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Children of Clement van Gorkum and Margrietje van Drakenburgh (generation JMIII-cl)
Clement was son of Jelis Martens van Gorkum and Willemijn van Dam (generation JMII).

JMIV-w01. Wilhelmus
On 25 January 1701 Wilhelmus was baptized in the Catharijnekerk (St. Catharine's Church). However, we found that Willem van Gorcum, jonghman (adult young man who is not yet married), who lived on the corner of the Jufferstraat (nowadays Springweg) and Lange Smeestraat died on 4 April 1730. He was buried in the Geertekerk (St. Gertrude's Church). The house on that corner of streets was the address of his family for many years.

JMIV-e08. Everhardus
Everhardus van Gurcom (Evert) was baptized in the Catharijnekerk on 12 August 1708. A notarial deed from Utrecht, dated 28 February 1767, mentions the names of the children and heirs of a deceased Clement, who were called Evert, Johanna and Antonia. It is about a house on the corner of the Jufferstraat and Lange Smeesteeg, so their parental home. Their cousin Clement bought the house. The transport took place on 10 March 1767. Earlier, on 17 January 1754, Evert let the same house to a certain Herman Wigmans. Not much is known about this Evert. Evert died in the Bartholomeigasthuis on 7 February 1777. This gasthuis (meaning 'hospital' then) was in the Lange Smeesteeg as well. He was still unmarried.

JMIV-j11. Johanna
Johanna was baptized in the Catharijnekerk on 27 December 1711. She married Jan Eliasz de Royère. There was a daughter called Johanna Maria de Royère, baptized about 1747. She would marry in Utrecht Nicolaas Godron on 12 December 1765. Nicolaas was a smitmeester op de Munt (smith master of the Mint). His name is found in the genealogy of Reverend Carel Everhardus Hendricus Johannes Milet de Saint Aubin, found on (site in Dutch about the lineage of emperor Charlemagne, click here for a direct link to the right page). Nicolaas Godron was an ancestor of Reverend Milet de Saint Aubin and a (very remote) descendant of Charlemagne. (With special thanks to Philip van Dael for his comments.)

Mother Johanna died on 27 October 1773, living in the Lollestraat (Lolle street), "not married", and leaving behind her adult daughter. Daughter Johanna Maria died in Utrecht on 26 February 1837, 90 years old.

JMIV-a15. Anthony
On 22 May 1715 Anthony van Gorkom was baptized in the Dom Church. On 2 May 1716 a child of Clement was buried in the Geertekerk. Probably this child was the nearly one year old Anthony.

JMIV-a19. Anthonia
Anthonia was baptized in the Geertekerk on 26 February 1719. Anthonia stayed single, like her brother Evert. She died on 1 October 1791 and lived in the Boterstraat (Butter Street) then.

Children of Jelis van Gorkum and Aletta van Drakenburgh (generation JMIII-j79)
Jelis was son of Jelis Martens van Gorkum and Willemijn van Dam (generation JMII).

JMIV-w04. Willem
Willem van Gorkom was baptized in the Domkerk on 7 May 1704. The address was Stroijsteeg (Straw Alley). He married Sijgje or Seijtje Jansz With. Where and when they married is not known. Probably in the village where Sijgje lived. Willem became verger and teacher in Bunnik, a little village just east of Utrecht. On 9 June 1739 the transport took place of a house that Willem bought. The address was "west side of the Lange Nieuwstraat (Long New Street) opposite the ABC straat (ABC Street), next to the inn De Rijnstroom", with the remark that this house was rented for many years by Gillis van Gorkum and he was still living there. So Willem bought this house for his father, in fact it was his own parental home. On 29 November 1746 Willem also bought a house from Evert van Staden in the Predikheerenstraat (Preachers Street). The Van Staden family is related, as mentioned on the page about
generation II.

