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Simplified Van Gorkom Family Tree
Simplified family tree of the Rutger branch. The scheme is based on the parents of generation XI. In other words, we only took the members of generation X who had children, and from them we worked our way back to Rutger of generation I who once came from Gorinchem to Utrecht. It means that all ancestors are left out who did not have a descendant belonging to generation XI. For example, Abraham Thomasse van Gorkom and Anneke Heijndricx (generation III) had ten children, but only the eldest and youngest are shown as they are the only ones with descendants belonging to generation XI.
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Children of Louisa Johanna van Gorkom and Johannes Andries van Rooijen (generation XI-l91).
Louisa was daughter of Evert Dirk van Gorkom and Geertruida Hendrika Walther (generation X-e62) and granddaughter of Izak van Gorkom and Louisa Roä (generation IX-i18).

XII-a17. Anna Louisa van Rooijen
Annie was born in Amsterdam on 22 September 1917. She was married to Jaap Buis and had no children. They lived next to their butcher's shop at the Amstelveenseweg in Amsterdam.

XII-e19. Evert Dirk van Rooijen
Evert Dirk was born in Amsterdam on 12 April 1919. He was captain of a merchant vessel and married to C. Oranje (To). The family lived at the Van Mierislaan 8 in Loosdrecht. There were two boys and a girl, the middle one being the girl. She was called Jos. The youngest was called Rik.

XII-h21. Hendrikus Johannes van Rooijen
Hendrikus Johannes was born in Amsterdam on 21 July 1921 and emigrated to England. He lives in London with his wife Peggy.

Child of Evert Dirk van Gorkom and Maria Sophia Elisabeth Paans (generation XI-e93).
Evert Dirk was son of Evert Dirk van Gorkom and Geertruida Hendrika Walther (generation X-i53) and grandson of Izak van Gorkom and Louisa Roä (generation IX-i18).

XII-r23. Rudolf Evert van Gorkom
Rudolf, born in Zandvoort on 12 December 1923, worked at the same bank as his father did. One of his colleagues at Pierson's was a telephone operator, called Johanna Maria van Waardenburg (Joop), with whom he got engaged. She was born in Gorinchem (!) on 26 januari 1921 as daughter of Arnoldus van Waardenburg and Maria Anna Antoinetta Mötter (Marie). Father Arnoldus was born in Hurwenen on 21 March 1883 and died in Gorinchem on 20 December 1952. He was a wholesaler, trading paper, printed matter and baking ingredients. Mother Maria was born in Millingen on 24 November 1891 and died of tuberculosis in Gorinchem on 10 August 1942. Daughter Joop, called "Mop" by the Van Waardenburg family, was a passionate swimmer and rower. Just like her brothers and sisters, she often helped in her father's business. After secondary school (MULO), she worked as a telephone operator for the PTT (state telephone company) in Gorinchem and Utrecht, until she went to Pierson's.

As Joop's family was roman-catholic, Rudolf was expected to be baptized as a catholic too. After this they could marry, as they did on 7 July 1951 in Gorinchem, or "Gorkum" as people pronounce the name of the ancient little city. It was certainly a special way of renewing ties between the city and the family that carries it's name. Joop had a kitchen and bedroom on the second floor at the De Clerqstraat in Amsterdam. For some reason Rudolf was expected to stay with his parents, as the house was considered to be too small for two persons to live in. However, when Joop became pregnant and the impression arose that she was going to be single mother, it was decided that Rudolf could go and live with his wife. The cradle of Rudolf Evert Arnoldus had to stand in the kitchen. Fortunately they were able to buy a house at the Ruysdaellaan in Nieuw-Loosdrecht in 1956. Here a second boy was born, called Valentijn Arnoldus Evert. After a short and wasting illness Joop died on 9 November 1991 in the Diakonnessenziekenhuis (a hospital) in Hilversum. More about her two sons is told on the page about generation XIII.

