Van Sandwijk Family

The Van Sandwijk family has been very close with the Van Gorkom family for several generations, enough reason to pay some more attention to their genealogy.

A Short Genealogy

The eldest ancestor must have been a Leendert, as there exists a notarial deed of Hendrik Leenderse van Santwijk, meaning Hendrik, son of Leendert van Santwijk. Probably Hendrik Leenderse was born in about 1700. He was married to Marretje Abrahams Das. The family lived in De Bilt, a village just east of Utrecht, where their children were born, representing the third known generation of this family. On 25 May 1721 a Grietje van Sandwijk was baptized, and on 31 January 1723 a second Grietje van Sandwijk was baptized, so probably the first one had deceased. These two daughters could very well have been named after the mother of Hendrik or Marretje. Two times a Abraham van Sandwijk was born, probably because the first one had died before as well. On 17 September 1724 the first Abraham was baptized. The second Abraham was baptized on 7 July 1726.

A son Leendert Hendrik van Sandwijk was baptized on 1 May 1729. He married Maria Geertrui van Doorn in Utrecht in the Janskerk on 12 April 1751. Maria Geertrui was the daughter of Isaak van Doorn and Johanna Geertrui van Loon and baptized in Utrecht on 2 February 1731. Isaak van Doorn was a school teacher for his profession. In 1756, he became widower and married Maria Theresia Wuller from IJsselstein. Leendert Hendrik and Maria Geertrui got nine children at least, representing a fourth generation.

The oldest of these children was called Isaak van Sandwijk, and baptized on 23 January 1752. He would marry Willemina van Gorkom (generation VII-w55). Isaak was clearly named after his maternal grandfather. They had at least eleven children, belonging to the fifth known generation, one of them being Johanna Gerarda van Sandwijk. She married her cousin Isaak van Gorkom (generation VIII-i91), whose father David was brother of her mother Willemina.

Brothers of Johanna Gerarda van Sandwijk

Leendert Hendrik van Sandwijk 1775
The eldest brother had been Leendert Hendrik, who was born 7 month after his parents married. As first son he was obviously named after his grandfather. He was baptized on 16 April 1775 in the Buurkerk, his parents living in the Strosteeg. He died on 6 July 1778 from a children's disease, and was buried in the Geertekerk. At that time the address was Lauwersteeg. This alley was close to the Bakkerbrug, not to be confused with the Lauwerstraat in the C quarter, in the north of the old city. The Lauwersteeg was also the address of Leendert Hendrik's grandparents, Isaac van Gorkom and Dorothea de Heeger (generation VI-i29).

Isaak van Sandwijk 1778
Isaak van Sandwijk was baptized in the Dom Church in April 1778. His grandmother Dorothea de Heeger, living in the Lauwersteeg, was doophefster (person offering the baby for christening). Isaak died in Utrecht on 16 October 1855. He was married to Cornelia Johanna Vreeswijk, daughter of Jan Vreeswijk and Cornelia Schoenmaker. She died in Utrecht on 23 August 1849. They had at least six children and amongst them one son, called Johannes van Sandwijk, the second born, who married Jacoba Johanna van de Water. One of his descendants who is interested in the genealogy of the Van Sandwijk family is Len van Sandwijk. Write to lenvansandwijk @ if you like to contact him.

Johannes was baptized on 1 November 1801. His elder sister Willemina van Sandwijk, baptized 4 February 1800, married Ari de Graaf in Utrecht on 13 March 1822. The third child Isaac van Sandwijk, born about 1804, married Christina Francina van Luin on 24 May 1826. An Aletta Marregrita van Sandwijk was baptized on 18 May 1807. She married Jacobus Kuneken in Utrecht on 15 August 1827. Cornelia Johanna van Sandwijk, born on 23 July 1814 married twice. First to Jacobus Bartholomeus van der Puijl on 8 May 1844. After becoming a widow she married in Utrecht on 5 December 1849 Hermanus Jacobus Lammert van Bueren. The last child of Isaac and Cornelia Johanna, Huibartus van Sandwijk, was less than a year old when he died in Utrecht on 27 June 1821.

