gorkum and Alida Sophia Jagers (IX-a35) and grandson of Ary van Gorkum and Catharina (aka Cornelia) Gladbeek (VIII-a88).

XI-a81. Albertus Cornelis
Albertus was born in Utrecht about 1881. He married Martina Willemijntje van Laar in Utrecht on 31 May 1905. She was 23 years old, born in Utrecht as well, and daughter of Cornelis Johannes van Laar and Willemijntje van den Berg.

XI-j83. Johannes Jacobus
Johannes was born in Utrecht about 1883. He married Agnes Adriana Johanna Maria Werring, born in Utrecht about 1883 and daughter of Balthazar Werring and Geertrui Droogenbroek.

XI-j87. Johan Gerardus
Johan was born in Utrecht about 1887. He married Alida Sophia Nagtegaal, daughter of Evert Nagtegaal and Alida Elisabeth de Jong. She was born in Utrecht about 1887 as well.

XI-a91. Alida Sophia
Alida was born in Utrecht about 1891. She married in Utrecht on 15 May 1912 Johannes de Haas, born in Utrecht about 1888 and son of Arie de Haas and Hendrijntje Lagerweij.

XI-g93. Geertruida
Geertruida was born in Utrecht about 1893. She married in Utrecht on 28 August 1916 Johannes Christiaan Rietveld, born in Utrecht about 1890 and son of Otto Fredrik Willem Rietveld and Maria Cornelia Maas.

Children of Johannes van Gorkum and Alijda Kranenburg (generation X-j67)
Johannes was son of Albertus Cornelis van Gorkum and Alida Sophia Jagers (IX-a35) and grandson of Ary van Gorkum and Catharina (aka Cornelia) Gladbeek (VIII-a88).

XI-j91. Johanna Alijda
Johanna was born in Utrecht on 7 June 1891. She was nearly a year old when her parents married on 25 May 1892. She was officially recognized then. She married Jan Dillo in Utrecht on 28 April 1920. He was born in Alphen aan de Rijn about 1892 and son of Willem Dillo and Marijtje van der Hoogt.

XI-ee93. Evert
Evert was born in Utrecht about 1893. He married in Utrecht on 12 September 1917 Hendrika Susanna Peul, born in Utrecht about 1896 and daughter of Alexander Hendrik Peul and Dirkje van Dijk.

XI-a96. Arie
Arie was born in Utrecht about 1896. He married in Utrecht on 20 August 1919 Cornelia Mulder, also born in Utrecht about 1896, daughter of Gerrit Mulder and Anna Hendrika van Gorkom. This Anna Hendrika was a daughter of Arie van Gorkom and Catharina van der Woude (generation X), so they were remotely related.

XI-a98. Alijda
Alijda was born in Utrecht about 1898. On 4 February 1920 she married Hendrikus Pisa, born in Utrecht about 1895. He was the son of Wilhelmus Pisa and Johanna Alberta Dijns. The profession of Hendrikus was boekbinder (bookbinder).

Children of Arie van Gorkom and Helena Schuurman (generation X-ar65)
Arie was son of Arie van Gorkom and Anna Catharina van der Woude (IX-aa28) and grandson of David van Gorkom and Elisabeth Noest (VIII-d93).

XI-a88. Arie Michiel
Arie Michiel, the first child, is clearly a namesake of his grandfather Arie Michiel Schuurman. Like all his brothers and sisters he was born in The Hague. His birthday was on 27 September 1888. He married in The Hague Cornelia Barbara Vinju on 15 May 1912. She was a daughter of Adrianus Vinju and Barbara Kleinhans and born in this town on 20 April 1883. Daughter Helena Cornelia Barbara was born on 14 November 1914. She married on 21 July 1937 Willem de Bie. A second daughter was called Cornelia Petronella. Arie Michiel was a blacksmith.

XI-h90. Hendricus Frederik
Hendricus was born on 23 November 1890. He married Petronella Johanna Vinju, a sister of his brother's wife Cornelia Barbara Vinju, on 25 July 1917. She was born on 12 March 1892. In Leiden a son Hendrik was born on 12 November 1925. Hendricus, like his brother, was a blacksmith.

XI-j93. Johannes
Johannes was born on 1 May 1893.