Children of Louis van Gorkom and Wilhelmina Tollenaar (generation XI-l78).
Louis was son of Izak van Gorkom and Ingetje Maria van der Hoek (generation X-i53) and grandson of Izak van Gorkom and Louisa Roä (generation IX-i18).

XII-m03. Maria Everarda Elisa
Maria was born in 's-Hertogenbosch (also known as Den Bosch). According to the archive of the Province of Zeeland at she died in Terneuzen on 23 March 1917, just 14 years old.

XII-e06. Everarda Rika Johanna Louisa
Everarda was born in 's-Hertogenbosch on 11 January 1906. She moved from Weesp to Amsterdam on 8 April 1924. Three weeks after her parents had moved to Alkmaar, Everarda moved in again with her family on 24 April 1925, coming from Bussum, according to the gezinskaart (family card) of father Louis on In November 1928 she moved to Hypolitushoef, but came home again in April 1929. In October 1932 she moved to a bedsit, it seems, at the address Stuartstraat 21a in Alkmaar. Her profession was naaister (seamstress) at the time.

Finally on 12 October 1933 she married Jan Nijmeijer, son of Atze Nijmeijer and Aaltje ten Hoeve. Father Atze was from Meppel and mother Aaltje from Kampen, both villages in the east of the country. Jan Nijmeijer was born in Alkmaar on 10 June 1907. He was a koopman in groenten (greengrocer). They had three children: Everarda Aaltje Johanna Nijmeijer, born on 28 January 1935, Atze Nijmeijer, born on 16 May 1937, and Berend Nijmeijer, born on 20 February 1939.

XII-i07. Isaak Johannes Louis
Isaak Johannes Louis was born in 's-Hertogenbosch too, on 8 September 1907. According to his father's record in the Weesp archive he moved from Weesp to Alkmaar with his family, but in Alkmaar he has never been registered as a citizen. Four years later he married Hermina Johanna Douwes in Amsterdam on 31 January 1929.

XII-w14. Wilhelmina Petronella Margaretha
Wilhelmina Petronella Margaretha was born in Terneuzen on 9 January 1914. In 1925 she moved from Weesp to Alkmaar with her parents, as she was just 11 then. She left home after marrying Albertus Gerardus Valk on 10 February 1937. He had moved from Amsterdam, where he was born on 22 January 1912, to Alkmaar on 20 October 1932. His profession was buffetchef (chief of the buffet).

Children of Izak van Gorkom and Janna Elisabeth Klaassen (generation XI-i86).
Izak was son of Izak van Gorkom and Ingetje Maria van der Hoek (generation X-i53) and grandson of Izak van Gorkom and Louisa Roä (generation IX-i18).

XII-j21. Jacques
Jacques, the eldest son of Izak van Gorkom and Janna Elisabeth Klaassen (known as Jacques and Betsie, generation XI-i86), was born in Weltevreden, a suburb of Batavia in the Dutch East Indies, on 2 February 1921. Batavia is nowadays Djakarta, Indonesia. Weltevreden means "very satisfied". Like most colonials the family lived like aristocrats, having many servants. As a consequence Jacques was raised for a good deal by the baboo, the Indonesian nanny. He grew up in the tropical land of myth and mystery till he was six. In 1927 his father, warrant officer in the KNIL (Royal Netherlands-Indian Army), retired after which the family went back to the homeland.

Entrance of encampment in Weltevreden
Just some postcard from Weltevreden, dated 3 March 1911, to give
an idea of the colonial architecture of the Dutch.

It was quite a change for him. Being used to a very protective environment in a very tropical country he suddenly found himself in wet, cold and crowded little Holland. He would never really adjust. In Dordrecht he went to the H.B.S. (Hogere Burger School), more or less the highest education you could get on secundary school level. As he preferred canoeing in the vast marshes of the Biesbosch to studying arythmetics, it took him till 1940 before he graduated. By then the Second World War had broken out. As a son of a warrant officer he was supposed to go to the Koninklijke Militaire Academie (Royal Military Academy) in Breda, not far from Dordrecht, to become an officer as well. Because of the German occupation this wasn't possible anymore of course. In 1942 he travelled to Switzerland, illegally passing borders and occupied territory, but came back to ask the girl he had fallen in love with to come with him, as he intended to stay in Switzerland. By then all single men were forced by the Germans to work in German factories, good enough a reason to escape to a neutral country.

