Jan van Gorkom
from Beemst

This is a page about Jan van Gorkom and his descendants. Jan was born in about 1695 in Beemst. It is not clear whether he is connected in any way to his namesakes on the other pages of this website. Therefore we dedicated a separate page to this branch. We did so in English, as all of this site is in English. For convenience the generations on this page are numbered in line with the other generations on this site. At the moment the information about Jan and his descendants is far from complete, but this will certainly change.

If you think you can provide more details, then please contact us at info@vangorkom.net. Reacties in het Nederlands zijn natuurlijk ook van harte welkom!

Generation VI
There must have been a Jan van Gorkom, because his son was called Gijsbert Janse, which is a patronymic meaning "Gijsbert, son of Jan". If this son was born in approximately 1720, Jan was born somewhere between 1675 and 1695.

Generation VII
Gijsbert Janse van Gorkom was born in Beemst. This will have been in about 1720, considering the fact that he married in Hillegersberg (part of Rotterdam nowadays) on 15 May 1746. His wife was Helena Agthoeven (Lena van Agthoven), baptized in Zoetermeer on 21 November 1723. She was a daughter of Dirk Claesz Achthoven and Jannetje Janse Vlasveld. Gijsbert lived at the address Witte Hek (White Gate) in Krooswijk (also part of Rotterdam nowadays). He died in Rotterdam on 9 February 1776. Two of his children had reached maturity at the time. Helena died in Rotterdam as well on 11 July 1795. In the church death record of Helena it is mentioned that she left behind six adult children. We only know five of these adult children. All known children are mentioned below in the section about generation VIII.

Generation VIII
Gijsbert and Helena had at least seven children, of whom two died at young age.

VIII-t44. Teuntje
Teuntje married Zwerus Berge in Rotterdam on 20 June 1784. He was from Stockholm, like the husband of Teuntje's younger sister Jannetje, who married two years earlier. Their son Barent Berg was baptized in Rotterdam on 4 June 1786, the family living in the Quackernaat. Witnesses were the sister and brother-in-law of Teuntje called Jannetje van Gorkum and Dan Westerberg. Barent married Clasina van den Berg. Teuntje was 77 years old, when she died in Rotterdam on 19 April 1821. If that is true, then she must have been born in about 1744 and therefore been the eldest child of Gijsbert and Helena, born before her parents married. In that case there is also a time gap of eight years between the births of Teuntje and her sister Jannetje.

VIII-j52. Jannetje
Jannetje was born in Crooswijk (part of Rotterdam nowadays), and baptized in Rotterdam on 28 March 1752. She married in Rotterdam on 24 November 1782 Daniël Westerberg. He was born in Stockholm, Sweden. His address at the time was 't Hang in Rotterdam. Her address was still in Crooswijk then. A daughter called Helena Westerberg was baptized on 21 February 1786, as the family lived in the Bagijnestraat. Aunt Teuntje was the witness at the christening. The child died however at the address Dijk in Schildersteeg op 't Watertie and was buried on 4 August 1787. Son Johannes Westerberg was baptized on 8 October 1789. The family lived in the Sleutelsteeg (Key Alley) then. His aunt Gerretje (probably Grietje or Margrieta) van der Sluijs was a witness. The third child was called Gijsbertus Westerberg. The same aunt was a witness at the christening. He lived for just one year and a half. Having been baptized on 12 June 1791, he died on 29 December 1792. Addresses where the family lived were aan de Rotte and Karnemelkshaven over Tavenraad. A second Gijsbert Westerberg was born about 1795. He married on 18 April 1832 Elizabeth Jacoba Beddigs, born in Rotterdam in about 1793. Gijsbert's daughter Maria Elizabeth Westerberg was born in 1834.

Mother Jannetje van Gorkum died in Rotterdam on 29 November 1831 at the age of 79 years, 8 months and 26 days, as widow of Daniël Westerberg. He had died six years earlier on 14 November 1825 at the age of 79. Going by the apparent accuracy of Jannetje's age at the time of her death, she was believed to be born on 3 March 1752, which would mean that she was already three and a half weeks old when she was baptized.

VIII-j54. Jan
Jan was baptized in Rotterdam on 15 October 1754. Neeltje Agthoven was the witness. He married in Rotterdam on 2 February 1800 Wijntje Verrisp. He was 45 years then and it was his first marriage. Wijntje was the widow of Dirk Agthoven. Wijntje and Dirk had married sixteen years before on 20 April 1784, but Dirk died on 31 December 1798 and left behind his wife and three minor children. As far as we know, Jan and Wijntje had only one son together. Gijsbert, without doubt named after his grandfather, was born in Rotterdam on 1 May 1800 and baptized one week later on 8 May 1800. Witness of the christening was Pieternelletje Agthoven. This boy died on 14 December 1802 at the address Delfsevaart bij Zonblomstraat at the age of two and a half.