XI-h95. Hélène Maria
Hélène Maria was born on 5 November 1895. Out of a relationship with Frans Joseph Marie de Nerée tot Babberich, artist, was born in The Hague on 15 February 1919 daughter Louisa Helena Constance de Nerée tot Babberich. By notarial deed of 17 February 1919 Frans Joseph Marie and Hélène Maria declared to be the parents of the child. Frans Joseph Marie was born on 13 February 1882 in Babberich as son of Marie Frederik de Nerée tot Babberich and Constance Petronella van Houten. He died in The Hague on 5 June 1929, 47 years old.

Hélène Maria married Willem Noorland in The Hague on 27 May 1924. He was born in Giessendam on 30 September 1879. A daughter Theodora Noorland was born on 4 February 1925 and daughter Maria Helena Wilhelmina Noorland was born on 10 July 1927. The marriage was annulled on 10 September 1931. Hélène Maria died in The Hague on 21 March 1973, old 77 years.

Pieternella Tegelaar XI-t98. Theodora
Theodora was born on 17 may 1898. She married Hendrik Karel Adolf Bakker in The Hague on 4 August 1922. He was born on 16 August 1874 in Fort Van der Capellen, Sumatra, Dutch East Indies (nowadays known by its original name Batusangkar). He was a son of Hendrik Pieter Arie Bakker and Francina Adolphine Johanna Boon van Ostade. His first marriage was to Jeanne der Kinderen in De Bilt on 20 July 1909. Jeanne was born in Bandung on 7 January 1887 and was daughter of Joannes Gerardes Timonsoon der Kinderen and Betsij, a native woman. Theodora and Hendrik Karel Adolf moved to Weltevreden on 4 Augustus 1922. They had two daughters, both born in Weltevreden, suburb of Batavia (Jakarta), Dutch East Indies.

XI-ah00. Albertus Hendricus
Albertus was born on 4 March 1900. He married Pieternella Tegelaar in The Hague on 30 January 1924. She was born in Leiden on 20 November 1893 and was a daughter of Izaak Tegelaar and Petronella Catharina van der Mark. Albertus and Pieternella had three children, who are mentioned on the page about generation XII.

Photo: Pieternella Tegelaar

XI-j03. Johanna Catharina
Johanna was born on 24 January 1903 and married Hendrik de Moet in The Hague on 12 November 1924. Hendrik was a son of Johannes Hendrik de Moet and Johanna Mallon and born in The Hague on 19 March 1900. He was a carpenter for his profession. Their son Harry de Moet was born in the same town on 9 March 1930. He emigrated to South Africa. Hendrik died on 31 January 1973, old 72 years. Johanna Catharina died on 16 June 1998 at the age of 95. Both died in The Hague.

Children of Hein van Gorkom and Geertruida Evertje Dina Renting (generation X-h73)
Hein was son of Arie van Gorkom and Anna Catharina van der Woude (IX-aa28) and grandson of David van Gorkom and Elisabeth Noest (VIII-d93).

XI-e97. Everdina Catharina
Everdina was born in Arnhem on 17 November 1897. She married Adrianus Johannes Mooijman in The Hague on 27 August 1919. He was a tram conductor for his profession. He was born in The Hague in about 1892 and was a son of Hendrikus Mooijman and Josina Margaretha Johanna de Veer.

XI-n99. N.N.
This child was still-born in Arnhem on 28 June 1899.

XI-ad00. Arie David
Arie was born in Arnhem on 9 August 1900. He married in The Hague Johanna Maria Garritsen on 30 November 1927. She was a daughter of Antonius Garritsen and Alijda Johanna Voermans and was born in The Hague on 19 January 1903. Two children are known, both born in The Hague. Johanna Adriana was born on 3 October 1928 and Gerardus Adrianus was born on 24 January 1936.

XI-g04. Geertruida Everdina
Geertruida was born in The Hague on 2 March 1904. The family had come from Arnhem and lived in The Hague for just a few months. The girl was 4 years old when she died on 14 February 1909.

XI-h06. Hein
Hein was born on 9 January 1906. He married Pieternella Tax, daughter of Gerardus Tax and Engelina Schuling. She was born in Delft on 4 September 1905. Hein was a carpenter for his living.

XI-g17. Gerardus Hendrikus
Gerardus was born on 19 February 1917. No more details are known.

Children of Leendert van Gorkum and Wilhelmina van Benthum (generation X-l45)
Leendert was son of Hendrikus van Gorkum and Johanna Cubes (IX-h26) and grandson of Leendert van Gorkom and Catharina Markus (VIII-l99).

XI-h66. Hendrikus
Hendrikus was certainly named after his grandfather. He was already 20 years old when he died in Utrecht on 23 January 1886, so born about 1866. Within two months, on 9 March 1886, his mother would die. Maybe there was a contagious and deadly disease about at the time. Hendrikus was still single.