Finally in November 1942, Jacques, his future wife and their friends Piet van den Nieuwenhof (Peter) and Aly Turkstra (Alice) escaped to Switzerland. The full story of this escape is told on Jacques married the woman who had come with him, Alida Frederika Batens, in Montreux on 15 June 1943. She was born in The Hague on 14 June 1922 as the daughter of Petrus Johannes Batens and Louise Marie Sustrath. Her family called her Ada, but Jaques named her Li, because of her rather dark complexion. Their friends Piet and Alice married on the same day.

Alida Frederika Batens Jacques van Gorkom In 1959 there were four children. Li and Jack, as Jacques called himself since the war, decided to emigrate to Australia. It was the intention to go to Perth, but somehow they got stuck in a temporary lodging near Sydney. Alida called this object in which the family lived the chicken shed. It was in St. Mary's, near Penrith, nowadays a suburb of Sydney. Penrith enjoyed world fame for two weeks during the Olympics of 2000 because of Lake Penrith, where the rowing matches were held. Quite soon the writer of this page was born, nearly eleven years after the youngest of his siblings. And quite soon Jack and Li were able to buy a new home in Werrington, also near Penrith, at the dead end of an unpaved street, bordering the Australian bush. In September 1964 the family returned to the Netherlands, stayed for a year with Li's mother (Louise Sustrath) in The Hague and then moved to Delft. There Jack found a job as head of the students administration of the Technical University Delft, then called TH Delft, thanks to his excellent command of English, German and French.

Already at the beginning of the fifties Jack and Li had turned to all sorts of "occult" interests, like tarot, astrology, eastern philosophy and so on. In 1973 Jack wrote the book Tarot - leidraad voor het leven (Tarot - guideline for life), published by Servire in Wassenaar. It was rather successful as all 5000 copies of the first edition were sold. Jack died in Delft on 2 January 2000, when the new millennium was just thirty hours old. In April 2005, Li (Ada) moved to the nursing home Eben Haëzer in Amsterdam. She died on 16 June 2011—two days after her birthday—at the age of 89. More about their children you can find here.

The story of Jack's life has a remarkable parallel to the one of Albert, which can be found below on this same page. Albert too joined the Allied Forces during WW2 and afterwards he emigrated to Australia as well.

XII-c23. Cornelis
Just like his older brother, Cornelis (called Cor, Corre or Kees) was born in Weltevreden, a suburb of Batavia in the Dutch East Indies. Batavia is nowadays Djakarta, Indonesia. His date of birth was 7 November 1923. On 9 September 1955 he married Gijsberdina Adriana Spits (Dini). After their marriage they emigrated to Canada, but returned when Dini was expecting the first of their two children. Dini died in Wageningen on 22 December 1986 and Kees in Wageningen as well on 27 August 1999, four months before his elder brother. The children are mentioned on the page about generation XIII.

Kees with his daughter Jacqueline on 23 November 1958.

XII-m30. Maria
Maria (known as Mimi) was born in Dordrecht on Christmas Day, 25 December 1930. She married Cornelis Pieter Puister, who was born on 3 January 1921. There are two sons, called Matthijs Cornelis and Pieter-Joost.

XII-j32. Johanna
Johanna (originally known as Jo) was born in Dordrecht on 26 June 1932. She married Hermanus Smits (Herman) in Dordrecht on 29 october 1952. He was born in Dordrecht on 13 august 1926, as son of Jacobus Smits and Martijntje Versteeg. Johanna called herself Han in the second part of her life. She died in Rotterdam on 17 august 1992. Her husband Herman died in Dordrecht on 13 october 1985.