Leendert Hendrik van Sandwijk 1780
Again this second Leendert Hendrik was clearly named after his grandfather, and was baptized in the Dom Church on 27 august 1780, the family living in the Lauwersteegje. And again grandmother Doortje de Heeger, who lived in the same alley or maybe even in the same house, was doophefster. Leendert married Henderika van Soelen, daughter of Teunis van Soele and Willemijntje Wijnbrou, on 2 December 1802.

Three children were born. Lena Henderika van Sandwijk was baptized on 24 July 1803. She married Jan Molenaar on 18 May 1834. He was the widow of Grietje Kuijt. This Jan married, after becoming a widower for the second time on 1 May 1869, Gerritje van Gorkom, daughter of Albertis and Maria Elisabeth Giesen (generation VIII-a95). Son Willem van Sandwijk, named after his grandmother, as it seems, was baptized on 30 May 1805. He married Cornelia Ente in Utrecht on 14 November 1838. Son Isaak Zandwijk, baptized on 22 May 1808, married Johanna Antonia van Oort on 28 October 1835. One of their grandchildren married Ida Gosina Gerlach, daughter of Johan Hendrik Gerlach and Wilhelmina Louisa Henrietta van Gorkom (generation IX-w28). Leendert Hendrik was one of Napoleon's soldiers in the Grande Armée and was sent to Russia to take part in the French Invasion of Russia in 1812. Leendert Hendrik died in Hebrel in 1812.

Theodorus van Sandwijk 1783
Theodorus was baptized in Utrecht on 13 April 1783. Grandmother Doortje was doophefster again. He was certainly named after her, as several grandchildren were. He married in Vlissingen (Province of Zeeland) on Friday 19 March 1819 Anna Maria Christina Reitz, born on 25 January 1778 in Bresscheid in Oranje Nassau, daughter of Adam Reitz and Clara Farlé. A written consent of his parents was added to the marriage papers, so they were not present at the wedding, we may conclude. The occupation of Theodorus was grensjager (border patrol, customs officer). He died in Vlissingen on Thursday 13 September 1821, two and half years after his wedding.

Three children are known. Theodorus van Sandwijk and Carolus van Sandwijk, twin brothers, were born in Stoppeldijk on 31 July 1815. The sailor Theodorus married Trijntje van der Kamp in Den Helder on 17 January 1850. His sister Anna Maria Wilhelmina van Sandwijk, born about 1818 in Hoofdplaat, married three times, becoming a widow twice. On 1 November 1837 she married in Vlissingen Jacob Vogt. Johannes Buddingh became her husband in Den Helder on 6 August 1868. Anna Maria Wilhelmina was 50 years old then. At the age of 56 she married in Vlissingen on 26 February 1874 ship constructor Adolf Schweitzer. Note that the children were born a few years before their parents married officially.

Abraham van Sandwijk 1792
At the age of 21 Abraham married Catharina de Boer (Trijntje) in Utrecht on 1 June 1814. She was 25. Abraham was baptized on 9 September 1792. Trijntje was born in Purmerend as daughter of Jan de Boer and Maartje Kant. He died in Utrecht on 15 May 1839 at the age of 46.

Willem Frederik van Sandwijk 1795
Willem married Marrigje de Groot (Margaretha) on 11 March 1818. Both were 23, so born in 1794 or 1795. Marrigje was born in Woerden, a village west of Utrecht, as daughter of Gerrit de Groot and Helena Maria van Santwijk. This makes Marrigje his cousin, as Helena Maria was a sister of Willem Frederik's father.

Willem Frederik became a widower and married again on 29 September 1830. His second wife was Geertruij van Kesteren, 47 years old, while his age was 35 then. Geertruij was from Utrecht and daughter of Jacobus van Kesteren and Annigje Hofman. Willem Frederik became a widower once more and married for a third time, at the age of 54, this time to Maria van Lottum on 20 June 1849. She was born in Utrecht, daughter of Gerrit van Lottum and Diena van Leen, 47 years old and widow of Gerrit Anthonie Kuijper. Out of the first marriage Willemina van Sandwijk was born, the daughter who would marry her cousin Abraham (
generation IX-a20). Willem Frederik was 67 years old when he died in Utrecht on 24 July 1862.

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