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Simplified Van Gorkom Family Tree
Simplified family tree of the Rutger branch. The scheme is based on the parents of generation XI. In other words, we only took the members of generation X who had children, and from them we worked our way back to Rutger of generation I who once came from Gorinchem to Utrecht. It means that all ancestors are left out who did not have a descendant belonging to generation XI. For example, Abraham Thomasse van Gorkom and Anneke Heijndricx (generation III) had ten children, but only the eldest and youngest are shown as they are the only ones with descendants belonging to generation XI.
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Children of Rudolf Evert van Gorkom and Johanna Maria van Waardenburg (generation XII-r23).
Rudolf Evert was a son of Evert Dirk van Gorkom and Maria Sophia Elisabeth Paans (generation XI-e93) and a grandson of Evert Dirk van Gorkom and Geertruida Hendrika Walther (generation X-i53).

XIII-r52. Rudolf Evert Arnoldus van Gorkom
Rudolf Jr., called Ruud, was born in the Amsterdam Wilhelmina Gasthuis (Queen Wilhelmina's Hospital) in 1952. After the family had moved to Loosdrecht, he had to travel by bus to the Anna kindergarten and later to the Aloïsius primary school in Hilversum. After military service in Ermelo, he moved to Arnhem and completed his bachelor's at the School of Forestry and Agricultural Development. Aa a project manager he supervised the dredging of the heavily polluted Amstel river and the soil sanitation of the premises of Provinciaal Ziekenhuis Santpoort (Provincial Hospital Santpoort) where his greatgrandmother Geertruida Hendrika Walther stayed before her death in 1960. Ruud married Louise Camilla de Haas (Louise) in Loosdrecht in 1978. She was born in Amsterdam in 1949 as the only child of Adriaan de Haas and Bobbye Withers. Father Adriaan was born in Amsterdam, too, on 23 August 1904. Mother Bobbye was from New York, born on 11 January 1917. Louise is an educationist, running her own homework classes. There are three sons: Lennart Arvid, Jens Krispijn and Sietse Matthijs. More about these sons is told on the page about generation XIV.

XIII-v57. Valentijn Arnoldus Evert van Gorkom
Valentijn was born in Loosdrecht in 1957. He married Sylvia Spies. According to his father Rudolf there are four children: Anne-Sofie (1990), Koen (1993), Eefje (1995) and Ymke (2000).

Four third cousins: John, Johan, Loes and Ruud
Four third cousins Van Gorkom, all greatgreatgrandchildren of Izak van Gorkom and Louisa Roä (generation X-i18). From left to right: John (biologist), greatgrandson of Izak van Gorkom and Ingetje van der Hoek (generation X-i53), Johan (biologist) and his sister Loes (artistic painter of animals), greatgrandchildren of Abraham van Gorkom and Naatje Westmaas (generation X-i55), and Ruud (agricultural engineer), greatgrandson of Evert Dirk van Gorkom and Geertruida Hendrika Walther (generation X-e62). Photo taken in Amsterdam in 2004.

Children of Jacques van Gorkom and Alida Frederika Batens (Jack and Li, generation XII-j21).
Jacques was a son of Izak van Gorkom and Janna Elisabeth Klaassen (generation XI-i86) and grandson of Izak van Gorkom and Ingetje Maria van der Hoek (generation X-i53).

XIII-l43. Louise Jacqueline
Born in Vevey, Switzerland, in 1943. Living in Amsterdam. Retired English teacher. Married in Delft in 1968 to Johan Frans van der Horst, English teacher, born in Leiden in 1944. They divorced in 1980. Two children.

XIII-j46. Johanna Elisabeth
Born in Rotterdam in 1946. Living in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, UK. Married in Manchester, UK, in 1965 to Michael James George Sargent, born in 1945. In 1977 she qualified as a primary school teacher. Their son is Dean Michael Sargent, known as Mallison, born in Derby, UK, in 1967. He is a project worker for the homeless in Watford. Johanna remarried Stephen Richard Mallison, born in Nottingham, UK, in 1946. Their first son, James Mallison, was born in London on 13 October 1978 and died on 15 October 1978. He was burried at Kensal Green Cemetary in London. Their second son, William Richard Mallison, was born in London in 1980. He is a dental technician, working in London.

Werrington, N.S.W., 1962 XIII-i47. Ineke
Born in The Hague in 1947. Living in Belgium. Two daughters with John van der Werf, named Lieke van der Werf (1980) and Jessica van der Werf (1982).

