Generation II - Marten Branch

Jelis Martens
Jelis, son of Marten (generation I), married Willemijntje van Dam in the Catharinakerk (St. Catharine's Church) on 28 May 1663, that day being Hemelsv. dach (Ascension Day). He lived in the Jofferstraat bij de Geertekerk (nowadays called Springweg). Willemijn lived in the Twijnstraat, which is at the end of the Oude Gracht, also very close to the Geertekerk. Most remarkable fact is that the marriage record tells that Jelis was coming from Gorcum, so the city of Gorinchem, giving the final proof for the origin of the name "Van Gorkum". It was difficult to find this evidence, however, as Jelis is called Jelis Meertensz in this record. The find of the record in October 2006 by Johan van Gorkom has been a matter of sheer coincidence (coincidently opening an index at exactly the right spot). It seems Willemijntje van Dam came from another place as well. The only witness was Jan Moses, representing the mother of the groom. Neither the bride's parents were present, but instead there was a schriftelijk vertoog van haar vader (written statement of her father).

On 26 April 1746 Jelis junior, the son of Jelis, was asked by notarial deed to manage the properties of his cousin Jan van Staden who was living in Amsterdam. Wim Hoegee, a descendant of Jelis, found that Jan's father was Evert Jan van Staden and was married to Henrickje van Dam, Willemijn's sister. The name Van Staden had already occurred earlier. In a deed of 22 December 1706 from Utrecht a certain Andries van Staden, who lived in Utrecht, was mentioned together with Jelis (Martens).

Willemijn was buried in the Nicolaikerk on 18 January 1700. Jelis and Willemijn had several children, mentioned on the page about generation III. Some were still underaged when their mother died. Jelis remarried Maijtje de Kaart in Utrecht on 30 November 1701. She lived in aan 't Claeskerkhof (Nicolas' Church Yard) and was a widow of Steven Minjon. Jelis lived in the Vrouwjuttestraat (Vrouwjutte street). Witness of this marriage was Johannes Heckman, his cousin. Jelis died on 24 September 1704. He lived in the Brigittensteeg (Brigitten Alley) then. His second son Evert had died half a year earlier.

According to a notary record of 22 December 1682 Jelis's profession was kettingspinder. Literally this means "chain spinner".

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