Jo and Herman had two children. Elisabeth Martijntje Smits (Liesbeth) was born in Dordrecht on 13 June 1953. In 1993 she married Peter van Deelen. She died in Amstelveen in 2008, only 54 years old. The second child is son Jaap Smits, born in 1958. He is married to Loes and has two daughters: Irma Smits and Ilse Smits.

Children of Johannes Antonius van Gorkom and Louisa Johanna Holtappel (generation XI-j17).
Johannes Antonius was son of Ludovicus Johannes Cornelis van Gorkom and Maria Theresia van Dijk (X-l81) and grandson of Johannes Anthonius van Gorkom and Johanna Elisabeth Smorenburg (IX-j38).

XII-j51. Jan Koen
Jan Koen was born in 1951 and studied at the Hogeschool of Rotterdam. He is Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and for his profession senior inspector approvals at CAA-Netherlands (Civil Aviation Authority Netherlands). Jan Koen is married to Ineke Sporry. They live in Uithoorn and have a son (see generation XIII).

XII-l52. Lodewijk Jeroen Cornelis
Lodewijk Jeroen Cornelis (Jeroen) was born in 1952. He is a physician and senior consultant at the KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation (head of the management team international). He is married to Françoise Jenniskens, a physician as well. They live in Haarlem.

XII-p56. Patricia
Patricia, born in 1956, lives in Rotterdam and is married to Erik Ball.

XII-f58. Felicia
Youngest child is Felicia, born in 1958. She is married to Freek Schippers, both living in Rotterdam as well.

Children of Albertus Hendricus van Gorkom and Pieternella Tegelaar (generation XI-ah00).
Albertus Hendricus was son of Arie van Gorkom and Helena Schuurman (X-ar65) and grandson of Arie van Gorkom and Anna Catharina van der Woude (IX-aa28).

XII-a24. Albertus Hendrikus
Albertus Hendrikus (Albert) was born in Leiden on 30 June 1924. According to a letter that he wrote to his youngest daughter in 1996, he started to study architecture at the Technische Hogeschool Delft–nowadays known as the Technical University of Delft–already in 1938 at the age of 14. Due to WW2 and the German occupation, which started in Holland in May 1940, he had to abandon his studies and decided to escape the country in order to become a so-called Engelandvaarder ("One who sailed to England") and join the Allied Forces. After a long journey through Belgium, France and Spain he made it to Portugal and finally to England in November 1943, where he joined the U.S. Army Engineers Corps. Later on he became a member of the 27th Armored Infantry Battalion of General Patton's 3rd U.S. Army. In 1946 Albert was demobilized and returned to Holland to finish his studies. In July 1950 he emigrated to Australia and arrived on the SS Ranchi in Sydney on August 5. After obtaining the necessary Australian degrees in architectural engineering, he started his own practice in Sydney in 1961. In 1963 he became an Australian citizen.

Albertus lived for some time in Barraba, Mew South Wales, 400 kilometers north of Sydney. He married in Sydney in 1956 Norma Violet Haines, who was born in Manly (Sydney), New South Wales, on 3 February 1927. Albert divorced his wife after several years and remarried Sironmani Mahalingham on 2 December 1964. Sironmani, also known as Susan van Gorkom, was born in Kuala Lipis, Malaysia, on 12 August 1931 from Sri Lankan parents. In 1973 Albert officially divorced another time and remarried in 1978. He passed away in Adelaide on 8 August 2004.

Photo top: Albertus Hendrikus and his wife Sironmani.

Photo middle: Albertus Hendricus (father of Albert, Nellie and Hans) working in 1950 on a DKW NZ350 with son-in-law Wim.

Photo bottom: First page of the Bible that Albertus received at the occasion of his Australian Naturalization Ceremony. Albertus was not religious.

Albertus is the father of two children who were born in Barraba, and two more in Sydney. They are mentioned on the page about generation XIII.

