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Simplified Van Gorkom Family Tree
Simplified family tree of the Rutger branch. The scheme is based on the parents of generation XI. In other words, we only took the members of generation X who had children, and from them we worked our way back to Rutger of generation I who once came from Gorinchem to Utrecht. It means that all ancestors are left out who did not have a descendant belonging to generation XI. For example, Abraham Thomasse van Gorkom and Anneke Heijndricx (generation III) had ten children, but only the eldest and youngest are shown as they are the only ones with descendants belonging to generation XI.
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Children of Rudolf Evert Arnoldus van Gorkom and Louise Camilla de Haas (generation XIII-r52).

XIV-l72. Lennart Arvid
Lennart was born in Amsterdam in 1972. In 1993 he returned to the city where he was born. He lives there now as a sound designer. Lennart and his partner Eva are the parents of Senne Boris.

XIV-j79. Jens Krispijn
Jens was born in Velp, near Arnhem, in 1979. He lives in Amsterdam too, his profession being graphic designer.

XIV-s81. Sietse Matthijs
Sietse was born in Arnhem in 1981. He studies violin at the Rotterdam Conservatory.
Click here for his own website. The hiphop jazz band K-oz Collective in which he plays the violin, released its first CD Voetjes van Velours on 2 February 2007.

Child of Johannes van Gorkom and Isabelle Caroline Le Poole (generation XIII-j60).

XIV-e83. Emilie Geertruida
Emy was born in Utrecht in 1983 at the address Lange Smeestraat 19. This is a interesting coincidence, as the written history of the Rutger Branch of the Van Gorkom family started just around the corner in the Geertekerk in 1617. In 1983 Emy's father did not even know that the Van Gorkom family originates from Utrecht, let alone from this very same part of the old city centre. However, the birth of Emy must have triggered the start of his genealogical research in September 1983, which resulted twenty years later in the foundation of this website. In the Autumn of 2002 Emy became mother of Ljiljana Tessa (Jana), who was born at home in Amsterdam. The birth of Jana seems to have inspired the actual construction of this site by her grandfather. In 2006 Jana got a big little brother called Julio Suhar Johannes, named after his father and grandfather. The father of Jana and Julio is Suhar José Gimeno Yap. As Spanish family law was applied, the full names of the children are Ljiljana Tessa Gimeno van Gorkom and Julio Suhar Johannes Gimeno van Gorkom, carrying the family name Van Gorkom one generation further. Emy was named after Emilie Geertruida Faure (shortened to Emy too), mother of her mother's father.

Lange Smeestraat 19 is the lower house in the middle.

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