XI-w68. Willem Hendrikus
Willem was named after his other grandfather. He died in Utrecht on 11 August 1869, just 1 year old.

XI-j69. Johanna
Clearly Johanna was named after a grandparent as well, like her two brothers. Probably after her mother's mother who was called Johanna. She was 16 days old when she died on 26 November 1869.

XI-j71. Johanna
Another Johanna was born in Utrecht about 1871. She married when she was 22 years old Nicolaas van Luijn, in Utrecht on 18 January 1893. He was by then already the widower of Geeske Renger. When marrying Johanna Nicolaas recognized Johannes Hendrikus, born three months earlier in Amsterdam on 30 November 1892. Nicolaas himself was a son of Willem van Luijn and Gerarda Ras.

XI-w72. Willem Hendrikus
Willem died in Utrecht on 24 June 1874 when almost two years old, so born about September 1872.

XI-l74. Leendert
Leendert died in Utrecht on 15 October 1874, only two months old.

XI-l76. Leendert
Another child was called Leendert. He died in Utrecht, just three days old, on 23 October 1876.

XI-h77. Helena
Helena died in Utrecht on 20 February 1878, three months old.

XI-w80. Wilhelmina Hendrika
Wilhelmina was born about 1880 but died when she was 23 years old in Utrecht on 22 March 1903, unmarried yet.

Children of Leendert van Gorkum and Barendina Beumke (generation X-l45)
Leendert was son of Hendrikus van Gorkum and Johanna Cubes (IX-h26) and grandson of Leendert van Gorkom and Catharina Markus (VIII-l99).

XI-w90. Willem Hendrikus
Willem Hendrikus was the only child of Leendert and his second wife. He was born in Utrecht about 1890. He married in Utrecht on 7 June 1916 Gerarda Wittebol, 30 years old and born in Utrecht about 1876. She was a daughter of Rijk Jacobus Wittebol and Gerarda Lijffijt. This Willem Hendrikus and his halfsister Johanna were the only children of Leendert who did not die young.

Children of Johannes van Gorkom and Alida Bakker (generation X-j23)
Johannes was son of Johannes van Gorkom and Anna Maria Dirkse (IX-j98) and grandson of Jan van Gorkom and Maria van der Linden (VIII-j72).

XI-m51. Maria
Maria was born in Utrecht on 2 November 1851. She married in Utrecht on 13 October 1875 Gerrit Jacobus Zieleman, born in Utrecht on 6 October 1852 as son of Gerrit Zieleman and Cornelia van Emmerik. At this occasion they also recognized daughter Cornelia Zieleman, born on 23 July 1875. Much more children were born. Maria died in Utrecht on 19 March 1916, 64 years old. Her husband was still alive then.

XI-a53. Alida
Alida was born on 1 October 1853 and died in Utrecht on 7 August 1854, ten months old.

XI-n55. N.N.
Birth was given to a lifeless child in Utrecht on 9 September 1855.

XI-a56. Alida
A second Alida was born in Utrecht on 6 November 1856. She married in Utrecht on 12 July 1882 Cornelius Ludovicus van Ewijk, son of Steven van Ewijk and Maria van Unen, and born in Utrecht on 26 November 1859. He was only 38 years old when he died in Utrecht on 4 June 1898. Two sons of the couple married. Cornelius Ludovicus was servant for his profession. Alida died in Utrecht on 14 December 1935, 79 years old.

XI-jk59. Johannes
Johannes was born in Utrecht on 4 January 1859 and married in Utrecht on 14 November 1883 Jorina de Jong. She was born in Giessendam on 30 August 1858 and daughter of Arie de Jong and Jacoba Bos. Three children were born in Utrecht. Details are given on the page about generation XII. Johannes was a house painter. He died in Utrecht on 17 August 1941, so during World War II, as a widower, 82 years old. Jorina had already died 19 years before, on 5 February 1922, at the age of 63.

XI-w62. Willem Frederik
Willem Frederik was born in Utrecht on 11 March 1862. He married in Utrecht on 9 November 1887 Sara Catharina Bol, born in Utrecht on 21 March 1857 as daughter of Nicolaas Engelbert Bol and Hendrica Hillegonda Siedenburg. At least nine children were born in Utrecht and they all died young, except for one daughter. They are listed on the page about generation XII. Mother Sara Catharina passed away in Utrecht on 19 July 1907, at the age of 50. Willem Frederik died, like his elder brother, during World War II in Utrecht on 28 December 1942, 80 years old. He had been a steenhouwer (stone carver) for his living.