The story of Albert has remarkable parallels to the one of Jack van Gorkom (generation XII-j21 on this page), who joined the Allied Forces too during WW2 and who emigrated to Australia as well. Together, Albert and Jack are the two Van Gorkoms of whom war records can be found in the Dutch National Archives ( A little note about Australian Van Gorkoms in general can be found here.

XII-p25. Petronella Catharina
Petronella Catharina (Nellie) was born in The Hague on 9 October 1925. She married Willem Frederick Tick (Wim), who was born in The Hague as well, on 29 October 1927 as the son of Lodeficus Tick and Johanna Francisca Schouman. They had two children: Lodewijk Frederik Tick, born in 1953, and Hélène Tick, born in 1955. Mother Nellie passed away in Geertruidenberg on 15 March 2013. Wim had already died in the early 1980s.

XII-h32. Hans
Hans was born in The Hague on 24 October 1932. He was married and had two children, but passed away in the 1980s already. If you happen to have more information about Hans, please contact us at, as his niece Jossie would really like to contact her cousins. Reacties in het Nederlands zijn ook van harte welkom.

Children of Johannes van Gorkom and Jorina de Jong (generation XI-jk59).
Johannes was son of Johannes van Gorkom and Alida Bakker (generation X-j23) and grandson of Johannes van Gorkom and Anna Maria Dirkse (generation IX-j98).

XII-a84. Alida Jacoba
Alida Jacoba was born in Utrecht on 23 April 1884. She was 70 years old when she deceased in Utrecht on 17 October 1954. Her uncle Frederik, brother of her father, had twice a daughter called Alida Jacoba. Probably this was not a coincidence.

XII-j86. Jacobus Johannes
Jacobus was born in Utrecht on 25 July 1886. He married Wilhelmina van Deventer on 14 August 1912. Wilhelmina was born in Utrecht on 15 November 1884 and daughter of Andries van Deventer and Wilhelmina van Loveren. Two children were born. On 25 May 1914 Jorina Wilhelmina was born in Utrecht, and a son Andries was born in Utrecht on 14 March 1918. Actually these children belong to generation XIII.
Andries and Geertruida Hessel. Photo from (Original source of the photo: Ron en Thea Roselaar-Piersma)
Andries married Geertruida Hessel (Truus) in Utrecht on 11 May 1950, according to the website of the Hessel family. Truus was born in Utrecht on 3 January 1926 and was daughter of Pieter Hessel and Johanna Maria Hessel. She was a kleuterleidster (kindergarten teacher) for her profession. The couple had one child called Jacobus Johannes (Jaap), so named after his grandfather. He was born in Utrecht on 2 July 1955, but died on 27 September of the same year. Sadly enough two and half weeks later Truus also died, only 29 years young, on 14 October 1955. She was buried at the cemetery Den en Rust in Bilthoven. Andries remarried Ada Kuiper on 6 March 1957.

XII-j94. Johanna
Johanna was born in Utrecht on 4 August 1894. She married in Utrecht on 30 November 1916 Bernardus Jan Hermanus Ligteringe, born in Utrecht too on 11 January 1889 and son of Jan Hermanus Ligteringe and Maria Everdina Everaars.

Children of Willem Frederik van Gorkom and Sara Catharina Bol (generation XI-w62).
Willem Frederik was son of Johannes van Gorkom and Alida Bakker (generation X-j23) and grandson of Johannes van Gorkom and Anna Maria Dirkse (generation IX-j98).

XII-j89. Johannes
Johannes, born in Utrecht on 31 July 1889, died on 14 August 1889, two weeks old.

XII-h90. Hendrika Hillegonda
Hendrika Hillegonda, born in Utrecht on 16 July 1890, died on 15 August 1890, 30 days old.

XII-w91. Wilhelmina Hendrika
Wilhelmina Hendrika, born in Utrecht on 12 July 1891, died on 7 December 1893, two and a half years old.

XII-e92. Evert Johannes
Evert Johannes, born in Utrecht on 7 July 1892, died on 17 August 1892, six weeks old.