VIII-l57. Leendert
Leendert was born in Crooswijk and baptized in Rotterdam on 10 April 1757. Cornelia Aghoven was the witness. He still lived in Crooswijk, when he married Margarieta (Grietje) van der Sluijs on 2 March 1779. In the church records a Grietje can be found who was baptized on 13 May 1755 as daughter of Jacobus van der Sluijs and Johanna Bagge. The same first names Jacobus and Johanna were used for the children of Leendert and Grietje, just as they named children after Leendert's parents. Therefore it is likely that this Grietje from 1755 is the same who married Leendert. She lived in the Zwanestraat in Rotterdam at the time of her marriage, and died in Rotterdam on 6 July 1795, eight days before her mother-in-law. The address then was 2 Lommertstraat in de Buurtsteeg. The church record tells that she left only one minor child, meaning that only one child survived out of seven children that can be traced. See the next section, generation IX, for the children of Leendert and Grietje. Half a year later, on 23 January 1796, Leendert died as well, meaning that his son Jacobus became an orphan at the age of nine.

VIII-a60. Arij
Arij was born in Crooswijk and baptized in Rotterdam on 1 January 1760. He must have died very soon, as there was another Arij two years later.

VIII-a62. Arij
A second Arij was born in Crooswijk and baptized in Rotterdam on 2 May 1762. He was buried in Rotterdam in the churchyard of the Westerkerk on 19 February 1763.

VIII-a64. Arij
A third Arij was born in Crooswijk and baptized in Rotterdam on 15 January 1764. Arij was living at the address Karnemelkshaven when he married Cornelia van der Min in Rotterdam on 14 April 1795. She was the widow of Otto Gerrits and lived at Stokviswatertje. Cornelia had three minor children at the time her first husband was buried on 7 July 1787. The first child of Arij and Cornelia was called Arie as well. He was born in 1793. He was probably the only surviving child in this family and married Johanna Boonekamp in Rotterdam on 12 March 1817. She was a daughter of Hendrik Boonekamp and Petronella Pares. Three children were born, who are mentioned here, although these grandchildren of Arij belong to generation X. Cornelia Maria was born in Rotterdam on 18 May 1817. She was 16 years old when she married Leonhard Sterk. He was 19 years old, also born in Rotterdam, and the son of Jacobus Sterk and Jannetje Hoogeveen. Cornelia and Leonhard had several children. Second child of Arie and Johanna was Pieternella Jacoba, born on 12 august 1819, and the third was son Arie Hendrik, born on 10 August 1822.

The next child of Arij and Cornelia was stillborn and was buried on 5 February 1796. Then Lena Elisabet was born one year later on 2 February 1797, but died within the same year on 13 September. Jacob, the fourth child, was born on 22 May 1798 and baptized on 28 May 1798. Jacob didn't survive either and died on 3 November 1802. Last child was another Lena, born in 1802. She died on 21 November 1802, nine months old. During this whole period, they lived at the address Kalverstraat. Father Arij died in Rotterdam on 3 May 1822 as husband of Cornelia van der Min at the age of 59 and 5 months. Cornelia was 77 years old when she passed away in Rotterdam on 24 March 1838.

Generation IX
Leendert van Gorkom and Margarieta van der Sluijs had at least seven children.

IX-n79. NN
A nameless child of Leendert died soon after his birth and was buried on 30 July 1779. The address of the parents was Zwanestraat in Bokkumgang. This was certainly the home address of Margarieta.

IX-l80. Lena
Lena was baptized on 17 October 1780. The family lived at the address Kalverstaat then. Witness was Lena van Gorkum, probably grandmother Lena Agthoven, after whom the child was named. It died and was buried three and a half years later on 15 December 1783. The address was Oppert Vleeshouwersgang.

IX-j82. Johanna
Johanna was one year and three months old when she was buried on 24 December 1783, her address being Oppert Vleeshouwersgang. Within ten days two little children had passed away. Probably a fatal childhood disease caused their deaths.

IX-l84. Lena
A second child was called Lena. She was baptized in Rotterdam on 18 November 1784. Witness was Lena van der Sluijs. The family address was 2 Lomberstraat, or more precisely 2 Lommertstraat in de Buurt. This would remain the home address of the family for at least another eleven years. Also mother Grietje passed away at this address. Lena was 4 years old when she died and was buried on 7 April 1789.