XIII-d49. Diederik
Born in The Hague in 1949. Living in Kloetinge, the Netherlands. Son and two daughters. He is called Dick.

On the photo Louise and Johannes in the front garden of the house in Werrington in 1962.

XIII-j60. Johannes
Designer of this site, the youngest of five. People call me John. I was born in the midst of Summer 1960 in the Nepean Hospital of Kingswood, Penrith, nowadays a western suburb of Sydney, Australia. Penrith had its short moment of world fame during the Olympics of 2000, when the rowing matches were held in the newly dug Lake Penrith. At the time of my birth we lived in St. Mary's in a "chicken shed", as my mother called it. Soon afterwards we moved to 62 Princess Street in Werrington. St. Mary's and Werrington are both in the neighbourhood of Penrith.

In September 1964 we left Australia and went back to Holland, where we moved in with my mother's mother (Louise Sustrath) in The Hague. After a year my parents found a suitable place to live in Delft, as mentioned in the section about my father. Delft, famous for it's Delft Blue porcelain and the paintings of Johannes Vermeer, is the city where I grew up. For tourists it is a lovely old city, but it is far less interesting if you are a teenager. At the Stedelijke Scholengemeenschap Hugo Grotius, called Grotius College nowadays, I got my VWO-diploma (high school A-levels) in 1978. It gave me the opportunity to go to college somewhere that would be far away enough from Delft. This turned out to be Utrecht, more or less by coincidence. I didn't know anything about our family roots then. That was going to take another five years.

Ljiljana, April 2005
In Utrecht I studied biology, my major being cell biology. In 1981 I married Isabelle Caroline Le Poole, born in Delft in 1960, daughter of Prof. Dr. Jan Bart Le Poole and Maria Alida Croiset van Uchelen (genealogy of the Le Poole family in: Nederland's Patriciaat, 80th edition, 1997, published by Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie in The Hague). After two years our daughter Emilie Geertruida (generation XIV-e83) was born in Utrecht in the Lange Smeestraat in 1983. Exactly two years later again we divorced technically. And after a two year break from Summer 1985 till Summer 1987 I resumed my studies. I studied history of science as a second major and got my master's in May 1988. In October 1988 I moved to Amsterdam, where I still live, earning a living as webdesigner.

Australian Van Gorkoms
Up till now, we were able to identify three Van Gorkom families who became Australian immigrants. All three belong to the Rutger branch, meaning that all these family members are (remotely) related. One of the three is the family of Jack van Gorkom, mentioned above, which consisted of 7 people. The second is the family of Albertus Hendrikus van Gorkom who had at least two children. The third is the family of Jan van Gorkom and his wife, who had seven children. Therefore, there have been at least some 20 Australian Van Gorkoms. A curious little detail is the fact that these three families produced three Johns. One is mentioned above and the other two are father and son Jan, whose names turn into John in English. To add to the confusion there are also two Alberts, as Jan van Gorkom had a son called Albert, while the other Albert was one of the three founding fathers.

However, more traces of information about other Van Gorkoms can be found, especially in the database of the National Archives of Australia. On board of the same Dutch immigrant ship Johan van Oldenbarnevelt, on which founding father Jan and his wife and seven children sailed to Melbourne in 1955, there was also a Mrs Ruitenberg, whose maiden name was Maria Johanna van Gorkom. On a previous trip of the same ship Gerardus Josephus van Gorkom and Nelly van Gorkom sailed to Australia. They landed in Melbourne on 18 October 1954, but left the country again on 13 June 1955. Whether Gerardus and Nelly were a married couple is unclear, as no maiden name is given. On 29 November 1950 a Mrs Van der Bel arrived in Sydney on the immigrant ship Volendam; her maiden name was Petronella Maartje van Gorkom. Somehow she managed to land in Australia a second time, arriving in Melbourne on 14 September 1954 on the immigrant ship Waterman. And finally there was an Arie van Gorkom who arrived in Sydney by plane on 10 December 1954 and departed on 21 June 1956. It should be added that these records of the Australian National Archives are certainly not complete, as there is no mentioning at all of Albert van Gorkom who arrived in Sydney on the Ranchi on 5 August 1950. Neither the records of Jack van Gorkom and family, who arrived in Sydney on the Zuiderkruis on 23 November 1959, show up, but they do surface when searching for Van Gorkum wit a "u".