XI-f64. Frederik
Frederik was born in Utrecht on 17 October 1864. He married in the same city on 8 May 1889 Jacoba Mulder, born in Utrecht on 7 June 1861 as daughter of Coenraad Mulder and Sara Anthonia van der Rijst. They had two daughters, who are mentioned on the page about generation XII. Their address was Nicolaistraat 9 in Utrecht. Like his two brothers, Frederik also died during the war, in Utrecht on 27 November 1944, at the age of 80. Jacoba had died much earlier, on 7 September 1928. Frederik had been a carpenter.

XI-a68. Antonia
Antonia was born in Utrecht on 17 February 1868. She died on 18 April, only two months old.

Children of Johannes Casper van Gorkom and Jansje de Ridder (generation X-j28)
Johannes Casper was son of Johannes van Gorkom and Anna Maria Dirkse (IX-j98) and grandson of Jan van Gorkom and Maria van der Linden (VIII-j72).

XI-a52. Antoinetta Christina Wilhelmina
Antoinetta was born in Utrecht on 31 October 1852 and died, seven weeks old, on 18 December 1852.

XI-j57. Johannes Casper
Johannes Casper was born in Utrecht on 31 January 1857. In Arnhem he married Berendina Johanna Bruil on 5 May 1880. She was born in Arnhem on 19 march 1858 as daughter of Berend Bruil and Ordina Lamers. Johannes was a shoemaker then. Four children were born, who are mentioned on the page about generation XII. Berendina died in Arnhem when she was 49 years old, on 4 May 1907. Johannes Casper remarried Maria Louiza Kooijer, 36 years old, daughter of Johannes Kooijer and Everdina Willemina van Anholt, and born in Arnhem. She was widow of Karel Meischke. The profession of Johannes was gasfitter now. Johannes Casper and Maria Louiza had two children: Hendrik, who was 6 years old when he died on 19 January 1917, and Johanna Maria Louize, who was only 9 days old when she died on 20 May 1911. In 1917, Johannes Casper worked as a pakhuisknecht (warehouse hand). He was 93 years old when he died in Arnhem on 20 March 1950.

Child of Johannes Casper van Gorkom and Frederika Bieleveld (generation X-j28)
Johannes Casper was son of Johannes van Gorkom and Anna Maria Dirkse (IX-j98) and grandson of Jan van Gorkom and Maria van der Linden (VIII-j72).

XI-f63. Frederica
Frederica is the only known child of Johannes Casper with his second wife. Frederica died in Utrecht on 17 July 1863, 3 months old.

Children of Fredrik van Gorkom and Geertruida Hendrica van den Bol (generation X-f31)
Fredrik was son of Johannes van Gorkom and Anna Maria Dirkse (IX-j98) and grandson of Jan van Gorkom and Maria van der Linden (VIII-j72).

XI-j56. Johanna
Johanna was born in Utrecht on 4 January 1856, some 3 months before the wedding of her parents. The family address was aan de Molenweg (at Mill Road). She married in Breukelen-Nijenrode on 5 August 1881 Anthonij de Jager. He was son of Jan de Jager and Hendrika Christina van der Maal. At least two children were born who both married. Hendrik Christiaan de Jager married in Kampen in 1911, Frederik de Jager married in Amersfoort in 1922. Johanna died in Zwolle on 27 June 1943, 87 years old. Ten years before, Anthonij had died in Zeist on 26 January 1933 at the age of 76.

XI-g57. Geertruida Hendrika
Geertruida Hendrika was born on 17 November 1857 and died on 1 December 1862, just five years old.

XI-jl59. Johannes
Johannes was born on 4 January 1859 but must have died at a young age, as another Johannes would be born five years later.

XI-a60. Antonetta Wilhelmina Christina 1860
Antonetta was born, like all of her siblings, in Utrecht, on 19 February 1860. She married Cornelis Hendricus Singels, 28 years then, in Amsterdam on 14 April 1886. He was a son of Pieter Leonardus Singels and Johanna Wilhelmina Konijnenburg. One child was recognized at the wedding.

Many years later, on 10 November 1920, a widowed Antonetta married to Reinder Venekamp in Amsterdam. Reinder was 7 years older then and born in Rolde, Drenthe, as son of Rudolf Venekamp and Hendrikje Hilberts. His profession was warder. Antonetta died in Amsterdam on 1 November 1926, 66 years old.

