Generation III - Marten Branch

Children of Jelis Martens van Gorkum and Willemijn van Dam (generation II)

JMIII-a67. Agathe
Agathe was baptized in the Catharijnekerk (St. Catharine's Church) on 17 March 1667 as daughter of Jelis Meertens and Willemijntje. She married Hendrik Hendrikse Sauma in the Dom Church on 13 June 1688. Groom Hendrik was a drummer in the army. Agathe lived near the Smeebrug (bridge across the Oude Gracht) at the time of the wedding.

JMIII-c69. Catalijn
Cathalijntje was baptized in the Domkerk on 1 September 1669 as daughter of Jelis Meertens and Willemijntje van Dam. Catalijn or Catrijn married Bastiaan van Nieuwkerk. Witnesses were the mother of the bride, Willemijn van Dam, and the stepfather of the groom, Hendrik Pracht. The groom lived in the Korte Smeesteeg (Short Forgers Alley), so in the direct neighbourhood of Catalijn who lived near the Smeebrug (Forgers Bridge). She died, however, on 15 December 1706 and left behind her husband and underaged children. She was buried in the Buurkerk (Neighbourhoods Church).

JMIII-c74. Clement
Clement was baptized in the Domkerk on 11 February 1674 as son of Jelis Meertenssoon and Willemijntje van Dam. On 27 February 1700 he married Margrietje van Drakenburgh. Clement lived in the Vrouwjuttestraat then. Witnesses were the father of Clement, called Gilles this time, and Aletta van Drakenbrugh, the mother of the bride, so the church record says. This is wrong however. It should be "the sister of the bride". Margrietje and her sister Aletta were born in Amersfoort. In the archives of Amersfoort the christening record was found of Margaritha, daughter of Johannes Drakenburgh and Sophia de Baers, dated 21 August 1679, and Aleijda, baptized on 1 November 1677, having the same parents. Amersfoort is a rather big town 15 kilometres (10 miles) north-east of Utrecht.

Clement and Margrietje lived in the Lange Smeesteeg on the corner of the Jufferstraat for many years. This Jufferstraat (Damsel Street) is nowadays known as Springweg. On 3 May 1709 Clement bought the house in the Lange Smeesteeg on the corner of the Jufferstraat from the Van Zuylen family. All their children, except the oldest, were born at the same address. The oldest child was born in the Lange Nieuwstraat (Long New Street). Margarita van Drakenburgh, housewife of Clement van Gerkom, living in the Lange Smeesteegh, died on 19 October 1747. She left behind her husband and adult children. Clement died 5 months later on 22 March 1748, still living in the Lange Smeesteegh. Both Margrietje and Clement were buried in the Geertekerk (St. Gertrude's church), which is situated close to the Lange Smeesteeg. The children of Clement and Margrietje are mentioned on the page about
generation IV.

JMIII-w76. Willemina
Willemina was baptized in the Catharinekerk on 26 April 1676. The parents lived in the Groenesteeg (Green or Vegetables Alley).

JMIII-e77. Evert
Evert was baptized in the Buurkerk on 5 October 1677. The address was Groenesteeg. Evert will have died within a few years as there was a second Evert in 1681.

JMIII-j79. Jelis
Jelis was baptized on 18 July 1679, the parents still living in the Green Alley. Jelis married in the Anthonygasthuis Aletta van Drakenburgh on 10 June 1704. Witnesses were Jillis van Gurcum, the father of the groom, and Grietje van Drakenburgh, the sister of the bride. The address of Jelis was Vrouwjuttestraat. Jelis and Aletta lived in the Stroosteeg (Straw Alley) and in the Salestraat (Saddle Street), but after 1708 the address stayed in de Lange Nieuwstraat over de ABCstraat, meaning: in the Long New Street opposite the ABC Street.

On 10 November 1746 Aletta died and was buried in the Claaskerk (St. Nicolas' Church). Her children were adults and her husband was still alive. Jelis died much later on 26 April 1760 and was buried in the Buurkerk. Many children were born but only few survived. They are mentioned on the page about
generation IV.

JMIII-e81. Evert
On 4 September 1681 a second son Evert was baptized, this time in the Geertekerk (St. Gertrude's Church). The address at the time of the christening was Groensteeg. On 10 May 1704 Evert van Gorcum was buried in the Nicolai Church leaving behind his father and adult heirs.

JMIII-w84. Willemijntje
Another Willemina (Willemijntje) was baptized in the Geertekerk on 4 May 1684. The address of the family was Vrouwjuttensteegh.

Therefore we have two brothers on this page who married two sisters. It must have been a close family relationship.
On 9 July 1700 a nameless child of Jelis died. Mother Willemijn died approximately a week later.

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