Willem died in Bunnik on 16 July 1759 and was buried there. He was already a widower then. He and his wife Seijtje had only one child, Aletta van Gorcum. She was baptized in Bunnik on 17 September 1730. On 16 June 1759, so one month before he died, Willem made his last will in Bunnik. As his heirs were mentioned Aletta and her husband Gerrit van Eijk, Evert (Willem's brother) and Evert's daughter Seijtje. Mentioned as well were Clement (certainly Willem's other brother), who lived in Harmelen, and his father Gillis. Aletta married Gerrit van Eijk in Bunnik on 17 May 1759. Aletta and Gerrit had five children. Our correspondent Wim Hoegee is a descendant of this Aletta and Gerrit. The family of Gerrit and Aletta moved to Harmelen, 10 kilometres west of Utrecht. All children were born in Harmelen. Willem van Eijk was baptized on 2 May 1760. He would marry Bregje de Leeuw. Geertruij van Eijk was baptized on 17 January 1762. She would marry Arie Verweij. Sijtje van Eijk was baptized on 30 September 1764. She would marry Dirk Stam. Cornelis van Eijk was baptized on 16 July 1769. Adriana van Eijk, baptized 23 August 1772, would marry Willem Veenendaal. There is also a Stam genealogy on the web.

Aletta's uncle Clement, married to Gerritje Duijm, had no children. After his death in 1783 a part of his belongings went to Aletta and Gerrit. Therefore in 1784 they inherited a house at the north side of the Salestraat (Saddle street) and one at the north side of the Steenweg (Stone Way) opposite the Buurkerk, next to the entrance of the Schoonhuis. Aletta died in Harmelen on 15 February 1785. Gerrit died much later on 19 March 1800, also in Harmelen. The children of Gerrit van Eijk sold a house in the Salestraat in July 1802, and in September 1802 they also sold the house at the address "Lange Nieuwstraat over de ABC straat". This house had been Aletta's family residence since approximately 1708, so for almost a hundred years. Also a house was sold at the east side of the Predikherenstraat (Preachers Street), the old Van Staden house, in May 1802, and in June 1810 the house was sold at the south side of the Jansstraat (Jan's street).

JMIV-j06. Johannes
Johannes was baptized in the Catharinakerk (St. Catharine's Church) on 11 April 1706. The family lived in the Salestraat.

JMIV-e08. Everhardus
Everhardus (Evert) was baptized in the Catharinakerk on 25 September 1708. Between 1706 and 1708 the family had moved to the Lange Nieuwstraat. On 23 February 1710 a nameless child of Jelis was buried. Probably this child was Evert, as later on another child was called Evert.

JMIV-c10. Clement van Gorcum
Clement was baptized in the Domkerk on 28 November 1710. On 14 October 1747 a notarial deed was executed (transport 3 November 1747) in which Clement bought property at the south side of the ABC-straat. Willem (his brother) stood surety. On 13 November 1751 Clement bought some properties at the entrance of the Schoonhuis (some sort of cleaning house). Gillis (Jelis, the father of Clement) stood surety. In 1752 Clement bought the house at the north side of the Steenweg (Stone Way) opposite the entrance of the Buurkerk (Neighbourhood Church) and also the entrance of the Schoonhuis between the Oude Gracht (Old Canal) and the Steenweg. On 21 June 1755 (transport 20 August 1755) Gillis was authorized by Clement to buy a house with yard at the Steenweg, close to the Mariastraat (Maria Street). On 13 December 1757 Clement, living in Harmelen, sold the property at the entrance of the Schoonhuis again. Clement made his will in Kamerik on 9 September 1757, a village west of Harmelen. His heirs were Gillis, Evert and Willem. Gilles being certainly the father of Clement, Willem and Evert his brothers.