Research on family history
I started researching family history in September 1983. It was mere coincidence that my mother just had told me that my father's father was supposed to have come from Utrecht. As my daughter Emy had just been born, in Utrecht, I went to the city archive to look up the details. I was absolutely very lucky to find out that our family lived in Utrecht for some nine generations, going all the way back to approximately 1600. It meant that I could get all the research done without ever having to leave the city. As a matter of fact, at the time I lived one block away from the Geertekerk, the church in which Thomas Rutgerse, probably the first Van Gorkom in Utrecht, married Elisabeth de Leeu in 1617. After a few years, I abandoned family history research for more than 15 years. Only after the birth of my granddaughter Jana (picture above) in 2002, I started constructing this website, which went into the air in March 2003.

A few months later third cousin Johan van Gorkom joined in, who provided the site with much more and better data. While we had never met before, it turned out that Johan had also studied biology in Utrecht, just like me, had also studied the family's genealogy twenty years before and had also recently picked up the subject again. By now (this is an update, written in April 2011) he has contributed at least 80 percent of the website content.

The future
The picture below shows the future of my grandchildren and all the others of their age. On 21 June 2004 the first commercial space ship came home from its very first trip; a hundred years after the first serious flights with an airplane by the Wright brothers. Picture by Richard Seaman.

SpaceShipOne, 21 June 2004

Children of Cornelis van Gorkom and Gijsberdina Adriana Spits (Kees and Dini, generation XII-c23).
Cornelis was a son of Izak van Gorkom and Janna Elisabeth Klaassen (generation XI-i86) and grandson of Izak van Gorkom and Ingetje Maria van der Hoek (generation X-i53).

XIII-j58. Jacqueline Elisabeth
Jacqueline was born in The Hague in 1958 and lives in Lienden. She was named after both parents of her father, who were known as Jacques and Betsy (i.e. Izak and Janna, generation XI-i86).

Izak van Gorkom and Janna Klaassen (Jacques and Betsy) with granddaughter Jacqueline on 1 June 1959.

XIII-jm60. Jan Martin Cor
Jan, who is known as Mark, was born in Groningen in 1960 and lives in Arnhem. He was named after the parents of his mother, as well as his father.

Child of Jan Koen van Gorkom and Ineke Sporry (generation XII-j51).
Jan Koen is son of Johannes Antonius van Gorkom and Louisa Johanna Holtappel (XI-j17) and grandson of Ludovicus Johannes Cornelis van Gorkom and Maria Theresia van Dijk (X-l81).

XIII-b87. Berend
Berend was born in Amstelveen in 1987.

Geoff with his mother and grandmother
First two children of Albertus Hendrikus van Gorkom (generation XII-j51).
Albertus Hendrikus is son of Albertus Hendricus van Gorkom and Pieternella Tegelaar (XI-ah00) and a grandson of Arie van Gorkom and Helena Schuurman (X-ar65).

XIII-r55. First child
The first child was born in 1955. From this child, son Aaron Kildey was born in Canberra in 1979, which makes him a grandson of Albertus Hendrikus. Aaron currently lives in Newcastle, New South Wales, with his wife Lisa Davidson. They have two children. Jacob Leonard Kildey, born 2001, and Lily Rose Kildey, born 2009.

XIII-s56. Stephen John Park
Stephen was born in Barraba, New South Wales, Australia, on 22 July 1956, and received the family name Park. He married Sharon Rosebottom in Newcastle, with whom he had three sons: Brad Park, born in 1979, Tony Park, born in 1980, and Matthew Park, who was born in 1986. Stephen was an enthousiastic sea fisherman in his free time. He died on 30 January 2005 at the age of 48 after a tragic accident at sea.

Stephen had one sister, who was born in 1955.

Photo: Geoffrey with his mother and grandmother in about 1965.

Child of Albertus Hendrikus van Gorkom and
Norma Violet Haines
(generation XII-j51).
Albertus Hendrikus is son of Albertus Hendricus van Gorkom and Pieternella Tegelaar (XI-ah00) and a grandson of Arie van Gorkom and Helena Schuurman (X-ar65).

XIII-g57. Geoffrey Albert
Geoffrey was born in Sydney, Australia, in 1957. Geoff graduated from the University of Michigan, USA, in 1989 with a degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. Nowadays he runs his own company on Rhode Island, called Van Gorkom Yaught Design (

Child of Albertus Hendrikus van Gorkom and Sironmani Mahalingham (generation XII-j51).
Albertus Hendrikus is son of Albertus Hendricus van Gorkom and Pieternella Tegelaar (XI-ah00) and a grandson of Arie van Gorkom and Helena Schuurman (X-ar65).

