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Louise Marie Sustrath was the mother of Alida Frederika Batens, who is the widow of late Jacques van Gorkom (generation XII-i21). Therefore, Louise Sustrath was grandmother of the children of Jacques (generation XIII). As there are no other sources on internet that give information about this Sustrath family, there is enough reason to dedicate some web space to its history on this site.

Marriage with Johannes Bastiaan Hof
Louise Marie Sustrath was born in The Hague on 14 August 1892 as a daughter of German immigrants. Her mother was called Helena Orthmann, also spelled as Helene and Orttmann, and her father was called Ludwig Heinrich Wilhelm Sustrath. The Amsterdam records show that Louise moved from The Hague to Amsterdam on 1 January 1914, to become a maid in the housefold of the Fonteijn family at the Prinsengracht. On 1 April 1914 already she married Johannes Bastiaan Hof, who was born in Amsterdam on 13 April 1891. Their first child was a boy, named Johannes Ludwig Hof, born in Amsterdam on 30 April 1915. Just like his father the boy was known as Joop. In February 1917 the family moved to The Hague, where a daughter, Louise Hof, was born on 23 July 1917. Joop Hof Sr died of the Spanish flue on 1 November 1918.

Louise Marie Sustrath Marriage with Petrus Johannes Batens
Louise did not remarry until the second World War. She finally married to prevent her partner from being deported to Germany. This partner was Petrus Johannes Batens, born in The Hague on 19 March 1901. They had three children: Alida Frederika Batens (Ada), born in The Hague on 14 June 1922, Hubertus Cornelis Batens (Huub), born in The Hague on 14 August 1927, sharing his birthday with his mother, and Petronella Johanna Batens (Nella), born in The Hague on 29 December 1928. Louise Sustrath died in The Hague on 29 December 1966 at the age of 74. Her second husband died in The Hague on 15 July 1975, at the age of 74 as well. Click here for a genealogy of the Batens family (in Dutch).









Photo of Louise Marie Sustrath.

Theodor Richard Oberhoff The family of Louise Sustrath
It is quite likely that Louise Sustrath already knew her future husband Johannes Hof, before moving to Amsterdam. Her elder half-brother Theodor Richard Oberhoff (Theo) was married to Geertruida Hof (Trui), a sister of Johannes Hof. Theodor Oberhoff was born in Elberfeld, Germany, on 15 February 1878. He worked in Amsterdam in a "cooperative kitchen". Theo had married Trui in Amsterdam on 25 October 1911, with whom he had two daughters: Helena Geertruida Oberhoff, born on 24 July 1912, and Christina Theodora Oberhoff, born on 23 March 1918. Theodor Richard was the son of Carl Wilhelm Oberhoff, born on 6 February 1854 in Solingen, Germany, and Helena Orthmann, born in Elberfeld in about 1851 as daughter of Carl Orthmann and Helena Lemmens. In Elberfeld two elder brothers of Theodor had been born as well: Carl Johann Oberhoff in about 1872, and Carl Eugen Oberhoff in 1874 or 1875. Elberfeld is part of Wuppertal nowadays, and is close to Solingen. The two elder brothers seem to have been quite united. The eldest married in The Hague on 25 September 1895, while the younger married two months later on 20 November. The eldest died in The Hague on 22 October 1946, and his younger brother died in the same city on 28 August 1947. Theodor Richard died in Amsterdam on 11 September 1938. Mother Helena Orthmann had died in The Hague on 1 February 1924, 72 years old. Click here for a more extensive Oberhoff genealogy.

Photo of Theo Oberhoff.

The fact that Louise Sustrath and Theo Oberhoff shared the same mother, was also confirmed in recent years by Louise, the eldest daughter of Louise. This daughter also told that Carl Wilhelm Oberhoff and Helena Orthmann had a booth in The Hague, selling Berliner bollen (Berlin balls), a kind of muffins. They already did so in Germany, it is said. At some moment Carl Wilhelm died, and Helena then married the servant. Indeed, Carl Wilhelm died on 17 April 1887, and Helena remarried in The Hague on 21 March 1888 Ludwig Heinrich Wilhelm Sustrath, son of Ludwig Sustrath and Louise Keese. By coincidence Ludwig Heinrich Wilhelm shows up in the Amsterdam archives as well. He registered in 1881 as a retired soldier, coming from Harderwijk. His date of birth was 25 May 1843, the place of birth being Völksen, a village near Hannover, Germany. He was taken into hospital after a month and left for Bloemendaal afterwards. Eleven years later he became father of Louise Marie at the age of 49. This age will be correct as Louise's eldest daughter remembers her mother always saying that she had an old father.

The family of Johannes Hof
The father of the first husband of Louise Sustrath was Jan Hof, a captain of a barge (schipper). He was born in Hoogeveen, in the east of the Netherlands, on 12 June 1847. He was the son of Roelof Leferts Hof from Hoogeveen and Geertruid Roozeboom from Oosterhesselen, who married in Zweeloo on 7 July 1830. Jan Hof married Hendrikje Klinkien in Hoogeveen on 28 March 1871, who was born in Wanneperveen on 9 February 1853, as the daughter of Albert Klinkien and Marrigjen Pieters Krist.

Jan Hof and his wife Hendrikje had at least seven children. The first was Geertruida Hof who was born in Haagje near Hoogeveen on 26 May 1872. Apparently she died at young age, as there would be a second Geertruida later on. The second child was Albert Hof, born in Zwartsluis on 15 January 1874. The third child was Margje Hof. She died on 21 July 1879, just three years old. She was born in Ambt Vollenhove, probably in 1876. The fourth was Roelof Hof, born in Hoogeveen on 17 October 1878. The fifth was Hendrik Marinus Hof, born in Amsterdam on 18 March 1886. The sixth child is the afore-mentioned Johannes Bastiaan, who married Louise Sustrath. And the seventh child is Geertruida who married the half-brother of Louise Sustrath. She was born in Amsterdam on 15 August 1893. On the birth record as well as the marriage record of Johannes Bastiaan someone called Engbert Roozeboom appears as a witness. He was probably a brother of Geertruid Roozeboom, the grandmother of Johannes Bastiaan. Father Jan Hof died in Amsterdam on 18 August 1895 at the age of 48. More about this Hof family can be found on the excellent website of the archives of the Province of Drenthe

Louise Marie Sustrath in 1930

Louise Sustrath, her daughter Alida (Ada) en her son Hubertus (Huub). Judging the ages of the children the picture was taken in 1930 or 1931. Most likely the location is The Hague.

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