XII-a93. Alida
Alida, born in Utrecht on 23 July 1893, died after seven months on 11 March 1894.

XII-n94. Nicolaas Engelbertus
Nicolaas Engelbertus was born in Utrecht on 8 July 1894. He died seven weeks later on 25 August 1894.

XII-h96. Hendrika Hillegonda
Hendrika Hillegonda was born on 30 October 1896. Out of nine children she was the only one who survived childhood. She married in Utrecht on 18 October 1928 Pieter Benjamin Elsing, son of Willebrordus Johannes Elsing and Antonia Anna Hallebeek. Pieter was born in Tilburg on 10 November 1889. He was the widower of Anna Louisa Kokkelkoren.

XII-s98. Sara Catharina
Sara Catharina was born in Utrecht on 26 May 1898 and died on 15 May 1899, nearly a year old.

XII-n00. Nicolaas Albertus
Nicolaas Albertus, born in Utrecht on 3 December 1900, died after two and a half months on 21 February 1901.

Children of Frederik van Gorkom and Jacoba Mulder (generation XI-f64).
Frederik was son of Johannes van Gorkom and Alida Bakker (generation X-j23) and grandson of Johannes van Gorkom and Anna Maria Dirkse (generation IX-j98).

XII-a90. Alida Jacoba
Alida Jacoba was born on 17 March 1890 and died on 10 September 1891, 17 months old.

XII-a92. Alida Jacoba
A second daughter with the same name was born on 10 April 1892.

Children of Johannes Casper van Gorkom and Berendina Johanna Bruil (generation XI-j57).
Johannes Casper was son of Johannes Casper van Gorkom and Jansje de Ridder (generation X-j28) and grandson of Johannes van Gorkom and Anna Maria Dirkse (generation IX-j98).

XII-j80. Johannes Casper
Johannes Casper was born in Arnhem on 5 December 1880 and married in Arnhem on 6 November 1907 Anna Gesina Kaptijn, daughter of Lucas Kaptijn and Margrieta Lubecca Schouten. She was born in Westervoort, a village in the proximity of Arnhem, on 22 March 1879. A nameless girl of this couple died in Arnhem on 1 January 1910 and another girl, called Gesina Frederika, died on 21 June 1911, 17 months old, which means that these girls must have been twins. Johannes Casper was a pakhuisknecht (warehouse hand) in 1907. Anna Gesina died in Arnhem on 8 April 1950, leaving behind her husband.

XII-f82. Frederika Johanna
Frederika Johanna was born in Arnhem on 1 March 1882. She married in Ridderkerk on 28 January 1910 Jacobus Pieter van Halem, born in Ridderkerk on 6 January 1888, as son of Jacobus Pieter van Halem and Annigje van Vliet. Frederika Johanna was 74 years old when she died in Ridderkerk on 10 March 1956. Jacobus Pieter died in the same town on 17 June 1978, 90 years old. According to their tomb there are one or more children and grandchildren.

XII-h84. Hendrikus
Hendrikus was born in Arnhem on 8 August 1884. For his profession he was a postman. He married Harmina Bakker, daughter of Taeke Bakker and Ekke Koster. She was born in Harlingen in the province of Friesland on 13 February 1891. The wedding took place in Arnhem on 24 September 1913. In the marriage record the last name of Hendrikus is spelled as "van Gorkum", according to (Genlias).

XII-b88. Bernardus Johannes
Bernardus was born in Arnhem on 18 December 1886. He married in Deventer on 8 July 1909 Elisabeth Riebeek. She was born in Deventer on 17 May 1890 and daughter of Anthonij Matthijs Riebeek and Johanna Christina Kluin. At the wedding a child was formally recognized, who was ten months old. In total nine children were born. The profession of Bernardus Johannes was described as dagloner, melkventer and loopknecht (day labourer, milkman and servant). Two of his sons died as soldiers in the Dutch Indies (in 1944 and 1949). More is mentioned on the page about generation XIII.

