Abraham van Gorkom
Generation X  -  Rutger Branch

Abraham, son of Izak van Gorkom and Louisa Roa, was born in Utrecht in the Pelmolenstraat on 28 September 1855. Abraham was probably named after his uncle (generation IX-a20). Witnesses of the report of his birth at the birth register were his uncle and grandfather Izak (generation VIII-i91). On 7 September 1881 he married in Utrecht Naatje Westmaas, born in Utrecht on 13 May 1853 as daughter of Leendert Westmaas and Gijsbertje van Veenendaal. One of the witnesses was Johannes van Tienhoven, a brother-in-law of Abraham.

Leendert Westmaas, the father-in-law, was a fish dealer. He married three times and became a widower twice. Leendert, born himself somewhere around 1813 in Aarlanderveen as a son of Jan Westmaas and Petronella Sanders, married in Utrecht on 26 April 1837 Johanna Helena Geukens, daughter of Hendrik Geukens and Johanna Catrina Wildschut. They had a son called Hendrik, who stayed single and died on 14 December 1870 at the age of 32. On 11 May 1842, Leendert married in Utrecht Hilligje van Veenendaal from Amerongen, daughter of Tijmen van Veenendaal and Geertrui van Os. Finally, on 17 September 1845 he married in Utrecht Hilligje's sister Gijsbertje van Veenendaal. Apart from Naatje, Leendert and Gijsbertje had two more daughters: Lena Westmaas, who married Dirk Zorn, and Elisabeth Hendrika Westmaas, who married Johannes van Tienhoven. Lena and Dirk Zorn had a daughter Gijsberta Zorn, who married Johannes van Gorcom (generation XI-jj80) on 3 August 1904. Lena Westmaas died at the very young age of 34 on 7 October 1882. Her father Leendert had died on 1 July 1872, 59 years old.

Abraham and Naatje had several children. On 11 July 1882 Leendert Gijsbertus (Leo) was born. He was clearly named after the parents of Naatje. The family lived in Utrecht at the address Vismarkt in the F-Quarter at no. 101. At the time, Abraham was a servant in a coffee shop (serving coffee). Witness of the report at the birth register was Abraham's afore-mentioned brother-in-law Johannes van Tienhoven, the husband of one of his wife's sisters. The next child was Louisa Helena, who was born on 7 February 1884. She died in Utrecht on 30 June 1884, just four months old. The third child was a girl too, Naatje Helena, born on 1 September 1885. She died on 12 June 1886, nine months old. Another Naatje was born on 1 July 1887, who lived for three and half years till she died in Utrecht on 10 January 1891. The address was still Vismarkt F.101 then. On 12 October 1889, Louis was born in Utrecht, named after his grandmother Louisa Roä. Louisa never got a chance to see this grandson as she had died just a month before in Amsterdam on 17 September 1889. The death of mother Naatje, in Utrecht on 6 January 1893, must have been a severe blow to the family. She was only 39 then, leaving behind a husband and two young children, aged 10 and 3. More about them is told on the page about generation XI.

Abraham and Jannigje Three years later, at the age of 40, Abraham married again. This was in Utrecht on 6 May 1896, marrying Jannigje van der Kuilen, 28 years old, born in De Bilt, a village east of Utrecht, as daughter of Hendrik van der Kuilen and Bartje van den Brink. In the mean time he had become a workman. On the family record from the register is written Ongevallenwet '96 (Industrial Injuries Act 1896). Probably he received a disability allowance, apart from the job that he might have had. Jannigje already had two children when she married Abraham. On 22 January 1885 Hendrik van der Kuilen was born in De Bilt and on 29 September 1888 Bartha van der Kuilen was born in De Bilt as well.

The picture shows Jannigje and Abraham.

With Jannigje Abraham had an impressive number of children, all born in Utrecht. The first one was a girl called Naatje, born on 23 November 1896 and probably named after the first wife of Abraham. The second was Abraham, born on 16 December 1897 and possibly named after Abraham's uncle or himself. The third child was Marius Isaac, born on 17 April 1899, the name Isaac referring to Abraham's father or brother. The next child was Johannes, born on 21 April 1901. Then Evert Dirk came, born on 27 August 1902, carrying a very familiar name, as the two brothers and sister of Abraham called a son Evert Dirk as well. The sixth child was a girl called Heintje, born on 10 January 1904. On 2 December 1905 Philip was born, who might very well have been named after Philip Phoel, the husband of Abraham's sister Aletta. The eighth child was Jannetje Aletta, born on 25 July 1907 and probably named after Abraham's sister Aletta herself. Number nine was Geertruida, born on 30 September 1909 and the youngest child was Elis, born on 18 November 1911. More about them is told on the page about generation XI.

Abraham died at the age of 84, on 24 December 1939, at the address Zakkendragersteeg 44 in Utrecht. It remained the address of his wife Jannigje untill she died on 10 March 1943.

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