XIII-r65. Ratna Jothy Hendrika Shanti
Ratna Jothy Hendrika Shanti (Jossie) who was born in Bondi (Sydney, Australia) in 1965. She is an international sales account manager.

Children of Bernardus Johannes van Gorkom and Elisabeth Riebeek (generation XII-b88).
Bernardus Johannes is son of Johannes Casper van Gorkom and Berendina Johanna Bruil (generation XI-j57) and grandson of Johannes Casper van Gorkom and Jansje de Ridder (generation X-j28).

XIII-b08. Bernardus Johannes
Bernardus Johannes was born on 3 September 1908. He married in Deventer on 24 December 1931 Jenny Johanna Top, born in Deventer and of the same age as her husband. She was a daughter of Lammert Jan Top and Jannetje Lankhorst. Bernardus Johannes was engraver at the time he married. A son Antonie Matthijs was born in 1936. Bernardus Johannes died in Apeldoorn on 9 July 1972.

XIII-j10. Johanna Christina
Johanna Christina was born on 2 March 1910. She married Arend Johannes. The family lived in Deventer where three children were born, called Arend Johannes (1940), Franciscus Johannes (1942) and Johan Hendrik Johannes (3 May 1945 - 25 August 1959). Johanna Christina deceased in Deventer on 9 January 1984.

XIII-a11. Antonie Matthijs
Antonie Matthijs was born on 30 March 1911. He married Geesjen Johanna Dokman. Daughter Louisa Elisabeth Hermine was born in Hilversum in 1941. Antonie Matthijs died in Son en Breugel on 17 Februari 1998.

XIII-j12. Jan
Jan was born on 21 September 1912. He married in Deventer Maria Esselina Pas (Mies). Three daughters were born in Deventer. The oldest one was Yvonne Georgette, born in 1943. Second daughter was Agnes Marian, born in 1945. Last child, Geertrui, was born in 1952. Jan died in Deventer on 13 September 1992.

XIII-l14. Lodewijk
Lodewijk was born on 18 August 1914. He married Reina Geertruida Assink. In Deventer three children were born. Bernardus Johannes Franciscus (Bert) was born in 1947, Johanna Elisabeth Maria was born in 1950 and Paulus Leonard Martinus was born in 1959. Lodewijk died on 10 May 1980.

In March 2011 Bert provided us with some more information about his family. Bert is married to Trijntje Wilhelmina Juliana van Gorkum, born in Ermelo in 1945. In Deventer they had two children. Son Boris was born in 1974 and daughter Tamara was born in 1975. Boris is married and has a daughter Vera, born in Amersfoort in 2006, and a son Jort. Vera and Jort belong to generation XVI in this Van Gorkom genealogy.

XIII-e17. Elisabeth
Elisabeth was born on 15 May 1917. She married Leonardus Corstens. Two children were born, called Johannes Corstens and Elisabeth Corstens. Elisabeth died in Helmond on 9 December 2010.

XIII-h19. Hendrik
Hendrik was born on 5 April 1919. He married Hendrika Johanna Goorman. A daughter Francisca was born in Gorssel in 1946. A second daughter Henriette Elisabeth was born in Deventer in 1954. Hendrik died in Deventer on 6 December 2000.

XIII-f21. Franciscus
Franciscus (Frans) was born on 13 November 1921. He was an artillary soldier in the KNIL (Koninklijk Nederlandsch-Indisch Leger, Royal Dutch Indies Army), the colonial army in the former Dutch East-Indies, nowadays known as Indonesia. In World War II he was forced to work as prisoner of war at the notorious Birma Railway, also known as Death Railway, between Bangkok and Rangoon, a period he would not survive. He died on 24 February 1944, probably in Camp Chunkai, as stated in the list of deceased victims by the Stichting Herdenking Birma-Siam Spoorweg en Pakan Baroe Spoorweg (SBSS). He was buried in Thailand the Kanchanaburi War Cemetery. XIII-g28. Gerrit
Gerrit was born on 28 May 1928. Like his brother Frans, he was a soldier in the KNIL (Koninklijk Nederlandsch-Indisch Leger, Royal Dutch Indies Army), the colonial army in the former Dutch East-Indies. His garrison was probably stationed in Salagita (Java, Dutch Indies). Gerrit died on 6 July 1949 on his way from Solo to Salagita, one year before the last Dutch troops left Indonesia.

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