We are grateful to Bert van Gorkom, grandson of Bernardus Johannes, for the comprehensive information which he contributed in 2011.

Child of Frederik van Gorkom and Driekje Broer (generation XI-ff63).
Frederik was son of Fredrik van Gorkom and Geertruida Hendrica van der Bol (generation X-f31) and grandson of Johannes van Gorkom and Anna Maria Dirkse (generation IX-j98).

XII-f85. Frederik
Frederik was born in Utrecht on 15 September 1885. He married Evertje Antonia van Denderen in Utrecht on 14 June 1911. She was born in Zeist, a place near Utrecht, on 16 April 1887, and daughter of Johannes van Denderen and Jannetje Rapstok. In Utrecht they had two daughters. Driekje was born on 30 March 1913 and Jannetje Willemina on 17 February 1920. In 1920 the family moved to Amersfoort. Frederik was lijnwachter (telephone mechanic) for his profession.

Children of Johannes Casper van Gorkom and Maria Adriana Theesing (generation XI-jj71).
Johannes Casper was son of Fredrik van Gorkom and Geertruida Hendrica van der Bol (generation X-f31) and grandson of Johannes van Gorkom and Anna Maria Dirkse (generation IX-j98).

XII-m98. Maria Adriana
Maria Adriana was born in Den Helder on 26 May 1898. She married in Utrecht on 14 August 1930 Tijmen Gerardus van Ruiswijk, widower of Daatje Elsje van der Neut. Tijmen Gerardus was born in Amerongen on 21 July 1901 as son of Jacob Gerardus Hendrik van Ruiswijk and Margrietha Jacoba Koch.

XII-g99. Geertruida Hendrika
Geertruida Hendrika was born in Rotterdam on 21 October 1899.

XII-j04. Johannes Casper
A son called Johannes Casper was born in Utrecht on 11 April 1904. He married in Utrecht on 16 April 1928 Wilhelmina van de Grift, born in Utrecht on 17 August 1902. She was a daughter van Arris van de Grift and Dirkje van Ruiswijk. The parents of this Dirkje and aforementioned Jacob Gerardus Hendrik van Ruiswijk (see Maria Adriana just above), were Tijmen van Ruiswijk and Maagje van Ommeren. So, the spouses of Maria Adriana and Johannes Casper were first cousins.

Children of Willem Fredrik van Gorkom and Elizabeth van Hardeveld (generation XI-w74).
Willem Fredrik was son of Fredrik van Gorkom and Geertruida Hendrica van den Bol (generation X-f31) and grandson of Johannes van Gorkom and Anna Maria Dirkse (generation IX-j98).

XII-f99. Fredrik
Fredrik was born on 2 April 1899. He married in Utrecht on 20 September 1922 Harmina Hemmers, born in Amsterdam on 1 January 1899 and daughter of Johannes Hendricus Hemmers and Tettje Kruijer. On 29 September 1922 they had a still-born twin in Utrecht.

XII-l00. Leendert
Leendert was born in Utrecht on 25 March 1900. He died in Utrecht on 15 September 1900, five months old. It seems that the child had been named after Leendert Stavast, the stepfather of mother Elizabeth.

XII-l01. Leendert
A second Leendert was born on 30 May 1901. He died in Utrecht on 31 January 1903, one year and eight months old.

XII-h02. Hendrikus Johannes
Hendrikus Johannes was born on 24 June 1902. He must have died young as another child with the same names was born two years later.

XII-h04. Hendrikus Johannes
Another Hendrikus Johannes was born in March 1904. He died in Utrecht on 30 March 1904, 21 days old.

XII-l07. Leendert
A third Leendert died in Utrecht on 2 May 1907, two months old.

XII-l08. Lamberta
Lamberta was born in about 1908. She married Johannes van Harderwijk. He was one year younger than Lamberta and born in Tiel as son of Petrus Johannes van Hardewijk and Willemina Catharina van den Broek. Lamberta and Johannes divorced on 4 May 1938.

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