IX-j86. Jacobus
Jacobus was baptized in Rotterdam on 12 December 1786. Anna van der Sluijs and Jan van der Sluijs were witnesses at the christening. Jacobus was the only surviving child of this family. Both his parents died young and he became an orphan when he was 9 years old. It is not known where he was raised in later years. He married in Rotterdam Antonia Veltman on 4 November 1810. She was born in Tiel and was a daughter of Johannes Veltman and Maria de Blank. The names of eleven of their children are known, of which four survived and married. From now on, after Napoleon's surname decree of 1811, the surname of Jacobus and all his children would be Van Gorkom with two 'o's. Antonia died in Rotterdam on 11 February 1861 at the age of 75 years and 11 months. Jacobus was still alive then. He died in Rotterdam on 23 July 1868 at the age of 78 years and 7 months. See for their children the section of generation X.

IX-g89. Gijsbertus
Gijsbertus was baptized in Rotterdam on 8 January 1789. Again the address was 2 Lomberstraat. Jannetje van Gorkum, his aunt, was the witness at the christening. Gijsbertus must have died when he was a child.

IX-a91. Anna
Anna was born on 20 April 1791 and was baptized on the 24th. Her address was Hofstraat. It is not clear whether this address is another name for 2 Lommertstraat, as in 1794 the family would be living at that address again. Anna, which name was derived from Johanna, died on 9 January 1794, 2 years and 9 months old, the address being 2 Lommertstraat in de Buurt.

Generation X
Children of Jacobus van Gorkom and Antonia Veltman. All of them were born in Rotterdam and some of the young children died there as well.

X-l12. Leendert
Leendert was born on 14 January 1812. He was 44 when he married in Rotterdam on 11 June 1856 Geertje de Jager. She was 32 years old then, so born about 1828 in Rotterdam as well. She was a daughter of Barend de Jager and Jacoba Spierenburg. Six children were born in Rotterdam and are listed here. Only one daughter reached maturity and married.

Leendert's daughter Christina Jacoba was born on 1 May 1860 and died on 3 January 1861. She was 8 months old. A second Christina Jacoba was born on 14 September 1861. She was 2 years and 7 months old when she died on 4 April 1864. Geertruida Maria was born on 27 March 1863 and died on 4 July 1863, 3 months old. Geertruida Jacoba was born on 21 May 1864 and was 7 months old when she died on 24 December 1864. A second Geertruida Jacoba was born on 6 April 1866. She married Bartholt Suermondt in Rotterdam on 14 July 1887. He was the son of Bartholt Suermondt and Cornelia Mees and born in Rotterdam, like his bride. The family must have ended up in Arnhem, as both Barthold and Geertruida passed away in that town. Barthold died on 27 May 1919 and Geertruida on 29 May 1923. They had a daughter, who was born in Rotterdam and married in Krabbendijke in the province of Zeeland. Leendert's six child Jacobus Antonie was 5 years old when he died on 25 March 1864. During the year 1864 three of the six children of this family had deceased: on 25 March, 4 April and 24 December.

X-m13. Maria
Maria was born on 3 November 1813. She married in Rotterdam on 3 May 1837 Cornelis Johannes Cockuijt. He was born in Sprang in about 1810 and was the son of Cornelis Cockuijt and Johanna Watson. Sprang was the name of a village near the town of Waalwijk, some 45 kilometres south east of Rotterdam. Eleven children are known and all of them were born in Rotterdam. Apparently, the family moved to Jutphaas near Utrecht, probably in about 1873. Cornelis Johannes died in Jutphaas on 30 November 1884 at the age of 75. Maria died in the same town on 4 November 1891 at the age of 78. Their son Jacobus Cockuijt married on 29 April 1863 in Rotterdam Maria Elisabeth Kelk. From 1873 on his family lived in Jutphaas as well. A second son, Cornelis Cockuijt, married Jannetje Cornelia Zetteler in Kralingen, Rotterdam, on 5 July 1873. She was a daughter of Willem Frederik Zetteler and Sophia Maria Wormss. The oldest son of Cornelis and Jannetje was born in Utrecht about 1874, but the other children were born in Jutphaas. One of their daughters was Maria Sophia Cockuijt, born in Jutphaas on 9 January 1878. Finally, Maria's daugher Antonia married in Jutphaas Jan Nicolaas Breebaart on 3 may 1881.

