Generation XI - Janna Elisabeth Klaassen

When checking Genlias for relatives of Janna Elisabeth Klaassen, wife of Izak (generation XI-i86), it turned out that there were quite a number of them. Although it is another family from a genealogical point of view, there is neither a reason not to mention them here, especially as it seems there is no geneaology of the Klaassen family on internet. This page will focus mainly on Janna Elisabeth and her brothers and sisters of course. All these people were born in Terneuzen, a small harbour in the province of Zeeland, in the south of the country. At the time Terneuzen was spelled as Ter Neuzen or even te Neuzen. Te means "at" in English. Neuzen means "noses".

Janna Elisabeth Klaassen Children of Cornelis Klaassen and Leuntje Anna Dooms (generation X)

Adriana Cornelia Klaassen
When 23 years old Adriana married Izaak Butler, son of Izak Butler and Tanneke Ramondt, on 20 October 1909. He was 22, coming from Scherpenisse, and a blacksmith. Adriana must have been born in 1885 or 1886. She was named after the mother of her father, as well as the father himself. Unfortunately she died at the age of 32 on 9 August 1918. They had a daughter called Tanne.

Leuntje Klaassen
At the age of 20 Leuntje married Abraham Salome, son of Jan Philip Salome and Jacoba Risseeuw, on 23 May 1908. He was 27, coming from Groede, and a civil servant. She must have been born in 1887 or 1888. Leuntje was named after her mother. The day of Leuntjes marriage was the Silver Jubilee of the marriage of her parents.

Cornelia Françoise Klaassen
Cornelia was 25 when she married Pieter Izaak de Hullu, son of Simon de Hullu and Maria Anna D'Hont, on 10 June 1914. He was 24, coming from Breskens and a bicycle seller. Cornelia must have been born in 1888 or 1889. She died at the young age of 28 on 23 September 1917, the year of the Spanish flue.

Frans Klaassen
Frans was the first boy in the family. At the age of 28 Frans married Janna Maria Faas, daughter of Dirk Faas and Janneke Herrebout, on 4 December 1919. She was 26, coming from Terneuzen. He must have been born in 1890 or 1891.

Maaike Klaassen
Maaike was 21 when she married Levinus Martinus Rooback on 24 July 1913. He was 22, son of Jacobus Johannes Rooback and Adriana Sara Verplanke. He came from Oostburg and was a carpenter. Maaike must have been born in 1891 or 1892. She was known as tante Ma (aunt Ma) and closest to Betsie (Janna).

Janna Elisabeth Klaassen
Janna, pictured above, was 26 when marrying Izak van Gorkom (generation XI-i86) on 9 June 1920. He was 34, born in Utrecht. Betsie, as Janna was called, was born on 22 October 1893 together with a twin brother. It is interesting to see that all five girls found husbands who were not from Terneuzen.

Cornelis Klaassen
Cees, as he was called, was a twin brother of Janna Elisabeth, born on 22 October 1893.

Anna Jacoba Klaassen
Anna was born in Terneuzen on 3 December 1898. She never married. Her niece Maria Puister-van Gorkom told us that Anna suffered from tuberculosis from which she had to recover in the sanatorium of Leysin, Switzerland.

Parents, grandparents and other family of Janna Elisabeth
The parents of these eight children, Cornelis Klaassen and Leuntje Anna Dooms (generation X), married in Terneuzen on 23 May 1883. Cornelis was 28 then, born in Terneuzen on 8 April 1855. Leuntje was 18, born in Terneuzen on 28 August 1868. The story goes that Cornelis grew up as an orphan. He was a sailor for some years and learned to speak eleven languages fluently. His father had indeed died on 31 March 1855, according to his death record. According to the records as well, he became a police inspector in Terneuzen, an occupation which also made him waterschout, in English a "water sheriff", so a member of the water police. Leuntje Anna, daughter of Frans Dooms and Leuntje Boutens, died on 29 January 1922. Cornelis died on 17 February 1933.

The parents of Cornelis Klaassen, so grandparents of Janna Elisabeth, were Cornelis Klaassen and Adriana Bouwens (generation IX). They married in Terneuzen on 24 February 1853. Going by their age then, this Cornelis was born in 1819 or 1820 and Adriana was born in 1831 or 1832, so during the War of Independence of the Flemish against the Dutch. Adriana married in Terneuzen for a second time, on 17 September 1857, a man called Jan Meertens from Zaamslag, 27 years old. As she was 26 then, she was born in 1830 or 1831. The combination of these dates makes clear that she was born somewhere between 24 February and 17 September 1831. She might have died at young age as it is said that her son Cornelis was an orphan.

The parents of the senior Cornelis Klaassen, so greatgrandparents of Janna Elisabeth, were Andries Klaassen and Pieternella Galle (generation VIII). They married in Axel on 14 February 1813. Andries is also spelled as Andreas. He was 34, when he married, so born in 1778 or 1779. Andries had at least one other son, called David Klaassen. He married Maria Cornelia van de Woestijne from Axel on 12 February 1847. He was 28, she was 27. There was a sister of Cornelis as well, called Cornelia Klaassen. She married Cornelis de Zeeuw from Hoek on 12 March 1842. She was 25 and he was 29. The greatgrandfather of Janna Elisabeth was son of Jan Klaassen and Suzanna Mus (generation VII). Going by the birth year of greatgrandfather Andries, Jan must have been born somewhere about 1750. To people who recognize all the places of birth it will be clear that the Klaassen family was absolutely Zeelands, so from the Province of Zeeland.

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