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Children of Everhardus van Gorkum and Adriana van der Lingen (generation JMIV-e16)
Everhardus was son of Jelis van Gorkum and Aletta van Drakenburgh (generation JMIII-j79) and grandson of Jelis Martens van Gorkum and Willemijn van Dam (generation JMII).

JMV-a43. Aletta
Aletta van Gorcum was baptized in the Domkerk, too, on 20 February 1743. The family lived in the Bregittesteeg (Brigitte Alley). She married in the Catharijnekerk Jan Christoph Leitz on 26 July 1770, so at the age of 27.

JMV-j45. Johannes
Johannes was baptized in the Catharinekerk on 16 February 1745. Now the address was Vrouwjuttenstraat. Probably this Johannes inherited the house with the address On the corner of the Jufferstraat and Lange Smeesteeg from his father. He sold the house on 5 June 1805.

JMV-s46. Seijtje
Seijtje was baptized in the Dom Church on 18 December 1746. Clearly, Seijtje was named after her aunt, the wife of her uncle Willem in Bunnik. She married in Utrecht in the Catharinekerk on 4 October 1774 Willem van der Velden. A child called Jan, child of Willem van der Velden, who lived in the Lange Nieuwstraat (Long New Street) died on 28 January 1775. On 25 January 1775 Cornelia Maria van der Velden was baptized. The child died on 30 July 1777. Everardus Adrianus van der Velden was baptized on 14 January 1776, the address being Lange Nieuwstraat opposite the ABC-straat, and Willem van der Velden was baptized on 30 July 1777. This list is not complete. In Manuaal 100e penning from 1793 Sijtje, widow of Willem van de Velde, declared niet tot eenduizend gulden gegoed te zijn (not having possessions worth one thousand guilders). This Manuaal seems to be a kind of tax record. At that moment Seijtje had one underaged child. She lived in the Lange Nieuwstraat at the east side. Seijtje died in Utrecht on 28 May 1823, 76 years old.

JMV-h49. Hendricus
Hendricus, later in life also called Hendrikus Johannes, was baptized in the Catharinekerk on 9 February 1749. He married in Utrecht in the Catarinekerk (St. Catharine's Church) on 13 November 1770 Dirkje van Weerden. They lived for many years in the Lange Nieuwstraat (Long New Street). On 14 August 1793 Hendrikus Johannes declared in the "Manuaal 100e penning" (a kind of tax record) that he had no money. He lived in the Sakkedragersteeg (Bag Carriers Alley) and his profession was indeed zakkendrager (bag carrier). Hendricus and Dirkje had five children in 1793.

Ten days after this statement his wife Dirkje died on 24 August 1793. She was buried in the Weeskerk. Hendrikus remarried in the Catharinekerk in Utrecht on 23 September 1800 Elisabeth van Blijenburg, widow of Pieter Kersu. She died on 21 May 1821. Ten days later Hendricus died, on 31 May. He was still a bag carrier then and lived in the Jufferstraat (Damsel Street), quarter B number 597. Because it is quarter B, this Jufferstraat must be nowadays Springweg (there were two Damsel Streets in Utrecht). In the death record the name of Hendricus was spelled as "Gorkom". The names of his parents are mentioned fortunately. Read about the children of Hendricus and Dirkje on the page about
generation VI.

JMV-c50. Clement
Clement was baptized in the Catharinekerk on 13 December 1750. The family now lived at the address Onder de linden (Under the lindens). He married Annetje or Antje van Voorst in the Catharinekerk on 24 April 1785. With her he had at least four children. In October 1793 Clement bought 3 kameren in the Brandsteeg (three rooms in the Fire Alley). On 27 August 1793 Sicklement van Gorkum, baker, living in the Springweg and married to Antje van Voorst, payed "both parts" for him and his wife. This is what the "Manuaal 100e penning" says. It seems a tax of 1 percent had to be paid by every citizen. After ten years of marriage Antje died on 26 May 1795, leaving behind her husband and one underaged child. The address for the past eight years had been Springweg near the Fire Alley.

On 1 December 1795 Clement remarried Johanna van der Wolk. She lived in the Springweg too. At least eight children were born. All children of Clement are mentioned on the page about
generation VI. Clement, baker, 65 years old, who lived in the ABC-straat, died on 2 August 1815. The names of his parents are not mentioned in his death record. But being 65 years old (so born in 1750) and naming lots of children Evert and Adriana is convincing us that we have identified this Clement correctly.

JMV-a53. Adriana Everharda
Adriana was baptized in the Domkerk (Dom Church) in Utrecht on 12 September 1753. She married Johannes van der Sluijs in Utrecht in the Catharijnekerk (St. Catharine's Church) on 17 November 1778. He was a broekemaker, a tailor who makes trousers. At least one daughter, called Adriana van der Sluijs, was born. She married Hendricus van der Laar in Utrecht on 18 June 1817. Adriana Everharda died on 14 August 1837 at the age of 84, already being a widow. She lived in the Oude Kamp (a street called old camp) then.

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