A little claim to fame may be granted to mother Maria at this place. That story starts in Haarlem, with a man called Albert Willem Bruna who took over a little bookstore and publishing-firm in the year 1868. The publishing house A.W. Bruna & Zoon grew prosperously and around 1890 it moved to Utrecht, where it still is today. A.W. was married to Maria Catharina van Ek with whom he had a son, called Hendrik Magdalenus Bruna, born in Leiderdorp on 30 January 1874. This son married in Jutphaas on 21 November 1901 Maria Sophia Cockuijt, daughter of Cornelis Cockuijt and granddaughter of Maria van Gorkom. Hendrik Magdalenus Bruna and Maria Sophia Cockuijt had a son Albert Willem Bruna, clearly named after his grandfather, who married in Utrecht Johanna Clara Charlotte Erdbrink and worked in the family business as well. On 23 August 1927 A.W. Junior and his wife had a son in Utrecht, who was called Hendrik Magdalenus Bruna (Dick), also after his grandfather. Although predestined to work in the business as well, he preferred a more artistic life and developed himself into a drawer and writer of children's books. The most famous creation of Dick Bruna is without doubt the rabbit Miffy (Nijntje). The Miffy books were translated in many languages and nowadays Miffy is a famous character in many parts of the world.

Photo right: Dick Bruna, great-great-grandson of Maria

X-j15. Johannes
Johannes was born on 25 February 1815 and died 11 months later on 23 January 1816.

X-j16. Johannes Jacobus
Johannes Jacobus too was 11 months old when he died. He lived from 10 October 1816 till 2 October 1817.

X-m18. Margaretha
Margaretha was born on 18 February 1818. Her age was 3 years and 10 months when she died on 14 december 1821.

X-j19. Johannes Jacobus
Another boy called Johannes Jacobus was 2 years and 11 months when he died on 12 December 1821.

X-j21. Johanna Antonia
Johanna Antonia was born on 27 March 1821. She married Martinus Gerardus de Bruijn in Rotterdam on 26 October 1842. Ten children were born. Martinus Gerardus passed away in Rotterdam when he was 46 years old, on 18 November 1865. His eldest child was 17 then. Two years later, on 10 July 1867, Johanna Antonia married in Rotterdam Johann Friedrich Emil Mühlenweg. He was born in Barmen in Prussia, Germany, and son of Johann Mühlenweg and Johanna Maria Wilhelmina Buttiger.

X-j23. Jacob
Jacob was born on 29 July 1823 and died 14 months later on 29 September 1824.

X-m25. Margrieta Hermina
Margrieta Hermina was born on 19 June 1825. She too died as a little child on 19 April 1827. She was 1 year and 10 months old.

X-j27. Jacobus
Jacobus was born on 8 January 1827. He was already 31 years old when he married in Rotterdam on 6 October 1858 Catharina Margaretha Siepman. She was born in Rotterdam as well, 30 years old and born on 9 July 1828. She was the daughter of Hendrik Willem Siepman and Johanna Palm. Jacobus developed himself into a prominent photographer and artist painter and drawer. In the Beeldbank (Picture Depot) of the Archive of Rotterdam many examples of his work can be found. His first preserved photographs date from about 1850. Photography was still in its infancy then, so Jacobus was certainly one of first photographers of The Netherlands. Among the pictures are many portraits of well-off people, but also city views and buildings were captured for next generations. Jacobus died in The Hague on 2 May 1880, 53 years old. His wife was 70 years old when she died in Rotterdam on 6 October 1898.

Self-portrait of Jacobus van Gorkom, photograph taken between 1870-1880. From: Archive of Rotterdam

For Catharina, it had been her second marriage. Her first husband was Pieter van den Broek, who she had married in Rotterdam on 16 January 1850. He was the son of Willem Martinus van den Broek and Geertrui Visser and was born in Rotterdam on 1 August 1824. He himself was the widow of Barbera Cornelia van Oudenallen. Five children were born. One child died at the age of two. Pieter died in Rotterdam on 6 December 1857 at the age of 33 and his widow stayed behind with 4 little children. As far as known, out of her next marriage with Jacobus only one son was born. It was the third Jacobus in a row, born in Rotterdam on 21 February 1861. He became an actor and worked in Germany and settled there. His descendants are still living in Germany and carry the surname 'van Gorkom'.

X-h30. Hermanus and/or Antonie
Hermanus was born on 8 January 1830. On 4 February 1833 an Antonie died at the age of 3 years and 26 days. It means the birthdate of Antonie was also 8 January 1830. It is completely unclear whether Hermanus and Antonie are one and the same person or a pair of twins.

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