Clement, schoolteacher in Harmelen, single, married Geintje Duim, single, who lived in The Hague, in Harmelen on 21 October 1759. In a notarial deed from Utrecht, dated 1 November 1763, they were mentioned again: Clement, verger in Harmelen, married to Gertruyd Duym, daughter of Sebus Duym and Maria van IJsseldijk. A farm called Hooge Hoff (High Court) in Elst (near Arnhem in the Province of Gelderland) was sold. Both her parents were deceased. Other heirs were Maria Duym, married to Anthony van Goor, verger in De Meern, a place between Utrecht and Harmelen, Dirk Duym and Johanna Duym. Wim Hoegee found that on 8 October 1713 a Gerritjen Duijm was baptized in Elst. So, Clement, born in 1710 and Gertruyd, born in 1713 were rather old when they got married in 1759. Besides that they had been single until their marriage, so it is not likely there were any children. On 28 February 1767 (transport 10 March 1767) he bought the house on the corner of the Lange Smeesteeg (Long Forgers Alley) and Jufferstraat (Damsel Street, nowadays Springweg) from his cousins Evert, Johanna and Anthonia, the heirs of his uncle Clement. From now on this house became in possession of this branch of the family.

Clement made another will, his definite last will, in Woerden on 26 November 1773. His wife had already died in Harmelen on 7 September 1762. In this will he appointed as heirs Gerrit van Eijk, Aletta van Gorcum, Evert van Gorcum and Adriana van der Lingen. Aletta was the child of his brother Willem who had died in 1759 and Evert was his brother, who was married to Adriana van der Lingen. Father Gillis had already died in 1760. Clement died in Harmelen on 26 November 1783. So the belongings of Clement were split up, in 1784, between Evert, his youngest brother, and Aletta, his oldest brother's daughter.

JMIV-w13. Wijnant
Wijnant was baptized in the Catharinakerk (St. Catharine's Church) on 3 January 1713. A nameless child of father Jelis died on 3 January 1713.

JMIV-e16. Everhardus
Everhardus (Evert) was baptized in the Domkerk on 17 January 1716. He married in Utrecht in the Geertekerk on 3 March 1742 Adriana (Johanna) van der Lingen, daughter of Johannes van der Lingen and Annichje Bartels. She was baptized in the Geertekerk in Utrecht on 12 July 1711. The name Evert is mentioned several times in notarial deeds as brother of Willem and Clement. In a tapperboek (tapping book; after having payed their taxes people were allowed to sell liquor) an Evert was mentioned in the years 1752 and 1758 as seller of 'thick beer, brandy and gin' in the "Admiraal Tromp", which is probably the name of the pub. It is not quite clear which Evert is meant. This Evert or his cousin. His wife Adriana died on 16 July 1786, leaving behind her husband and adult children. The address was ABC straat (ABC Street). Evert died a few years later on 17 December 1791. He lived in the Jufferstraat (Damsel Street) near the Wittevrouwenpoort (White Women Gate). This address is confusing, as there seem to have been two streets called Jufferstraat. One was intersecting the Smeestraat and is called Springweg nowadays. But in a neighbourhood called Wittevrouwen (White Women) at the other side of the city there is a Jufferstraat as well, which still exists till this day.

However, after his uncle Clement had died Evert had inherited from him on 18 August 1784 a house at the south side of the ABC-straat, another one at the south side of the Steenweg near the Mariaplaats, one at the Cruisweg op de hoek van de Jufferstraat bij de Smeebrug (crossing at the corner of the Jufferstraat near the Smeebrug) and one at the west side of the Nieuwe Gracht onder de Linden. As the second of these four houses was near the Smeebrug, it is clear that Evert died in the Jufferstraat, which is the nowadays Springweg. On 26 April 1787 Evert sold the house at the west side of the Nieuwe Gracht between the Groenesteeg (Green or Vegetables Alley) and the Elisteeg (Eli Alley). This could be the address Onder de Linden. "Onder de Linden" means underneath the lindens, so actually it is the same street name as the well-known "Unter den Linden" in Berlin.

Evert and Adriana were both buried in the Geertekerk. Their children are mentioned on the page about
generation V.

JMIV-h19. Hendrikus
Hendrikus was baptized in the Geertekerk (St. Gertrude's Church) on 19 February 1719. A nameless child of Jelis was buried on 19 November 1719 and another one on 2 December 1719 in the Nicolaikerk (St. Nicolas Church).

So many children were born and also many died. Because most of them were buried nameless, it is difficult to connect the correct date of death to a child.

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