XI-a62. Antonia
Antonia was born on 5 July 1862 and died in Utrecht on 9 February 1868, five years old.

XI-ff63. Fredrik
Fredrik was born on 9 August 1863. He married Driekje Broer in Utrecht on 30 December 1885. She was born in the same city on 5 July 1865. Her parents were Dirk Broer and Catharina Willemina Pouw. When marrying, the couple recognized their son, who had been born in Utrecht three months before on 15 September 1885. Fredrik was a cigar maker. He died, 59 years old, in Utrecht on 27 November 1922. Son Frederik is mentioned on the page about generation XII.

XI-jj64. Johannes
Johannes was born on 22 November 1864 and died on 30 December 1865, one year old.

XI-j67. Johannes
Another Johannes was born on 17 April 1867 and died on 13 May 1867 in Utrecht, four weeks old.

XI-j68. Johannes Casper
Johannes Casper died in Utrecht on 8 April 1868, just a few months old.

XI-g69. Geertruida Hendrika
A second Geertruida Hendrika was born on 28 March 1869 and died on 2 April 1870, one year old.

XI-jj71. Johannes Casper
A second Johannes Casper was born in Utrecht on 9 March 1871. He married in Lienden (this is in a region called the Betuwe in the province of Gelderland) on 3 February 1898 Maria Adriana Theesing. She was born in Lienden on 29 September 1863 and daughter of Dirk Theesing and Pietronella Catharina van Merkestein. Johannes Casper was marinier (a marine). The couple had three children, who are listed on the page about generation XII. These children were born in Den Helder, Rotterdam and Utrecht. Probably the family moved from city to city as a consequence of the father's profession. Maria Adriana was 84 years old when she died in Utrecht on 30 August 1948. Johannes Casper was 81 years old when he died in Utrecht on 26 January 1953.

XI-w74. Willem Fredrik
Willem Fredrik, born in Utrecht on 29 August 1874, married Elizabeth van Hardeveld in Utrecht on 26 October 1898. She was born in Leiden on 7 June 1876 as daughter of Roelof van Hardeveld and Lamberta Braakman. Elizabeth had hardly known her father. She was less than two years old when he died in Utrecht on 4 February 1878. Her mother Lamberta remarried a few years later on 5 October 1881 Leendert Stavast, 23 years old and born in Culemborg, which made him the stepfather of Elizabeth. Willem Fredrik died on 9 January 1919, 44 years old, and Elizabeth married on 24 June 1920 her second husband Pieter Willem Bakker. Willem Fredrik and Elizabeth had several children, who are mentioned on the page about generation XII. Willem Fredrik made a living as basket maker.

XI-n75. N.N.
At the age of 43, nearly twenty years after her first delivery, mother Geertruida gave birth to a stillborn child, in Utrecht on 28 August 1875. Three days afterwards mother Geertruida died too.

Children of Jelis Isaak van Gorkum and Grietje Achterberg (generation X-j51)
Jelis was son of Isaak van Gorkom and Johanna Willemina Pouw (IX-i24) and grandson of Cecilia van Gorkom (VIII-c89).

XI-hh77. Hendricus
Hendricus van Gorkum was born in the municipality of Abcoude-Baambrugge on 18 September 1877. He married in Amsterdam on 15 November 1899 Dina Dorothea Renard. She was a daughter of George Petrus Martinus Renard and Sara Maria Baljé and was born in Amsterdam before 25 January 1874, which is the date on which the birth was recorded at the register. Hendricus was an engineer, employed as a train driver.

Three children are known and are mentioned here (officially they are generation XII). George Hendrikus was born in Utrecht on 11 December 1901. He died however on 15 February 1902, 2 months old. One year later son Jelis Izaak was born in Utrecht on 13 December 1902, but he died too, just ten days old, on 23 December. Finally, son George Hendricus was born in Utrecht in about 1905. He married in Sloterdijk, near Amsterdam, on 28 April 1926 Geertruida Bank, born in Amsterdam on 16 June 1904 as daughter of Jacobus Bank, salesman, and Antje Ravensbergen. George Hendricus was a mechanic. On 2 February 1928, he became the father of Hendricus (generation XIII), who was born in Den Helder.

XI-e90. Elisabeth
Elisabeth van Gorkum was born on 26 January 1890 in Loenen. She married in Loenen on 22 August 1919 Willem Appel, son of Leendert Appel and Geertruida Elisabeth van Empelen. Willem was born in Loenen on 14 May 1891. He was an architectural engineer.

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