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Children of Hendrikus Johannes van Gorkum and Jacoba Maria van Manen (generation JMVI-h82)
Hendrikus Johannes was son of Hendricus Johannes van Gorkum and Dirkje van Weerden (generation JMV-h49) and grandson of Evert van Gorkum and Adriana van der Lingen (generation JMIV-e16).

JMVII-d04. Dirkje
Dirkje was baptized in the Domkerk (Dom Church) on 8 January 1804. The parents lived in the Drakenborgsteegje (Drakenborg Alley). Godmother (witness) was her aunt Catharina van Gorkum, who lived in the Zakkedragersteeg (Bag Carriers Alley) at the other side of the Oude Gracht (Old Canal).

JMVII-w06. Willem Cornelis
Willem Cornelis was baptized on 6 April 1806. The parents' address remained Drakenborgsteeg. Apparently, he was named after his uncle Willem Cornelis Koppenbrouw. But this time aunt Hendrika Johanna was the witness. Willem Cornelis van Gorkum married in Utrecht on 11 February 1835 Carolina Albertina van Dremmeltraadt. She was born in Utrecht about 1809 and daughter of Antonie van Dremmeltraadt and Carolina Alberdina Bijdewits. There was already one child. This child was called Willem and born in Utrecht on 7 February 1830. Johannes van Dremmeltraadt, brother of Carolina Albertina, and Willem Cornelis van Gorkum notified the authorities about the birth. Willem Cornelis lived at the address aan de Nieuwe Kamp. His profession was tailor. His children are mentioned on the page about
generation VIII.

JMVII-s08. Stijntje
Stijntje was born on 7 September 1808 and baptized in the Geertekerk (St. Gertrude's Church) on 11 September. The family still lived in the Drakenborgsteeg (Drakenborg Alley). Witness was her aunt Stijntje, after whom she was named apparently. She married in Utrecht on 20 May 1835 Joannes Matheus Boeken, born in Den Haag (The Hague) about 1799 and son of Pieter Boeken and Willemina Baks. Joannes Matheus was the widower of Gerritje de Ruijter. His profession was house painter.

JMVII-g10. Gijsbertus Gijsbertus
Gijsbertus, named after his grandfather and maybe another Gijsbertus as well, was baptized in the Domkerk (Dom Church) on 7 November 1810. Now aunt Jaantje (Adriana Johanna) was godmother (witness). He died three weeks later on 27 November 1810 and was buried in the Geertekerk as it seems.

JMVII-h11. Hendrika Johanna
Hendrika, called "van Gorkom", was born in Utrecht on 27 November 1811. Three months before, Napoleon had issued his decree about the exact spelling of names. From then on the spelling of names became completely regulated. Hendrika married in Utrecht on 11 May 1836 Johannes Jurje Wolf, born in Utrecht on 1 June 1808 and baptized on 7 June 1808, son of Johannes Jurje, deceased in 1836, and Jannetje Hekman. Both Johannes Jr as his mother were spinner. Johannes did not have to join the army because he was too small. The bride and broom could not write.

JMVII-a19. Adriana Everharda
Adriana was born in Utrecht on 26 January 1819. She married in Utrecht on 24 October 1855 Cornelis van Zwol. He was born in Utrecht as well on 20 November 1809 and baptized in the Domkerk (Dom Church) on 22 November 1809, as son of Theodorus van Zwol and Rosina Vermeulen. So Cornelis was nine years older than his wife. He was the widower of Maria Bongers, deceased in Utrecht on 6 October 1854, which explains the difference in age. Cornelis was a basket maker. Adriana was a house cleaner at the time that she married. In April 1848 Hendrik van Gorkum was born, son of Adriana Everharda. We assume, but it is not yet proven, that this is one and the same Adriana Everharda. Hendrik, in fact generation VIII, married in Utrecht on 27 April 1881 Johanna Winter, 27 years old. She was daughter of Jacobus de Winter and Maria Anna Versteeg. On 2 July 1877 their daughter Petronella Geertruida van Gorkum (generation IX) was born.

JMVII-p23. Pieter
Pieter was born on 2 February 1823. His name was written as "van Gorkom" with an "o". Therefore all his descendents would be named "van Gorkom". His father gave notice of his birth. The father signed the record with "van Gorkom" as well. Pieter married Carolina Bommel in Utrecht on 11 May 1846, who was 28 years old. She was born in Utrecht as well on 21 January 1817 and daughter of Jannetje Bommel. Jannetje Bommel died on the island of Texel, in the north west of Holland, on 2 December 1824. When Pieter and Carolina got married an akte van bekendheid, a deed of familiarity, was necessary. Carolina's official birth certificate could not be found in the registers. Carolina lived at the address Onder de Wittevrouwenpoort in de Gasthuissteeg. They officially recognized their daughter Carolina, born in Utrecht on 18 March 1846. In total four children were born. They are mentioned on the page about
generation VIII. Pieter joined the army. He was 1 el, 6 palm and 5 duim tall, which is 165 centimeters (5'5"). He had brown eyes and hair.

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